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14 Horribly Overused Photography Tricks

Photography has potential to be both the most equalizing and polarizing art form imaginable. All you really need to get started is a camera — any will do — and an ability to understand what looks good. On the other hand, there are people who swear that you need 50 lenses, a full flash setup and at least a half-dozen SLR bodies before you could even begin to take it seriously as a hobby. Yet somehow, for all the infinite variety that photography should offer us, we see the same things over and over. The same photos, the same tricks, the same clichéd, hackneyed shots. These are the worst offenders.

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15 Famous Movie Scenes Recreated in Lego

Alex Eylar, a 21 year-old artist from Oakland, California recreates famous movie scenes using Lego bricks. The concept and idea isn’t really that new (we already had 30 Creative LEGO Reproductions by Balakov here on Bored Panda) but it ‘s nevertheless an interesting collection. I’m an enormous film fan and when I was growing up everybody had a big bucket of Lego or knew somebody who did. I started collecting Lego when I was about five and the collection just grew until high school. Now I’ve got around 30,000 pieces.” – says the artist. Eylar, who is studying for his Master’s degree in screenwriting at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., says it’s the photography that takes the longest because he needs to get the effects right – and that could lead to days of work.

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12 Vicious Vintage Dental Tools

Until very recently, dental surgery appears to have been carried out with carpentry equipment. In fact, quite literally, since early dental drills were adapted from woodworking equipment. Here are some of our favorites ranging from the beautiful to the macabre.

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Top 15 Movies You Can’t Find on DVD

In the early 2000s, DVD technology gradually overtook VHS as the most popular consumer format for playback of prerecorded video. Interestingly, the 2005 American crime film, A History of Violence, has the distinction of being the final major Hollywood motion picture released on VHS. With the change, production companies were given the task of converting classic movies to DVD. It was a lucrative process for the film studios, and this is why we see almost every movie in DVD format. As we travel into 2011, a large majority of people have tossed out their old VCRs. Everyone wants to enjoy the simplicity of a DVD player, as well as the HD picture quality, without spending a fortune on the VCR/Blu-ray combo player. In the movie industry, certain companies (mainly Disney) use a practice called a moratorium, which is delaying or suspending the release of a DVD movie for a certain period of time. The process is used to make DVD copies rare and, in many cases, nonexistent.

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14 Unsettling Examples Of Horror-villain Movie Makeup

Sure, CGI can create some awfully creepy effects, but if you ask us, nothing makes a movie monster more than traditional makeup, as demonstrated in Syfy's new Face-Off reality show—the next episode of which tackles the theme of horror villains. But before tuning in this Wednesday at 10/9 C, check out some of the best the masters have to offer.

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10 Worst Cities for Allergy Sufferers

According to the Asthma and Allergies Foundation of America (AAFA) there are approximately 60 million people suffering from asthma and allergies in the United States alone. This statistic marks allergies and asthma as one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the country. Each year the AAFA releases a report of the 100 allergy capitals in the United States. This list is based on three criteria: pollen scores, number of allergy medications used per patient, and number of allergy specialists per patient. Looking at the results from these lists over the years, we've compiled a list of the 10 all-time worst cities to live in for allergy sufferers. Moving to a new city for college means dealing with new allergens. While we're not trying to keep you from going to school in these cities, we are recommending that you bring you antihistamines and facial tissues if you do.

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9 Bills That Would Put Creationism in the Classroom

State governments are grappling with massive budget deficits, overburdened social programs, and mountains of deferred spending. But never mind all that. For some conservative lawmakers, it's the perfect time to legislate the promotion of creationism in the classroom. In the first three months of 2011, nine creationism-related bills have been introduced in seven states—that's more than in any year in recent memory.

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The 11 Most Miserable Places in the U.S.

The United States is a huge piece of land and not all of it is fun and dandy. In fact, there are some pretty miserable places to live in the U.S. and lots of reasons why. From cities with awful weather and ugly residents to cities with high bestiality and low libido, here are the 11 most miserable places in the U.S. ever.

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15 More Sites That Forbid You From Linking To Them

I’ve written before (2009 and 2010) about sites that forbid you from linking to them in their T&Cs – as well as the fun I had trying to get one of Royal Mail’s elusive licences giving permission to link to them. Here, in 2011, are 15 sites I’ve not featured before, all of which try to prevent you linking to them (usually restricting the “right” to link to just the homepage or else requiring written consent).

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10 Public Places to Go for Free WiFi

Looking for WiFi alternatives to those trendy bistros you’ve been working from? As conventional hotspots become more and more crowded, resulting in some cases with additional charges and/or restrictions on internet access, it’s useful to have other options at your disposal. Luckily, there’s a growing list of just such places, and several means of finding them.

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