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10 Most Precariously Placed Treehouses on Earth

Vertiginous views are one thing, but combine such dizzying prospects with the sense that the planks on which you walk might give way at a moment's notice, and even the bravest soul would be forgiven for allowing a little fear to creep in. The urge to inhabit high up places has been with us throughout the course of human history – tied up with a desire for protection from predators and the ability to see threats coming from afar. Trees were obvious choices when our ancestors were selecting lofty locations in which to build house and home – but with such grand designs come natural risks. Living tens if not hundreds of feet above ground means it's a long, long way down should you happen to lose your footing. Vertigo-sufferers need not apply for planning permission.

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7 Abandoned Breweries Open for Exploration

Does it get much better than beer-themed urban exploring? We didn’t think so… You probably won’t be able to find any of the good stuff still lying around in these defunct breweries, but there are still tons of abandoned items to discover. Massive round holes left over from industrial vats are a mainstay, as are interesting machinery and tons of old labels. These breweries can be found around the world, especially in the US Midwest and Belgium, where enthusiastic brewers revolutionized the art of beer making around the turn of the century. Although some of the beer brands are now defunct and others have moved on to more high-tech breweries, these massive factories still stand as a testament to a very special time in beer-making history. Since these buildings are so popular, many have already been turned into modern housing or office buildings, so start exploring soon before the original architecture and machinery are all gone.

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Top 10 Bloodiest Battles of World War I

World War I will be remembered as one of the bloodiest wars in human history. Millions of soldiers died on both sides, and whole generations of young men were wiped out. Armies were bogged down in impenetrable trenches, resulting in thousands dying in futile assaults against fortified enemies. The war also introduced new and terrible weapons, such as the machine gun, which made the war even more horrific and bloody. There are many terrible battles, but this is a list of the worst.

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10 Bizarre Side Effects To Common Medicines

We’ve all seen a commercial for a medication of some kind, and–sure enough–there’s always a 1-5 minute list of side effects (diarrhea, blurred vision, etc.). However, there are many rare side effects that can occur when taking medication that are, well…bizarre. So bizarre (and rare), that you most likely won’t hear about them in the commercials. So, without further ado, here is a list of the top 9 weirdest, most bizarre side effects to common medicines NOTE: Some of the descriptions contained herein are, well, disgusting. And there’s some adult language.

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The 12 Least Intimidating Metal Album Covers

The metal genre of music is loaded with images of sex, violence, drugs, and sandmen entering things. Defined by a heavy sound, metal music stands out by kicking you right in the balls. However, metal also has a long standing record have some of the absolute worst and least intimidating album covers that you are ever likely to see.

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10 Most Pervasive Myths about Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are becoming increasingly common in Western societies. Despite educators' efforts to create greater awareness of anorexia and bulimia, there still remains a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding the facts and consequences of the disorders. In order to get to the root of the problem, more people need to recognize the symptoms, victims, and treatments. That involves dispelling false notions and pervasive societal myths.

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10 Films That Were Disowned By Their Directors

Nobody ever sets out to make a bad movie, but that doesn’t stop them from getting made. Filmmaking is a complicated, contentious process, so much so that the final product is often so far from what the creators intended that they disavow any knowledge or involvement. Sometimes this comes in the form of taking their name off the film itself and using a pseudonym; other times, they just own up to the mistakes and admit that, yes, the finished movie is pretty terrible. No attempt to rationalize the movie can make it any better, so why try? The films on this list range from deply flawed to just about unwatchable, and all of them inspired their directors to publicly disown them via apologies, disclaimers, or fake names hastily appended to the opening credits. They’re worth checking out, if only to see how something so big can go so wrong.

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Top 10 Great Historical Impostors

This list looks at great impostors from history; men and women who pretended to be someone they were not. We have omitted people who merely assumed false names (such as Frank Abagnale and Frédéric Bourdin) and focused entirely on impostors who claimed to be someone famous (with rather incredible success in some cases). Be sure to mention others you may know in the comments, as this is a very interesting topic. This list is based on one sent in by Igor Itkin. It is released under the creative commons license, as it relies heavily on Wikipedia for biographical information which is scant elsewhere.

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The 10 Biggest Degenerate Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks

NFL quarterbacks can generally be put into one of two categories. Either they tend to be good, honest God-fearing leaders of men or they tend to be complete screw-ups, vile degenerates more likely to be found crawling naked out of a whorehouse than studying film for their next game. Usually, the most successful quarterbacks fall into that first category. This is where you can find your crew-cut wearing heroes, like Bart Starr or Johnny Unitas. They are driven, hard-working champions who will accept nothing less than perfection, both on the field and off. Meanwhile, the members of the second category tend to be washouts and failures, like Ryan Leaf or Todd Marinovich. But occasionally, the stars align and create a perfect warrior who manages to be both a winner and an utter degenerate, and it is these fine men who we celebrate here today.

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9 Surprising Facts About Animal Intelligence

Animals are a lot smarter than you know. They don't speak English, and they don't burst into song or action as soon as we turn our backs; nature, sadly, is not a Disney movie. But many of them do display intelligence and a desire to learn, as well as an ability to apply past experiences to present moments and future expectations. The gap between human intelligence and that of animals might be so wide as to be insurmountable, but it's not quite as big as we used to think it was. As anyone who's ever had a pet can tell you, animals are a lot sharper than you might want to believe. In fact, they're a whole lot like us.

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