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15 Celebs Who Played Sports in College

Playing sports in college is quite different than joining a team in high school. You've got to display real talent, and may even have your sights set on a career in the pros. For most of these 15 celebrities, though, their love of sports didn't carry on after school. After earning their bachelors degrees, they went on to careers in acting, politics and other fields.

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Top 10 Richest Women In the World

Today we’re going to talk about the 10 richest women in the world. Most of these women inherited their fortunes rather than building them, but we have to give them credit for saving their fortunes, controlling businesses, and for making those fortunes grow. I’m not sure what would I do if I had even $100,000 in my bank account, nonetheless millions or billions. Would I feel happy or lost? Would I know what to do and who to trust? Money makes life easier but big money might make it much harder.

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11 OSes that Tried and failed to Take Down Windows

Believe it or not, Microsoft’s Windows is 25 years old - which is certianly making some of us feel old. Despite a few ups and downs, growing pains, and BSODs, Windows has survived the test of time and continues to reign as one of the most popular operating systems available today. Of course that’s not to say there haven’t been other operating systems over the years that tried to steal the crown; in fact, there have been quite a few. Here’s a look at some of the biggest contenders Windows has had to overcome to get where it is today.

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Top 10 US Prison Gangs

Prison gangs were originally formed by inmates as a means to protect themselves from other inmates. Throughout the years, prison gangs have evolved from a group that provides protection to its members, to criminal entities involved in prostitution, assaults, drugs and murder. Prison gangs continue to thrive because prosecuting them has, historically, been difficult due to the fact that many members are already serving life sentences with no possibility of parole. When you get arrested and sent to prison for all of those illegal movies and songs you’ve been downloading, it would be a good idea to know which gang you would like to join. Here is a look at the top 10 prison gangs in the country.

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Top 10 Career-Ending Blunders of All Time

Anyone who has spent significant time in the real world understands that one misstep can ruin a promising or even established career. It’s why we choose not to become too comfy around our coworkers, speak our minds in the office, or behave in any manner that indicates we’re unprofessional. The fear of what could happen is enough to keep most people in check, especially if they live in the public eye. Just look at the prominent people listed below — their successful careers were gleefully guillotined in public by the merciless, blood-thirsty lynch mob that is the media. Of course, in some cases, these people were already suffering career declines, and their so-called "career-ending" blunders didn’t really end their careers, but crippled them. Semantics aside, we can all agree that their falls from grace were cringe-worthy.

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10 Atari 2600 Games Still Worth Playing

Back in the day, the Atari 2600 was ubiquitous. These days, you can fit the entire console into what used to be the joystick (which are still the best joysticks ever made, by the way). So yeah, technology has marched forward, and most of the games that used to be cutting-edge and impressive are things that would look rudimentary on your cell phone. Still, there were some gems from the Atari Age that are worth more than sheer nostalgia—these suckers have some gameplay left in them.

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8 Tips for Dealing Calmly with Criticism

I have a very hard time being criticized, corrected, or accused – even of the smallest mistakes – and I react very angrily. I struggle to respond calmly and constructively -- even when it's something like my six-year-old saying, "You forgot to put my library book in my backpack." It's all I can do not to snarl, "Why didn't you remember your library book?" Zoikes, how I try to be more mild-mannered and easy-going! Here are some of the strategies that I try to use to accept criticism.

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10 Most Impressive College Computer Labs In the Country

Part of your college tuition grants you access to some of the most cutting-edge technology and research in the world. From journal subscriptions to reference e-books to high-tech computers, you have all kinds of resources to help you with your school work, and won’t have to pay extra for any of it. Whether you’re an online student or living in the dorms, here are 10 impressive college computer labs you’ll want to check out for inspiration. Just don’t get too jealous.

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7 Incredibly Prolific Fathers

Some of history’s biggest figures weren’t content simply making history so they attempted to live forever through their offspring. The following 7 men managed to make their mark in history in the most fecund of manners.

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Top 10 Over Rated Acts in Music Today

The mainstream music industry does a good job of catering to low expectations. Such expectations are consistently low thanks to the lack of opposition within the music industry (that’s what indie music is inherently for). The industry wouldn’t be what it is without being an absolutely totalitarian entity, one that holds a dangerous amount of sway over the public consciousness. Too many listeners are lazy. Too few have discerning tastes, and, as such, groupthink frequently takes hold and creates a consensus from a very narrow stream of selections. That is the main stream. For those who know better and want to be in control of their ear’s digestive tract, refuge lies in underground resistances where complex and carefully crafted sonic arrangements run free and unchecked. Unfortunately, the little voice is too often stamped out like an ant crawling in the kitchen of giant breakfast-eaters. Things have a habit of getting blown out of proportion; here are a few examples in extremely recent music history of overrated acts which fly high above the rest:

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