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10 Best Johnny Cash Songs

John "Johnny" R. Cash was an American singer, songwriter, actor, and author. Cash wore primarily black or dark clothes at performances and his attire earned him the nickname "The Man In Black." Cash's music was primarily based in country music, but also encompassed rock, blues, folk, and gospel genres. Cash's career spanned 49 years and rendered him one of the 20th Century's most influential musicians. Cash's personal struggles with morality, depression, religion, and addiction, combined with profound life struggles, is reverberated in his music. Johnny Cash's work as a musician is often described as a distinct "lens through which to view American contradictions and challenges." As a devout Christian, Cash recognized himself as the "biggest sinner of them all," and played his experiences on an acoustic guitar, written in over 1,000 songs, for millions of fans. Johnny Cash passed away in 2003 but his work as a musician remains a legacy.

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10 Musicians Who Don't Act Their Age

Last weekend, Chuck Berry gave fans in Chicago a scare: A New Year's Day concert ended prematurely after the 84-year-old fell ill. This gig aside, however, Berry remains a workhorse: Without fail, he plays monthly at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room, and he told Rolling Stone last year that he's working on new music. Berry's not the only aging musician still plugging away at touring or recording, however. The following ten people transcend their ages -- and continue to be relevant, resonant artists who make rich contributions to music.

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15 Gadgets Inspired by Sci-fi Fiction

If it can be thought up, it can be created seems to be the general trail of thought. Scientists seem to have taken this as a personal challenge, so here are 15 items stolen, sorry, inspired by science fiction gizmos and gadgets, from Start Trek to Isaac Asimov.

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15 Common Astronomy Myths

Ever since I was a kid I have loved astronomy. I would lie in the back yard and stare at the stars in awe, trying to imagine what was out there. This led to a love of science fiction and science in general. Ultimately, I pursued other avenues for my career (music), but my love of the heavens still remains. This list looks at 15 commonly believed factlets about astronomy which are wrong. This is derived (in small part) by the excellent book Sorry, Wrong Answer – I strongly recommend it.

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Top 10 Lessons In Manhood From Ronald Reagan

On February 6, 2011, America celebrated the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan. In polls to determine the greatest president, Reagan routinely finishes in the top five, behind Lincoln and Washington. Like many great leaders, he was a polarizing figure, but no one debates that he left his mark on the pages of history. Admired for his career as an actor and for his cowboy image, the man captured the fascination of the world as a “man's man.” Here, we look back at some of Reagan's manly qualities.

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Top 10 Hollywood Lawsuits of 2010

It was another active year on the Hollywood legal docket. Here's our list of the top 10 cases, as judged by significance to the entertainment industry, the amount of attention the litigation received, and/or the novelty of the legal issues in play. We'll start with by far the biggest showbiz legal story of the year.

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10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Relatives

Your typical celebrity spends years carefully crafting their reputation. Their entire livelihood revolves around how they're perceived by the public, and one unfortunate misstep could spell the end of life as they know it. While they can control their own actions, they can't fight the drama and shame that comes with having a relative who's a public embarrassment. The following people have been thorns in the sides of their more successful fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and uncles, all of whom have probably claimed at some point or another that winning the genetic lottery isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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50 Fun Toilet Facts

Toilets. Everybody needs one, yet no one likes to talk about them. Well, following are fifty fun facts about the crapper, the loo, the john, the TOILET!

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Top 10 College Spring Break Tragedies

Spring Break is a time for college students to let loose and have fun for one week in March before starting finals. Many students from traditional and online colleges take this opportunity to go on trips with their friends to locations where the weather is warm and the beer is flowing. Spring Break may be one of the best and wildest times in all of college, but it's also one of the most dangerous and reckless weeks for students. This time of the year brings many tragic accidents and deaths that could have been avoided for some and not so for others.

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