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7 Hottest Hacker Chicks in Internet History

These 7 computer freaks are a security breach we'd totally let happen. To us. As men. Hacker chicks have got to be the internet's greatest product. Their mix of intelligence, geekiness and sex appeal is a code nobody wants to crack, and the fact that they play with fire makes them that much hotter. So here are the hottest hacker chicks in internet history along with their stories, what they're good at and a few pics of what they look like.

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The Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Friends

Friends are those people in our lives who are there for the good times and the bad. Usually friendships are formed on the basis of shared interests and common backgrounds, but sometimes strong bonds can form among the most unlikely of people.

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10 Repurposed Phone Booths

No space is too small to be recycled into something useful. Old phone booths, for example, can be repurposed as libraries, aquariums or any number of other incredible things. The phone booth, all the rage when it was invented by William Gray in 1891, has today sadly all but disappeared from public places. Yet while cell phones have taken over, ironically, the need for a quiet space like a phone booth is more urgent than ever.

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10 Dangerous Tornado Myths Debunked

A tornado is an incredibly violent and dangerous storm. This aspect of severe weather forms a rotating column of air, reaching down from the base of cumulus or cumulonimbus clouds. If the narrow end of the funnel cloud reaches to the ground, it becomes a tornado. Hundreds of millions of dollars in damage are caused every year; even more importantly, hundreds of deaths occur. There are many myths out there about tornadoes. Common wisdom is often wrong and sometimes dangerously so.

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10 Most Influential African-American Film Directors

The African-American filmmakers on this list have spent their lives and careers dealing with a double-edged sword: being a successful black director means some people just want them to make movies, while others want to see them specifically address only the grievances and history of their own race. Finding a balance between the two is tough, and those who’ve pulled it off have done what all skilled directors do: they’ve used their personal history and worldview as a lens through which to project their stories onto American screens. They’re all worth exploring, and they’ve all contributed in major ways to the filmmaking world.

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Top 10 Horror Franchises They Should Have Killed For Real

There are two things about horror movies that hold true no matter what. The one survivor is usually a white girl, and there will be sequels. Dozens upon dozens of sequels. But can a franchise really sustain so many sequels? We’re not so sure.

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5 Secrets Not To Keep From Your Cardiologist

Carolyn Hennecy had a suspicion about what was happening to her when she started having shortness of breath and tension in her left arm and jaw. She was working as a legal assistant at a busy law firm in Lakeland, Florida, and had witnessed her boss experience the same symptoms shortly before he had a heart attack one year earlier. Hennecy thought her heart might be in trouble, too, but she didn't rush to her doctor's office or schedule an appointment with a cardiologist to address her own symptoms. "I ignored it for two or three months because I thought it would be OK," she explains. "I needed to lose weight, and I figured it had to be my weight, something stress related or a figment of my imagination." The symptoms continued to get worse, and eventually Hennecy felt as if an elephant were sitting on her chest. "When it got to the point where I couldn't get out of my car and walk into the building without losing my breath, I figured it was time to deal with the elephant."

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10 Sequels That Will Probably Be Announced This Year

We all know that Hollywood never has an original idea in their head so it’s not surprising that every year that comes we get more and more sequels and rip offs. Here is 10 sequels that Movie Hole are expecting to be announced this year.

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The 50 Best First-Person Shooters Of All Time

Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm may secure a berth in the still-young First-Person Shooter Hall of Fame. The genre is one of the most popular in interactive entertainment, churning out household names like Halo, Half-Life, and Call of Duty, and continues to rake in billions of dollars for the industry every year. But why? Why does the appearance of a hand holding a gun on-screen change the way we feel about a game? Why does that genre in particular strike developers as the go-to choice for many of their titles? We're not smart enough to answer such questions, so we won't try. Regardless, this week's double-dip makes it the perfect time to take a look back at our 50 favorites from the genre's 20-year history (Catacomb 3-D came out in 1991). From the simple PC days to today's elaborate theaters of war, here's a run down of the best games through the eyes of you, the gamer.

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50 Geeky Things to Do Before You Kick the Bucket

Everyone has a bucket list, a succinct summation of all the things they'd love to do before they shuffle off this mortal coil. Here at PCWorld, however, we're nerds, so we put our own spin on the idea. Instead of climbing Everest, we try for the world record on Donkey Kong. Instead of seeing Machu Picchu, we build our own PCs. We asked around the PCWorld office and polled our Facebook friends to assemble a list of the 50 best tech-oriented things to do before one's final hour. And some of the biggest geeks on the staff compiled the list's five categories: PCs, Mobile, Gaming, Hacking, and Tech Tourism.

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Top 10 Ways to Rock Your Resumé

Whether you're looking for a new job or just pruning up your paperwork, one of the keys to nabbing the job you want is creating a successful resumé. Here are our top 10 ways to make sure yours stands out.

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