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7 Buildings Made of Recycled Crates

Amazingly, these seven stunning houses use just recycled shipping crates and old beer or milk crates as their raw materials. Who would have thought that humble objects like wooden shipping pallets and beer crates could be turned into green energy and cost-effective building materials? Here are seven examples that show that they really can be. Read on to find out more. This is upcycling at its best!

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15 Gym Freaks Who Pushed It Too Far

There are amazing benefits to being in shape… but how do you know if you’re going too far? Maybe it comes down to one honest friend sitting you down and saying something; that is, if they’re not petrified of you. Apparently the following 15 gym rats didn’t have such honest friends, or those friends never sent the memo.

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The World’s 7 Greatest Movie Stunts

If there’s one job that will guarantee higher insurance premiums, it’s that of a stuntman. Since the dawn of cinema, brave men and women have been flinging themselves through explosions, off buildings, between vehicles and into each other; all in the name of entertainment. We thought it only fitting today that we, a company in the risk industry who also happen love the spectacle of a good action movie, take a look at some of the greatest movie stunt scenes ever committed to film.

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The 6 Most Humiliating Game Shows Losses Ever

Let's be honest. We all watch game shows for the same reason we watch stock car racing, Jerry Bruckheimer films and 'Jersey Shore': the inevitable sight of total personal destruction. It all comes from that evil troll in the back of our heads who loves watching people suffer public humiliation for cash and/or prizes. Our moral center might make us feel empathy for some poor dolt who lost over $20,000 literally at the push of a button. Still, the troll really loves the sweet, tasty pain of total embarrassment.

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15 Most Powerful Sci-Fi Robots

Robots have always been a consistent character in all of our fiction books and movies. They came in all sizes but their shape for some reason has always been patterned after our own. Perhaps we love them because they are our first attempt at creating something like us mobile, strong and smart. Of course were still a long way from being able to make a robot that is remotely capable of what our bodies can do but that doesn’t stop our imaginations. They’ve become icons to remember and all Science-Fiction lovers should know who or what they are.

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5 Most Badass Ways Humans Have Defeated Animals

Some men fight crocodiles for a living. But, most don’t. Most people just sit at home and watch other people on TV kill snakes, bears, crocodiles, and stingrays (ooh, sorry). But, there are a select few who will go out of their way to kill something when they aren’t paid to do it. These people are the standard to which all others are held when declaring one’s badassery.

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10 Child Stars Who Ended Up Totally Normal

The number of child actors chewed up and spit out by the movie and TV industries has to be in the thousands by now, and most of the wannabe stars and starlets are one arrest away from their very own E! True Hollywood Story, perfect fodder for the celebrity blogs students read while on a study break from their classes at online colleges. There's a thin line between "well-adjusted member of society" and "caught doing coke with Todd Bridges." Yet for every handful of studs and ingenues who take the fast track to crazy town, there are those who turn out totally normal. Some of them manage to successfully make the leap to adult acting careers, while many others just go to college and get jobs like the rest of us, realizing that fleeting fame is usually just that. Here's a refresher course on those who grew up famous and lived to tell the tale.

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Top 10 Websites that Changed Everyday Life

The quote truly says it all. When it comes to the Internet, there is nothing that you can’t do. In today’s world, we are run by technology and the flow of updates to already existing technology seems to be never-ending. With that said, it is really no surprise that the Internet has definitely become a true part of everyday life. In the U.S. alone there are 266,224,500 Internet users; in Asia there are 825,094,396. Throughout the entire world there is said to be 1,966,514,816 people who use the Internet and the number continues to grow each day. Along with the Internet came the millions of websites that we all use. While some don’t become as popular as others, many have become so common that they seem like an everyday must have.

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10 Doctors Who Shamed Their Profession

If you think about it, the comparison of doctors to mechanics is pretty apt. Given the specialized nature of their work and the general helplessness of most patients, doctors, like mechanics, are rarely held accountable for their actions. Sure, for the most part, doctors have your best interest at heart, but like in any profession, there are both good and bad apples. According to the National Patient Safety Foundation, 42 percent of people believed they had personally experienced a medical mistake. Additionally, numerous statistics have shown that a staggering amount of people die each year due to medical error. The following doctors made such blatant mistakes and/or lapses in judgment that they, at the very least, have a reputation that garnered them recognition on this list.

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The 5 Greatest Drugs Banned in 2010

The government taketh away in 2010, and the government taketh away in droves. Just to show that they're always a few years behind on the drug war, here are some drugs that the government realized people were using to get extra high/drunk this year.

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