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10 Reasons Caddyshack is a Classic Comedy

More than 30 years after its initial release, Caddyshack (1980) — the story of an exclusive golf course that has to deal with a brash new member and a destructive dancing gopher — is still regarded as one of the funniest comedies ever. Although Hollywood often prefers sports like football or baseball to represent America’s need to compete, every once in a while we get some gems from the lesser acknowledged sport of golf. Where would we be without golf comedies like Tin Cup, Caddyshack and most recently, In the Rough? Mostly remembered for its many funny scenes, as opposed to the actual plot itself, Caddyshack is filled with an ensemble of great moments and a legendary ensemble cast with no true main character. As a result, the question must be raised as to whether those great moments and characters are enough to constitute a great comedic film? Well, the answer is a resounding YES, and here are ten reasons why Caddyshack is a classic comedy.

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The 18 Celebrities Who Aged Most Horribly

Whether it’s too much booze, sun exposure, plastic surgery or just plain bad genes, some of the most striking and attractive celebrities from yesteryear just can’t stand up to the test of time. Keep reading to view images of 18 celebrities that time has not been kind to.

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Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Multiplayer Games

Ever since its release in 2005, the Xbox 360 has been the go-to console for multiplayer gaming. Its success as an online gaming platform can be largely attributed to Xbox Live and its lively community. Although the community has a bad reputation due to the behavior of some of its users, it remains the most popular online platform in existence, surpassing both Steam and PSN by a large margin. That isn’t to say that its rivals won’t some day catch up with Microsoft’s offering, of course. Let’s take a look at the latest titles driving the Xbox Live’s continued popularity

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The 10 Smartest Pot Smokers on the Planet

You’ve probably seen those “Above The Influence” anti-drug commercials in which they show worst scenario outcomes to people smoking weed. Really depressing sh*t. They always make the person out to be an accidental murderer, or homeless, jobless, friendless. No prospects of anything positive on the horizon. Well, we have a list of the smartest people who ever admitted to smoking pot as a nice complement to the most successful people who owned up to puffin’ dope.

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12 Movie Remakes That Were Better Than The Original

If there’s anything we’ve learned from movies about cloning, it’s that a copy can never be the same as the original. Sure, they may look the same, and they may even be able to pass in front of bank officials, acquaintances, and second cousins without a second thought; but those who really know the recently be-clone-ed can usually tell that something just isn’t right. Sometimes taking on a new body or gender, like the heroes disguised as children in the fantasy series Mind’s Eye, can fool you for a while. But even then, those who truly know you can recognize you from the smallest gestures, speech patterns and idiosyncrasies. The same can be said for movies. There’s no shortage of movies being cloned in the current Hollywood system. It seems like every weekend a film comes out that shares the same name and a striking resemblance to something that made a huge splash years ago. More often than not, they arrive on the scene stinking, the sinewy byproduct of an idea over-milked. The whole thing is walking at a strange, unnatural pace in a different time with different actors. It’s hard for a movie to recreate the strange magic that made the original a delight, which is why those that actually improve upon their source material are something to be celebrated.

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10 Best Movie Dream Sequences

For all the bad things Hollywood has given us — a paparazzi culture, inflated ticket prices, Big Momma's House — they've also come up with some great stuff. There might be no better use of film than a great dream sequence. Yes, movies have the power to show life as it really is, but it takes a whole other kind of skill and ingenuity to capture on film the surreal fantasies that feel both strange and universal. Just about anyone can set up a camera and shoot two people talking (this is how Kevin Smith makes money); very few people, though, can blend sound and image and pure feeling into something as compelling as a good dream sequence. Some are commonplace, like sexual encounters or school-based nightmares, while others are wholly unique. But they're all prime examples of the power of movies.

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Top 10 All-Time NFL Defenses

They say that the NFL has turned into an offensive league, that the defensive rules have changed the game to make it passing-oriented and without a good aerial assault, you don’t get anywhere. But they don’t know jack. If anything, the NFL has become even more defense-reliant. Looking back at the final four teams that played in this year's two championship games, all four defenses ranked in the top 10 in total defense, and all were also in the top 10 of scoring defense, third-down defense and takeaways.

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6 Reasons Why It’s Good to Be a Loser

It was impossible to miss the white sign that hung over the wall of Saint Mary’s high school lacrosse field yesterday. The thing was as tall as our two-story house with letters as big as construction cranes. With just one word: “Prom?” On the hill behind it stood an adorable high-school junior with red roses. It would have been a perfect scene right out of a Jennifer Aniston movie… had she said yes. Ouch. So the poor guy packed up the humongous sign and his roses, and walked to his car with his chin buried in his chest. I wish I could have run up to him and said, “This experience will make you stronger in the long run … trust me.” Because that’s not just a shallow attempt at consolation. It’s absolutely true.

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10 Crime Documentaries Every Law Student Should See

Just as the practice of law isn’t at all like law school, real crimes aren’t at all like the ones depicted in movies and TV series. The people are a lot less attractive, and the motives aren’t nearly as complicated. Things tend to boil down to money, sex, or power. The best documentaries bring a deft touch to these human stories that forms them into a narrative but never loses sight of the fact that these atrocious things happened to real people, and that real people have to pay the price or go free. They should be required viewing for law students to help them understand what’s really waiting for them when they get out of school. They’re as close as you can get to the real thing.

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10 Protests that Changed the World

2011 has been an eventful year thus far. We are amid protests, both violent and peaceful, signifying discontent with the status quo. Each one further challenges the delicate balance of power, and the origination and legitimacy of this initial balance remains questionable. The majority of people in countries like Egypt and Libya did not collectively endorse the distribution of power in the Middle East, nor did they vote for leaders to indefinitely retain their (mostly appointed) roles. Last month, we saw the desperation of Egyptians and Libyans, no longer willing to tolerate iron-fisted rulers. It's a difficult, but beautiful thing to see. We now have a variety of media outlets providing constant coverage of changes in the political and economic landscape. The diverse range of these sources and social networking tools give protesters even greater incentive to publicly demonstrate intolerance; however, protests are in no way a recent phenomenon. Protests and public demonstrations have been happening long before modern technology and media reigned. People protest, and there are long lasting implications. Here are some of the most prominent public demonstrations, some before and some during our lifetimes. One thing is for sure: Each one, unique in its own way, will leave a legacy outlasting even our children's lifetimes.

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