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The 10 Dumbest Death Jokes in Movie History

Action stars spend entire films trying to be some awesome badass that can be totally unfazed by sudden and loud explosions, mindless gore and death, and unbelievably bad puns. Then they have to go and ruin it with these horrid one-liners.

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20 Epically Dysfunctional Rich Families

Dysfunctional families make for epic entertainment. The Simpsons, Little Miss Sunshine and Modern Family, to name a few, have demonstrated this idea well. But in all fiction lies a grain of truth–real-life dysfunctional families prove that fact all the time. And the more money the family has, the worse it seems to get. The families below offer some impressively painful examples.

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The Top 6 Airline Lounges

The regular leisure traveler may never step foot in an airport lounge, but savvy business travelers know the importance of a great one. When resting and unwinding between flights is key, amenities including five-star dining, comfortable seating, and even massages make all the difference. Michael Gros wrote his list of the best business and first-class lounges for WorldMate Travelog, here are a few of his top choices.

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Top 25 Films To Make You Happy

Films that make us happy. Tough question. It can depend entirely on the day of the week, a particular mood, a desire for a specific genre or type of story. But I do know that films offer at least one of our outlets when we turn to entertainment as a means to lift our mood. But, choosing ten, twenty, or in this case twenty-five movies that make us happy is an almost impossible task given the very unique and personal reasons why we choose a film to make us happy in the first place. There’s a multitude of questions we might ask, some of them we may answer to ourselves on a subconscious level. Do we need cheering up (a happy story), do we need to escape (fantasy or horror that pummel the senses), do we need to see tragedy that mimics our own lives (the feeling of not being alone), or outwardly unhappy stories that numb our own issues and make them feel less problematic. It’s a minefield and a conundrum that won’t be answered here.

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The 10 Best Fast Food Burgers Of All Time

A burger is the ultimate celebration food and it's the one food that truly defines America. We eat them when we're happy, we eat them when we're sad and sometimes we eat them in our underwear while we listen to Pink Floyd. One of the saddest parts of life is when you're done eating a burger because you know it will probably be a while until you eat one again. Unless you live in Michigan, Wisconsin or Texas, that is.

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5 Interesting Uses For A Spare Old Smartphone

These days we change our mobiles, laptops, cars and decor more than ever. If you’re on a rolling 12 month mobile contract, chances are you’ll get a brand spanking new smartphone each and every year. This results in a drawer full of disused cellular devices, none of which are as good as your current iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7 device. However, many of these old bits of tech can still be put to good use in some way or another. Let’s be honest, the first iPhone, early Android devices and the Symbian platform are pretty long in the tooth by now.

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The Top 10 Movies for Computer Science Students

Computer movies are often amusingly horrible. Full of misconceptions, fear, and totally wrong information, computer science students can find hours of fun in even the silliest hacker movie. This collection of movie highlights the best uninformed, wise, and just plain hilarious movies for computer science students to check out.

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4 Actors Who Shouldn’t Have Come Back For the Threequel

he 3rd movie in a series is what turns a set of movies into a movie franchise, and signifies the ultimate attempt to squeeze every last drop of profit without having to come up with any original ideas. There are some threequels that are well thought out, and brilliantly accentuate a franchise, leaving an indelible legacy on Hollywood history. But for every one of those, there are a dozen threequels that are disastrous, and cases of actors going back to the well one too many times are far too common in Hollywood. Here are 4 actors who should have found a new direction to take their careers in, instead of losing a lot of rep coming out for just one more round, and getting clobbered by Mr. T.

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20 Most Deadly High Cholesterol Foods

his list is for anybody that – like me – thinks that fruits and veggies are for kids. And sissies. Real men and women eat food so tasty, so flavorful, so delicious that your arteries will shiver in fear just from looking at it. Here are 20 of my favorites.

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The 5 Best and 5 Worst Stephen King Films

Being a Stephen King fanatic nowadays is no easy task. There's so much to digest! He's written nearly 50 novels, and those books have then spawned films, music, comic books and more. And that's not even counting the multimedia blitz of movies and TV series based on King's The Dark Tower series, due before too long thanks to director Ron Howard. While most of King's books are considered masterpieces of horror fiction (and even his lesser works are still pretty damned entertaining), movie versions or King's works are far more... varied. Sure, some of them are just as gripping and suspenseful as their source material, but some... some are just bad. Like, really, really bad. Sometimes that's because the filmmakers have taken great liberties with the original text -- although sometimes that ends up to the movies' benefit. Sometimes, the stuff that sounds so scary written in King's prose, when translated onto the screen, looks... well... stupid.

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