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Top 10 Hollywood Creative Kills

Hollywood is constantly coming up with new and creative ideas to shock us with ways to die. Disturbing scenes of death are not common to Horror movies alone and found outside the genre all the time. It’s not uncommon to hear news someone died of fatal gunshot or stab wounds, so Hollywood has gotten creative throughout the decades. Here are some glimpses into Hollywood’s more creative and unconventional ways to die, in no particular order. Warning: Though the following gore is fake it’s not for queasy stomachs!

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15 Bizarre Buildings

Architecture can amaze us in so many ways. There are structures that make our jaw drop because of its beauty while others are seem so grandiose to look at. They are also usually those kinds of buildings that convince us to take a double-take on our camera. They look strange, silly, weird, and sometimes, funny. These are the structures that challenge our vision and trick our mind, each time we take another look at them; it takes us back to the awe that architecture always manages to convey. Here are 15 buildings that will surely get a double-take once you get around them.

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10 Reasons Employers Should Pay For Lunches

As an employee, you have certain expectations based on the job you work, and many times you will find that employers don’t do everything that they definitely should. When it comes to lunch time, there are several different issues surrounding the time of day for workers, especially as most employers decide that lunch should be the employee’s responsibility. Although that is true in many cases, there are some cases in which an employer should foot the lunch bill. Why? Well, here are 10 reasons employers should pay for lunches that are just logical and completely reasonable, and on every employee’s mind. For those that are working long 8 hour days and are tired of the grind to buy or make lunch each day perhaps their employer can bring it in to boost overall morale. It becomes an issue of ethical, moral, and logical reasoning why employers should fit the lunch time fixings into the business budget.

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30 Most Amazing Shots Captured Photography in 2010

There’re thousands of photographs you have seen in 2010. By Splitting into distinct categories, this contest truly showcases a various range of photography skills. With categories such as landscape,Nature, travel and wildlife, they’re encouraged and inspire to you and explorer in more depth. This showcase is shortlisted from two quality Photographs sites, one of National geographic and Photo Radar. . They held a contest and we selected best amazing photographs from them.

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10 Highly Unusual Allergies

Peanuts, wheat, mold––it seems like these days, everyone is allergic to something. But while the aforementioned offenders are fairly run-of-the-mill, some people have truly atypical allergies. Everything from water to exercise can trigger severe physical reactions—read on to learn about 10 of the most unusual.

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8 Stupid Mistakes Smart People Make

I bet you know quite a few capable people who are staggeringly unproductive. They work long hours, stress themselves out and never seem to make any significant progress, right? Over the course of our lives we all develop unproductive habits that hinder us from gracefully achieving our critical goals. And often, in the fast-paced world in which we live and work we don’t even notice that we’re making the same mistakes over and over again. To live a balanced, beneficial life and engage in a long-term satisfying work, ridding ourselves of these oversights is imperative.

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The 10 Victims of Recent Tech

New technology has been killing off older technology since the dawn of mankind. Thanks to irrepressible human ingenuity, we're always inventing newer and better ways to do things, which makes those older methods fade into history. Even in the lifetimes of teenagers today, we've witnessed the obsolescence of many tools and devices that people relied on for decades. In the slideshow ahead, you'll find ten of them.

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10 Great US Marines

I am the son of a Marine and was born in Quantico, where a Marine Corps Base known as the Crossroads of the Marine Corps is located. We subsequently lived in Camp Lejeune for some time as well. I currently teach history for various colleges and universities and have, over the past few years, had many students who served in the Marines and other branches of the American (and some in non-American) military in Iraq (both in the 1991 and 2003 conflicts) and Afghanistan. This list is in tribute of my students who have risked their lives for our country and for freedom. This list features ten great Marines, notable for bravery in combat and/or humanitarian efforts outside of, although sometimes related to, their military service. Trying to rank them in some kind of order was difficult and so I expect some will contest and debate the order chosen below (unlike my three Mysterious Islands lists, which are in chronological order, this time I tried for a different approach).

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10 Movies That Were Way Better Than the Books

Usually, when a film is based on a book, the result is a weaker and less fulfilling story. Books have the ability to capture more nuance and detail, which gives them an edge that's often impossible to overcome. Sometimes, though, the opposite is true, and a weak or flawed text becomes something altogether different and amazing when turned into a visual experience. It's not that the books were completely terrible; more accurately, it's that they weren't realizing the full potential of the story. These movies are miles better than the books that spawned them, so much so that you might even forget they were books in the first place.

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Go Frugal With These 10 Gas-Saving Tips

Gas prices are soaring closer to $100 a barrel as trouble pours out of the Middle East. It looks like transportation is going to cost us plenty for at least the near future, but there are ways to cut back on costs. Follow the following 10 frugal fuel-consumption tips so you won’t have to leave the gas pump with a half-empty tank.

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