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10 Celebrities Who Attempted Suicide But Were Unsuccessful

Suicide the attempt to take ones own life is the manifestation of clinical depression in most people. People prone to Suicidal thoughts and tendencies are generally under a lot of a stress with little or no outlet for their emotional turmoil; this brings us to the numerous suicides committed over the years by celebrities. Being in the gossip hungry, public eye and having their lives on display on a glass screen in every home can take its toll and it certainly does. Taking a look through these amazing fixtures in our culture and the attempts they made to take their own lives will make you will realize that the proverbial glitter is definitely not always gold.

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10 Movie Flops Turned Classics

The most memorable movies that have been deemed a “classic” have gone unwelcomed by critics who have given the bestowed the film a “flop.” Most of the movies were loved by the public while stuffy critics snub the appeal and only base their opinions on money making prowess rather than the complete package of a "good movie."

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26 Memorable Sci-fi Movie And TV Weddings

Everyone always talks about romance on Valentine's Day, but what about the ultimate romance ender? Marriage! (We kid, we kid.) Check out some cute and cheesy photos from memorable sci-fi TV and movie weddings that are so romantic that they put our idea of true love on an unreachably high pedestal forever.

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5 Gross Foods That Other Cultures Love

Some foods just werent meant to be eaten, and some cultures insist on eating them anyway. From fruit that smells like a toilet to the fetus of a duck, check out this list of the most disgusting foods that other cultures actually love to eat.

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10 Dumb Smutty Movie Clichs That Need To Change

Humans have been drooling over pictures of nekkid people doing it for millennium. Even the ancient Egyptians created naughty hieroglyphics featuring skinny people with bird-heads doing it Sphinx-style. Once the movies were invented, dirty pictures suddenly started moving and whole new world dawned. Fast forward to right now: dirty movies have become lame, boring and uninspired. Modern pornography is nothing but a parade of boring clichs. A perfunctory online examination of the "cinema of the erotic" confirms this truth. Smut is a proud artistic tradition and one of the pillars of human civilization. If we allow it to wallow in tired conventions and banal formulas, then we do a disservice to the generations of pioneering perverts that came before us. Here are ten smutty movie clichs from unsexy fantasies to outdated fashion choices that need to change in order to save the actual reason the Internet was invented.

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Top 10 Mad Scientists in the Movies

Overall, scientists in movies have been given a bad rap and they are invariably depicted as insane and power hungry. The audience has often laughed at the science used in the plots but some of these ideas predicted future scientific developments. Truth is always stranger than fiction. Many films tap into our fears and our anxiety about what scientists are up to. The wacky scientist is also a suitable subject for comedy. The following movies are significant in their individual ways and feature cultural icons.

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10 Evil Psychopaths You Probably Dont Know

In the past we have had lists of serial killers and murderous monsters (men, women and children). This list looks at murderers who are less well known but equally evil in their psychopathic lust for blood. Two entries have previously appeared on Listverse but in a different context and long ago. If there are other psychopathic killers you think should be on this list, be sure to mention it in the comments so I can add them to another list in the future.

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20 Blogs About Menopause

Experiencing menopause is not a disease, but a natural process that women have to go through during the start of the latter part of their lives. However, there are ways you can take to lessen the symptoms of this stage brings to your life.

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15 Sci-Fi Movies Your Girlfriend Will Love

Lets face it, for all of us Sci-fi lovers finding the perfect movie to watch with our girlfriend is always a problem. If youre tired of always compromising and ending up watching some chick flick (not that theyre bad well at least not all the time) try suggesting that you watch one of these 15 movies that will neither scare your girlfriend or, god forbid, bore her.

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10 Practical Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Having a dog is a great feeling since you get a lifelong pal that will stick by your side loyally forever. Most people like to teach all the great tricks to their dog in order to have a well-trained and well-behaved pet that is able to do things others cant. There are several tricks that you can teach your dog in order to make a more entertaining pet that is able to compete with other pets, showing just how bright he or she really is. Some dogs are quite intelligent and it doesnt really take much but a bit of guidance and reward in order to teach the best of tricks, while there are some dogs you have to work a little harder with in order to ensure he or she gets the gig. If you are thinking about teaching your dog something new, here are 10 practical tricks to teach your dog, that just about anyone can do quite easily.

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