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The Top 7 Hottest Female Movie Geeks

Over the years, many sexy bombshells have graced movie screens, but do I dare say that us dudes kinda want just a little more than a pretty face? Few actresses have been able to pull off a pretty face and a big brain, but when they do, nothing can beat it.

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The 5 Greatest and Worst Fictional Presidents

Our long national nightmare is almost over—and by that I mean after todday, there will finally be no more political ads, infinitely fewer political arguments and hopefully less people foisting their political views on you with the tiniest opening. With the nation neck-deep in today's real-life Presidential election, perhaps it’s time we hearken back to those pop-culture presidents that either inspired us (not all that tough to do, in the vacuum of entertaining dramatic story arcs) or didn’t (which is actually easier to do in the real world, but whatever). After all, helping to decide the leader of the free world is a stressful thing, but at least we can turn these ones off.

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8 Musicians That Used Technology to Redefine Music

It has been said that video killed the radio star. And now it appears the Internet is killing television. In an Auto-tuned and iTuned world, does technology halt or continue progress? The music video is more alive and well on YouTube than it is on the channel that made music videos a part of our lives. You can now load so many songs on your mp3 player that it no longer lists them by minutes or hours, but by days. And, Band Flyers? They’re ancient history – Twitter feeds and Facebook invites reign supreme. There are now a myriad of tools available to inspired musicians, such as online marketing platforms and personal sound studios. And with a little bit of help from tech savvy audiophiles, like the guys at Pro Juice, you can record, mix, and reproduce an entire album at home. But with all these digital aids, is music itself evolving? Absolutely. Here are 8 musicians that took advantage of new tech tools to redefine music and create a brand new sound.

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18 Most Unlikely Sci-Fi Heroes

Movie heroes are typically your straight up good guy kind. They’re good guys through and through, that’s how they should be right? Take Superman, Spiderman or the Fantastic Four for example. Good guys (and girl) from beginning to end. BUT… wouldn’t it be a little more exciting if the good guys didn’t fit our expected hero template? What if our sci-fi hero was originally a criminal, an assassin or even a douche bag? That’d definitely spice up the plot by quite a bit. Here’s a list of the 18 Most Unlikely Sci-Fi Heroes that have graced our movie screens and reminded us that there’s more than one source of hero stock.

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10 Weapons that Changed the World

George Washington famously once said "A free people ought to be armed." In America, weapons have always been a strong part of the culture — we associate them with freedom, personal independence and self-reliance. During wars, we've depended on the latest innovations to give us an edge against our enemies, hoping to minimize casualties on our side. Only a select few of them, however, have drastically altered the manners in which wars are fought, populations are controlled and foreign policy is handled. The following weapons sent shock waves around the world when they were created — some literally — and, to varying degrees, have altered the course of humanity.

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10 Celebrities Who Butchered The National Anthem

One of the top stories coming out of last night’s Super Bowl wasn’t the Green Bay Packers win [I'm still trying to plot to cut Matthews' nasty hair], it wasn’t the lackluster commercials [though I totally want a VW thanks to the little Darth Vader kiddo] and it wasn’t the horrendous excuse of a half time show with the Black Eyed Peas. Seriously…why are they still relevant?! Most likely, you’re going to hear about Christina Aguilera‘s debacle as she fumbled her way through the Star Spangled Banner. Sadly, Christina isn’t the first celebrity to turn our nation’s proud anthem into a train wreck. And she certainly won’t be the last. Here’s a look at some of the company that Christina now keeps, as a result of this memorable flub.

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7 Of The Biggest Celebrity Sellouts Of All-time

The word sellout gets tossed around an awful lot these days and for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes, people tag anyone who finds any measure of success a sellout. Sometimes, it’s just pure jealousy. Sometimes, it doesn’t even make any sense at all. I mean, can you really call someone like Paris Hilton a sellout? What is there to even sell out? But sometimes, it’s the only word that really fits. And for the following seven celebrities, sadly, it fits only all too well. They can be called sellouts for many different reasons but the one thing they all have in common is that I’m pretty sure their younger selves -– the ones who made them famous in the first place -– would break down in tears if they knew what they would turn into one day. The saddest part is that none of them really even need the money. And really, that’s the very essence of a sellout.

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10 Things You Should Never Write an Email About

As an avid e-mail, Facebook and computer guru, do I have a story to tell! Well maybe I shouldn’t tell it since my subject is what not to write in an e-mail. Coming up with 10 things may be more difficult than not telling personal stories of people who failed to check their anger before writing an email to “get them straightened out!”

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10 Controversies that Rocked the Gaming World

As with any other entertainment industry the video games industry also had it’s own fair share of controversies in the last decade or so. Today we take a look at ten such controversies that had a major impact on the people that play and control video games.

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5 Free Android Games To Help You Lower Your Stress Levels At Work

Have you ever had one of those days at work where you just need to take a break and get your mind off everything? One of the best ways to avoid battle-fatigue at work is to take breaks that involve an activity capable of capturing your full attention, and holding your focus on something other than your work. Ever since I’ve had an Android phone, I’ve always been on the look out for those especially addictive games that have the ability to do just that – capture your focus and hold it for a long period of time. We’ve covered a lot of free Android games here at MUO, like Paul’s list of 5 addictive multiplayer games, Mark’s list of favorite games, and Simon’s list of brainteaser games. But when it comes to games that force you to become mindful and focused, I think I’ve found 5 of the best.

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