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The 6 Best Travel Apps for Android

Having an Android with you on a trip can make everything a little easier. Track your flights, find things in strange cities, and even translate that cool-looking restaurant sign with the powers granted by these great travel apps.

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83 Gut-Busting Restaurant Challenges for Free Food

Gluttons for glory, gather round: There's a challenge for you. Many folks know about the bile-inducing exploits of Adam Richman on the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food." You've probably thought about taking down a child-sized burrito or burger yourself. But where's the fun in retreading old ground? We have you covered, smothered and over-sized. Last year, we brought you 40 of the most intimidating restaurant challenges for free food in the United States. Now it's time to up the stakes: We've loosened our belts another notch and more than doubled last year's list. Of the 43 new challenges, most have never been subject to a TV camera and wait silently to be bested or, in some cases, attempted. The new list is more frightening than ever, with fresh inductees like a 10-pound cheese steak, 4-pound sushi roll and bona fide Guinness World Record holder. For those who believe restaurants in the U.S. are the only offenders of taste and decency, more than a few international eateries are now represented.

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10 Most Epic Battles In Fiction

They say that the root of drama lies within conflict. This conflict can come in a lot of different forms: from within oneself, between two people, against an external force. The list goes on and on. Those are all interesting, and make for great stories, but arguably the most fun conflict of all is when a thousand plus men suit up in their various costumes, stock up on razor sharp weaponry, and take the field of battle to kill one another for king and crown or liberty or justice or whatever it is they rally behind. In other words: you can have your stuffy bottle dramas. We’ll take our conflicts on a grand scale. Using the power of the imagination, it’s not that difficult for an author of fiction to imagine a never-ending battle of the grand variety. We’ve seen it a million times before: suits of armor lined up to the horizon, flags and banners flapping in the wind, lances and light sabers stretched out in every direction, a million men marching towards death and uncertain glory.

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The Top 9 Most Successful Child Stars

Some celebrities have found it difficult to navigate through fame, falling into holes such as drugs and hookers (sound like anyone you’ve heard of?), but there are some, the golden few, who have made it to enjoy success in their adult lives. Unlike Lindsay Lohan, these stars have rose to fame straight out of teen stardom.

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Top 10 Ant Enemies

Ants are among the most plentiful and formidable creatures on the planet Earth, able to use their vast numbers and collective problem solving skills to defend their nests from even the largest attackers, but nothing in nature is without its enemies, and with their staggering numbers, ants have racked up quite the list of ant-agonists (sorry). Creatures that specialize in living with or living off ants are known as “myrmecophiles,” and while some of them are harmless or even helpful to their ant roommates, others use devious trickery to feed off the colony.

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14 Proven Side Effects of Sitting All Day

It should come as no surprise that sitting around and not moving all day isn't really good for your body, but many may not be aware of just how many problems can be caused by such a sedentary lifestyle. Whether you choose to sit all day or are required to by the logistics of your job, you may want to take a new approach to your workday after learning just what health effects sitting can have on the body. It could impact not only your health, but the lives of your loved ones and expenditures towards healthcare.

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5 Surprisingly Well-Educated Rock Stars

All the fame and money that people typically associate with being a rock star comes with its down side. According to popular stereotypes, most musicians are poorly educated, inarticulate party animals who luckily stumbled into a glamorous career path. Here're five rockers who buck that train of thought.

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Top 7 Most Brutal Parade Float Accidents

Mardi Gras is that time of year where drunken people and crazy floats crowd the streets. It's a mosh pit of colors, dance and revelry and, sometimes, fatal accidents. Here are craziest, most brutal parade float accidents that has ever taken place, from a driver who runs over his own brother to a power line falling and electrocuting dozens of people. To everybody out there ready to have a good time, stay away from the big odd-shaped things coming down the streets. They are not your friend.

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10 Amazing, Emerging Advances in Medical Technology

Regardless of whether or not they fully enjoy or understand the science, everyone should put forth at least a modicum of effort to follow the latest medical technology news and views. Amazing things evolve every day to make life so much easier for patients and doctors alike, and understanding what they are and how they work sheds considerable light on what can be done to ailing friends, family and ourselves. Many more beautiful bits of research and development have emerged lately than just the ones listed here. Be sure to check those out in order to get a much broader picture of the stunning scientific applications headed in humanity's direction.

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8 Most Affordable Colleges In The US

In today's economy, with jobs so scarce and applicants so plentiful, a college degree has become absolutely essential in joining the workforce. "But college is so expeeeensive!" you say. Well, calm down, because here are the four-year colleges with the lowest tuition and best financial aid:.

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