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7 Myths Mythbusters Proved That We Still Can't Believe Are True

Nerd porn of the highest order! Mr. Wizard for grown-ups -- with explosions! For over seven years we've watched Adam and Jamie's Odd Couple act, watched Grant build the awesomest of machines, watched Tory hurt himself, and watched Kari... well, just watched Kari, really. But as much as we love the cast, there's something much greater here that appeals directly to our nerd natures: Who among us hasn't watched as the crew went to work on a myth so obviously absurd that we'd scoff and snicker? Filled with smug arrogance we'd sit back as what we already knew to be false is proven incontrovertibly so... and store the relevant information away for later use in cementing our superiority over lesser beings who believe such nonsense. Only it doesn't always work that way.

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10 Deadliest Lakes on Earth

Imagine living in a remote village. Darkness has fallen and villagers are getting ready for bed, when suddenly you hear a loud 'boom'. Nothing too much to scare you in itself, but then comes the strange fog, rolling, rolling over everything, spreading out its poisonous tentacles. You and your family start to have trouble breathing. Desperate for air, you go outside – right into the deadly fog. This actual event befell 1,700 people and 3,500 animals on August 21, 1986 in Cameroon. Beautiful and calm lakes created from volcanoes conceal silent death in their depths. Here are 10 killer lakes deadly for this and several other reasons.

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8 Regional Foods You Might Not Know

Many sites featured the map, and the comments were full of consternation and alternatives. Sure, Hawaii produces the pineapples, but the people who live there eat Spam. All over the world, people think fried chicken when you say Kentucky, but it’s not a particularly native dish nor all that popular in the state. There are foods listed that some state’s lifelong citizens had never heard of! So I looked up some of those obscure regional foods to see what they are all about.

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21 Things You Didn’t Know About Honey Bees

The world is full of wonders. The universe expands and contracts, men harness time through the written word and atoms dance under the microscope. Even the most humble of animals – such as the honey bee – are wrapped in a shroud of wonder if you know what to look for. Here’s a few examples.

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6 Best Sites to View Maps of Airline Flight Paths

If you have ever waited anxiously for a family member or friend to arrive at your airport after a long flight you will understand the need to receive reliable, up to date information about where a plane currently is located and when they are estimated to arrive. I covered some sites for tracking flights back in 2008 but much has changed and also there is a greater focus on mobile apps since smartphones are now more prevalent. The way I see it, you have two reasons to need to view maps of an airline flight path: You are waiting for a family member or friend to arrive at the airport safely – let’s call this informational only, or you are waiting at the airport/driving in to pick up that person. These are two totally separate uses and a website does not do you much good if all you have is a smartphone or even just a regular phone. The sites below are reviewed based on these two parameters: informational sites for casual viewing and must-have information for those traveling to the airport for pickups.

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8 Ways to Avoid the 10% Early Withdrawal Fee on Your IRA

Many IRA owners are aware they can be hit hard with penalty fees if they withdraw money early. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these fees if an emergency or other qualifying situation arises. Before we begin, let me say that even with these allowances, you should make every effort to avoid taking money out of your retirement accounts early, especially if you are young. By withdrawing money, you are losing decades of tax-free compounding which can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time you retire.

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10 Free and Addictive Games for Your Droid

Your Android phone is an amazing time-waster. Whether you're sitting in the waiting room of your doctor's office, sitting in traffic (not advised), sitting in class (also not advised), or just chillin' at home, it offers a bounty of fun and entertaining game apps that will have you continually coming back for more. Among the thousands and thousands that are available to download, a handful standout as the most addictive. Angry Birds, for example, has been so successful that its creators have decided to produce an animated TV or web series featuring the little guys. Below are the free and new — to Android, at least — ones that every Android owner should thumb through. These are the types of games that you'll end up trying to master in a single sitting. Perhaps one is destined to become the next app sensation like Angry Birds.

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4 Tools To Make Web Pages Easier To Read For People With Poor Eyesight

The Internet has long become a mainstream tool. You no longer need to be a programmer to sit for hours in front of the computer every day. People of all ages and professions work and spend days online. This means that people with various visual disabilities (be it poor eyesight, color blindness, etc) as well as older people (who may have bad sight) use the Web on a daily basis – and not many website owners care about making the lives of those people easier. This post aims to help those with bad eyesight to become independent of each individual website interface. Here are 4 tools that will help you make web pages that are easier to read for low-vision people.

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10 Ways Rising Oil Prices Endanger the U.S. Recovery

Generally, more democracy has a positive effect on the global economy. Freer people have the ability to buy, sell, and innovate as they please. But the political unrest in the Middle East is having a negative effect on the markets thus far. What makes those revolutions different? The Middle East is a major source of the world's oil. Political uncertainty in the region leads to oil supply uncertainty. For that reason the recent events in nations like Egypt and Libya have been worrying investors and businesses: if less oil flows out of the region to the rest of the world, fuel prices will rise. In fact, we're already seeing oil prices hit highs this week not seen in two-and-a-half years. These increases come after oil prices already began to rise moderately throughout much of 2010, as the global economy strengthened. High fuel costs could dampen global economic growth, since firms and consumers would be forced to spend more on energy. This effect could also thwart the recently strengthening U.S. economy.

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10 Biggest Fast Food Lawsuits

Most people understand the repercussions of eating fast food. Those greasy burgers, fried pieces of chicken and cheesy burritos are high in calories, cause weight gain and if eaten consistently, could lead to diabetes. If that’s not enough to deter you from scarfing down a supersized meal, then consider some of the unwanted "sides" that a few unfortunate customers have discovered in their orders. In the last several years, there have been a handful of displeased fast food eaters who took legal action against the fast food chains to either make an easy buck or hold them accountable for their lousy products. The following lawsuits, regardless of the plaintiffs’ motives, are memorable because of their supersized statures (publicity-wise, for the most part), and in some cases, frivolity.

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