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100 Hottest Pictures of Girls from Online T-Shirt Stores

If you've been using the internet for at least a week, you've seen one of these girls. None of them are porn stars, most of the time they're just wearing t-shirts and not showing any skin, but there's just something about the girl-next-door types that the t-shirt stores pick as models that makes us all think "wow, not only do I need a girlfriend, but a t-shirt!" So, here are the hottest pictures of girls from online t-shirt stores, featuring the most popular t-shirt stores on the internet.

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5 Unexpected Foods That Prevent Insomnia and 5 Foods That Promote It

You've heard it a thousand times: if you want to fall asleep you have to give up caffeine. So you've done that and you still can't seem to sleep through the night. Well, your diet has a huge bearing on the way you feel especially if a sleep deficiency has become a part of your life. Choose foods that promote sleep rather than keeping you up all night.

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30 Great Jon Stewart Quotes

Jon Stewart is an American actor, comedian, political satirist, writer, media critic, and television host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Stewart has gained fame and acclaim for his political stance and criticism of American media networks including CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC. Stewart has been heavily criticized for his antics from behind his "fake news" desk, to which Stewart agrees. Stewart has found tremendous support from fans and was dubbed "the modern day Edward R. Murrow" for addressing the Senate's December 2010 attempts to block the bill to provide health benefits for 9/11 First Responders. Stewart has proclaimed his journalistic tendencies as mere "entertainment," but his efforts to provide humorous and accurate information for fans (and critics) has earned him many awards and a huge following.

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10 Bizarre Things Cars Have been Covered With

I don’t know what it is about cars in particular, but for some strange reason they are often a very popular canvas for people’s artistic talents – and I don’t just mean painting. This list looks at cars that have been used as the basis for artworks, or just bizarre hobby projects.

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10 Most Terrifying Bridges on Earth

Imagine being suspended hundreds of feet in the air above hard rock or raging waters; all that is keeping you suspended in the air is a wooden board, a taut rope and your balance. You prepare yourself for disaster: if the rope gives way or if your foot slips then death seems inevitable; but in the meantime you are paralyzed. Being afraid of heights might be a debilitating fear but these terrifying bridges are enough to inspire vertigo in anyone. Terrifying as they might be, however, there is simply no other choice, for without crossing you will never reach the other side. Here are ten of the most terrifying bridges in the world.

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10 Fast Food Items Turned Into Fancy Dishes

While some foodies love to cook, and others go to fine restaurants, NYC-based Erik Trinidad expresses his love of all things edible by taking fast food menu items from restaurants like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, turning them into gourmet-looking meals and posting the results on his site Originally just a joke with friends, his first creation was a McDonald’s Big Mac and fries combo meal that he turned into a fancy steak and potatoes dish. But his project got such rave reviews, that he kept at it. Today, his site it full of creative reinventions of fast food items and he's even writing a book, The Fancy Fast Food Cookbook: Mock Recipes with No Bun Intended. WD rounded up our favorites, so take a look at these 10 works of culinary art.

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The 18 Craziest Naked Women In News Report History

The world is fiilled with millions of insane people and sometimes, they're women. And on even rarer occasions, they're naked. So here, in one place (and in no particular order), are the eighteen craziest naked women who've hit the news in recent memory. All of these are insane news stories and all of them star a naked woman who's completely lost her marbles (and clothes.)

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12 Things That Will Cost Less in 2011

One of the great things about technology is that we can count on prices dropping at a steady clip over time on the things we want most. The more demand, the faster the electronics industry seems to satisfy us with new, cheaper products. Think how different it is for non-electronic items such as milk and cereal, which always seem to go up (see our list of 20 Things That Will Be More Expensive in 2011). We've now proven this mathematically, by sifting through thousands upon thousands of tech deals that we've listed over the past couple of years. Our price trend data shows how prices dropped on 12 popular items from 2009 to 2010, based on the individual deals we list on our site. Then we keyed up our dealnews experts to find out what low price points you'll likely see in 2011.

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12 People You Didn’t Know Were Child Prodigies

By this point, pretty much everyone knows about the accomplishments of child prodigies such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Some of the world’s greatest minds — individuals whose works continue to resonate and inspire even today — also launched their prodigious careers early in life as well; however, many mainstream individuals fail to realize this. The following names, all of whom have somehow revolutionized their respective industries, nurtured their talents as children before moving on to achieve some pretty amazing things. It is by no means a comprehensive list, but rather a nice, quick primer on some intriguing people who changed the world.

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Top 10 Writers Published in Playboy

Playboy magazine launched in 1953, reaching its largest circulation in 1972 when it was distributed to 7.2 million readers. Today, it has over 1.5 million readers and over 5 million people visit each month. Owner Hugh Hefner has described Playboy magazine as a “handbook for the urban male.” Each issue contains articles on politics and culture, interviews with famous and influential people. And naked women. From the very beginning, each issue of Playboy also included work from the very best writers. The literary organization PEN USA recently honored Hugh Hefner for “50 years of support for un-championed writers and of fighting censorship”( According to Jamie Wolf, vice-president of PEN USA, Hugh Hefner “published an extraordinary range of writers, serious literary writers who you were not otherwise getting when you went into the grocery store.” I was surprised to learn that so many of my favorite writers have had several short stories published in Playboy, while some had their books serialized or excerpted in the magazine.

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10 Common Medical Myths That Are Completely False

For hundreds of years, humans have been programmed to believe things that were downright wrong. The same goes for medicine. Medicine has been, and continues to be, poorly understood, which has given way to several medical myths. A lack of knowledge and motivation to conduct further research has allowed people to come up with their own theories about the human body and how it works. We may not know everything about the body or completely understand its functions, but we do know that these 10 common medical myths are completely false.

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