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10 Hysterical And Still Relevant Quotes From Groucho Marx

Every once in a while it’s necessary to go back to the classics; books, film, TV shows and of course the people that shaped the world. The other day I dove into a Marx Brothers mini-marathon. Still just as funny today as when they debuted over fifty years ago. Timeless one-liners, spot on delivery and the material is just as relevant today. Groucho pulled no punches and delivered punchlines about women, marriage life and the way of the world. I went digging to find the ten best Groucho quotes that are still just as fresh, funny and relevant in 2011.

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10 Celebrities Who Wrote Dumb Novels

Being famous means you can sell just about anything. If you're of the A-list variety, your old holey socks could potentially pull thousands. Put a star's name on the cover of a book, say they "wrote" it, and somehow, some way, it becomes a best seller. What?! Everybody knows that celebrities barely write their own 140-character tweets. But with authors like Snooki, Pamela Anderson and John Travolta holding court, apparently anybody can publish a loosely-based-on-reality novel. Proof of these A-list fiction failures in the next 10 slides.

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17 Places to Find Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

With so few employers hiring for salaried and full-time positions, many Americans have turned to temporary and part-time jobs to hold things together. Unfortunately, finding part time jobs with benefits can be rarer than a customer-support service based in the U.S. Well fear not, loyal readers. A 2010 survey conducted by BLR, an employment-solutions provider, recorded a dramatic increase in organizations offering benefits to part-time employees. Over one-third of those with part-time employees offered benefits to these workers. Many provided holiday and vacation pay, while a significant portion also began offering paid sick leave, health insurance and life insurance. Granted, not all companies are singing this song, but many have grown privy to the benefits of providing benefits. Of the following 17 major employers, a vast majority offer health insurance and, most surprisingly, five provide adoption assistance. While none of these 17 opportunities are exactly high-level employment, some offer chances for advancement and full-time employment. Check it out and let us know if you've landed a job with a national company that's bought into this trend.

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10 Most Iconic Photo Portraits of the 20th Century

The cliché goes that "a picture is worth a thousand words," but some photographs eschew any such numeric limitation and go on talking to us forever; certain photo portraits have that rare power. Far more than pictorial representations of celebrated or instantly recognizable figures, they capture so much more, seeming to encapsulate not simply the very essence of the person in shot but all they have come to stand for – the attitudes, beliefs and values of an entire era. Here are ten photographs of iconic individuals which triumph in communicating in myriad and immeasurable ways.

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50 Famous and Successful English Majors Who Shatter the Stereotype

English majors often get a bad rap, as do most students who choose to study within the liberal arts. Courses that revolve around abstract thinking, philosophy, psychology and art are irrationally seen as impractical for the real world. But a major in English offers extremely beneficial training in critical thinking, argument development, analysis, communication, and understanding different points of view. Not all English majors go on to be absent-minded writers or professors, or end up searching in vain for employment: here are 50 famous and successful literature students who shattered the stereotype with their exciting careers as CEOs, politicians, movie stars, and sports figures.

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10 Totally Ridiculous Pharmaceutical Ads

Pharmaceutical ads had gotten so out of control recently, Congress got involved. But even before pharmaceutical companies were known as the big bad corporate meanie in our society, drug ads have been pretty ridiculous. Here are some of the best, pulled from vintage magazines to current commercials.

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10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

The last hundred years have borne witness to humankind’s extraordinary technological advancements. Man has walked on the moon, ventured deeper into the oceans than ever before and even uncovered the building blocks of life, DNA. But even with our inexorable progress as a species there are still mysteries and enigmas the solutions to which elude us. Below is a selection of 10 of the most puzzling mysteries in history.

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The 5 Most Profitable Drugs

In this week's cover story, writer Keegan Hamilton investigates the controversy surrounding ibogaine, the experimental hallucinogen drug that has helped kick meth and heroin addictions. Ibogaine is illegal, even though its power to cure addicts has been proven. Hamilton's story describes the many reasons the medical establishment and the government are wary of Ibogaine, despite its benefits, but one of them really stood out: Because Ibogaine is an outright cure, drug companies want nothing to do with it. Martin Kuehne, a chemist at the University of Vermont, is quoted in the story, saying, "Pharmaceutical companies don't like cures. Really, they don't -- that's the sad thing. They like treatment. Something for cholesterol or high blood pressure that you take for years and years, every day. That's where the profit is." When we read that, a light went on. The worst thing for a drug company is a pill you take that completely cures you of your ailment with one dose, right? Where's the money in that? So, with that in mind, we thought we'd test Kuehne's theory, and look at the five most profitable drugs in the United States.

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Top 10 Least Expensive Midsize Sedans for 2011

Midsize sedans are the vehicles of choice for many families and many of the models in this segment are quite affordable. And don't think that a low price tag goes hand-in-hand with poor quality; quite a few of these bargain-priced models offer the sort of feature content, refinement and attention to detail that have traditionally been associated with cars costing thousands more. The 10 midsize sedans listed below are the most affordable picks available. We've listed each vehicle's MSRP, but remember that the prices shown reflect those of base models — additional financial outlay may be required to get the options you desire.

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20 Startling Stats on Minorities in Our Schools

Even the briefest scan of education news sources will reveal a plethora of articles concerning minorities in primary, secondary and higher education. Any teachers, administrators, students or parents wanting to know more about the different trends — both positive and negative — that directly affect racial and ethnic minorities in the United States should certainly seek out the exceptionally detailed statistics available through multiple government and educational institutions. By no means comprehensive, the following list looks at some of today’s most prominent issues.

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