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7 Foods That Will Make Your Poop Change Colors

Pooping. Everybody does it. The problem with most people’s poop is that it’s boring. Poop is usually brown, maybe with a little hint of green if you’re lucky. Fortunately, for those seeking to stand out from the crowd of brown-poopers, there are some foods that will make your poop change colors. Looking to impress people at a party? Show them that awesome florescent pink deuce you just expelled! Here are 7 foods that will make your poop change colors.

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9 Actors Who Saved Otherwise Mediocre Movies

We’ve already taken a look at what can happen when a bad character or actor torpedoes a movie, but what about the flipside? Occasionally, an actor will rise above the dreck of a bad movie and will turn in a performance so inspired or so charismatic that it somehow manages to save the whole movie – or at least parts of it anyway. The following are nine such performances. Some of these are iconic, once in a lifetime type performances which helped elevate their movie to the ranks of the all-time classics while others are simply outrageous scene stealing performances that helped to cover up that without them, the movie was a festering pile of rancid turds. With that said, here are nine actors who saved bad movies.

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Top 10 Legendary Bond Babes

It’s been nearly 50 years since the first Bond girl appeared on the silver screen, and yet each male-concocted fantasy involving one or another remains timeless. These babes are gorgeous, charming, elegant, intelligent, and dangerous as hell. It’s not necessarily that they can seduce you into doing anything they want, but that they will probably kill you if you don’t -- and everyone loves a good femme fatale. Well, every guy, at least. Through the 20-plus secret-agent films, there have been around 70 different Bond girls, all of them remarkably beautiful. To stand above the rest, a woman has to be legendary -- in essence, embodying everything upon which the franchise has built its reputation. The following 10 fit that bill.

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Top 10 Most Famous Facts That Are Wrong

We all believe things to be true that are, in fact, quite wrong. Many of these “facts” we learned in school, while some of them we picked up from friends or on TV—or just “heard somewhere.” Whatever their source, however, they have subsequently proven to be erroneous, demonstrating once again that just because something is repeated often enough doesn’t necessarily make it so. In fact, it seems the only things we really know for certain is that we don’t know anything for certain, which is what makes it possible for revisionist historians to make a living and pundits like myself to pretend to be smarter than everyone else. (The “fact” is that most of the things I list below I once assumed to be true myself, demonstrating that even an old blogger like me can be taught a thing or two every now and then—dispelling yet another internet myth.) While there are literally hundreds of erroneous beliefs, misconceptions, or just plain fables from both history and our modern culture to choose from, I’ve managed to narrow the list down to my top ten nominees for the ten most famous “facts” that are wrong. Enjoy—and remember everything I write here is subject to change without notice as new “facts” emerge to challenge my world view.

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7 Famous Voices You Recognize But Probably Don’t Know Their Names

Announcers are the unsung heroes of television and movies. There unmistakeable voices are sometimes so recognizable that they can literally sell a product on their own. Here are seven voices you probably recognize but aren’t really sure why.

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50 Funny Amazon Reviews

By far the largest retailer on the Internet, is a modern-day bazaar of wonders with an unbelievably vast inventory. Some of that inventory is really strange, and some very funny people have used Amazon’s “Reviews” section to send up products bizarre and mundane alike and show off their creative writing skills.

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The 21 Strangest Conspiracy Theories

Here at the Conspiracy section of, we like to be at the cutting edge of what theories are out there. One way we do that is with our Tipline, wherein we encourage you, the public, to submit conspiracy theories you think we should investigate. While we aren't able to follow up on every tip (and where does on start with a theory that says simply "JFK was murdered," for example?), we do get many interesting ones that we wish we could explore further. These, we feel, are the best of the best. Although they have been edited for length and content, each tip retains the original intent of the submission from a real reader. As always, keep the suggestions coming, and remember that the only dumb question is the one that isn't asked.

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Top 10 People Who Vanished in Airplanes

On September 29, 2008, a hiker found Steve Fossett’s identification cards in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in California, and the crash site was discovered a few days later, 65 miles due south from Flying M Ranch, where he took off. On November 3, 2008, tests conducted on two bones recovered from the site of the crash produced a match to Fossett’s DNA. He had been found. Had Fossett not been found he would certainly have made this list. It is hard to believe that something as big as an airplane can simply vanish, leaving behind no traces of where it went down. Yet, even over land, airplanes go missing and are never discovered. Or only discovered decades later. Here are ten tales of people who took off in airplanes and vanished, never to be seen again.

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10 Things No One Ever Told You About the Civil War

This spring marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, which remains the deadliest war in American history. As such, a number of newspapers, magazines, and blogs are beginning to revisit the war as well as the culture of its era in hopes of gaining new understanding on the conflict that destroyed the nation. But the opportunity to study the war anew brings with it the chance to set the facts straight on a variety of issues, some large, some small. Many of us, if not most of us, have picked up erroneous facts about the war throughout our lives and received them without question. The war, after all, was a long time ago, and it gets hard to separate fact from fiction when so many generations have passed, and the records from the time were often poorly maintained. Here's your chance to sort out the real history.

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8 Codes We Can't Crack

The capture of the Enigma code machine 70 years ago changed the course of the second world war. But the secret codes broken by this event were not history’s toughest ciphers. Plenty of codes are uncracked and, as MacGregor Campbell discovers, their solutions may provide the key to murders or even buried treasure.

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