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Top 10 Things You Didnít Know About Your Eyes

Few people could argue that without our 5 senses life would be pretty dull. All our senses are extremely important but I think if you asked most people which sense would they least like to lose they would probably say their vision. As with most of our abilities, our vision is something that many of us take for granted. If you stop and think for a moment, you will realize that just about everything we do in our day to day life involves our vision. During this article I am going to try and see if I can get you to start thinking a little bit more about your eyes. Listed below is my top 10 list of weird and wonderful things you didnít know about your eyes

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8 Movie Theater Rules Everyone Should Follow

The holidays are coming up and for most people that means shopping and spending time with their loved ones, but for trolls like us itís all about sitting alone in a dark theater with a soda the size of our heads and a box of Junior Mints. We love going to the movies and we take it pretty seriously, so we put together a list of tips and tricks that make sitting through a three-hour flick a breeze for you and those around you.

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Top 10 Outdated Christian Beliefs

Most Christians are not as bull headed and afraid of change as most people think. Christianity hasnít held on to all of the same beliefs over the two thousand years itís existed. As times changed, Christianity has also changed and, while itís core beliefs have always been solid, some of the stranger things on the fringes have come and gone. Hereís a list of some of the stranger early beliefs that Christians have since abandoned.

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10 Almost-Cast Star-Trek Actors that Would've Improved the Franchise

For a franchise that had eight "evil universe" episodes and Roddenberry-only-knows-how-many time travel episodes, it's hard to imagine Star Trek turning out any differently than it did. After all, when you think of Spock, you immediately think of the cool calm of Leonard Nimoy and when you think of Kirk, it's hard to imagine anything by the slightly hammy over-acting of William Shatner. And yet, for every actor that got a Star Trek part, dozens auditioned and got disappointed that they didn't get their time on the cardboard sets of the various Enterprises.

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8 Fresh Ways to Recycle Electronics

Welcome to the world of "e-waste," a term environmental groups apply to the mounds of old gadgets people and businesses discard when newer, shinier models arrive. Case in point: American's own roughly 24 electronic products per household. Now consider what chunk of this year's Christmas haul went to replacing outdated gizmos. Rather than condemn such items to a landfill, consider them as clothing destined for a thrift store. Just as you wouldn't throw away decent jeans, there are ways to reuse or recycle all things wired, from 10-year-old monitors and terminals to cell phone batteries and DVD players. Given the breakneck pace at which technology is reinvented, multiple organizations across the country have taken it upon themselves to handle the e-waste problem. They provide the average consumer with multiple ways to recycle electronics sustainably, responsibly and, occasionally, at a profit. The following are eight avenues to siphon e-waste so it doesn't go unused, like your archaic VHS player. Although, come to think of it, they'll take that hunk of junk, too.

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10 Mysterious Pains You Shouldn't Ignore

All of us have experience with random, mysterious and sometimes lingering pains at some point in our lives. Most of us shrug it off, and usually the pain leaves the same way it arrived -- on its own and without explanation. These pains aren't so different from the strange sounds your automobile makes from time to time. Something clicks, whirrs or squeals, and then the noise vanishes as quickly as it arrived. Those of us who aren't mechanically inclined may think nothing more of it. However, just like your automobile, your body's aches and pains often get worse over time, or signal a much larger underlying problem. In these cases, we ignore those warning signs at our own peril. Usually, doctors and mechanics alike wonder why we didn't bring these problems to their attention sooner.

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10 Most Incredible College Gyms

One of the perks of college life that many don't think of is the awesome gyms many campuses offer. Racquetball, swimming, group fitness classes, and more are there for free or discounted rates to students. Check out these colleges that have the most impressive gyms in the country.

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5 Tips To Perform A Smarter & Faster Google Map Search

Google Maps is one of Googleís most exciting and innovative services. Apart from providing thorough Google Map search features, users can view the world as seen from a satellite, wander the streets of foreign cities in street view, and add informative or entertaining content across the virtual globe. There is no shortage of things to discover on Google Maps. However, sometimes you just want to access a map or find a location quick and easy. This article provides you with tips and tricks on how to search Google Maps faster and smarter.

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25 Films That Bibliophiles Still Love

It's inevitable, really. The second a film adaptation of a popular or cult novel is announced, every college student's English major friends chime in a (Greek) chorus of woe and detraction before any details even emerge. Understandable, to be certain, but just because Hollywood has a tendency to tinker entirely too much with many literary works doesn't mean they always squirt out artistic diarrhea. Behold! A list of films even the prickliest bibliophile can appreciate. OKÖwellÖmaybe the worst of the lot will shoot down every single one of them. But who wants to hang out with negative nancies like that anyway?

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The 25 Most Important PCs in History

Before reading this, take a moment to stare at your computer. Check out the crisp, high definition picture you're gazing at right now, as you hum along at a stable and steady broadband speed. We forget sometimes how far we've come, so as a reminder, we decided to dedicate this gallery to 25 of the most influential machines in PC history

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