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33 More Entertaining 404 Error Pages

Landing on an error paging while surfing the Internet is usually an unpleasant experience, but some web designers add a bit of sunshine to the world with their quirky 404 error pages. We recently featured some of the most entertaining 404 error pages and asked users to share their favorites. Submitting a few classics that we missed, as well as a bunch of little-known gems, Mashable readers responded in droves. We picked out some of the best user-submitted 404 errors to share here.

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8 Actors Who Deserve Better Roles

Have you noticed some actors who are continually being relegated to thankless or worse generic supporting roles when their on-screen prowess suggest they deserve better? The following eight actors are well-known yet criminally overlooked for their contributions. By no means is this meant to be a comprehensive list so make sure to let us know in the comments about other actors you feel deserve better.

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8 Technology Revolutions That Are Now Relics

Before iPods, BlackBerrys and laptops became part of our plugged-in culture, there was a host of gizmos and gadgets that set our tech-fueled fever alight. When Sony shuttered widespread production of the Walkman in April of this year, it sent a nostalgic shockwave through our system, reminding us of all the forgotten technologies that once reigned supreme. Whether it's the VCR, Polaroid camera or — if you're brave enough to admit it, the eight-track cassette — here’s a look back at eight mainstream technologies that have since become obsolete.

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Ten 80s Movies that Will Remind You of Your Geek Roots

For those of you who grew up at least in part in the eighties, you know that it wasn’t all about Molly Ringwald and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Though not all cinematic masterpieces, there were a lot of really fun movies that glorified the geeks of the day. Here are a few you could pick up for nostalgia’s sake – or especially if you missed the eighties, make sure you’ve seen these if you haven’t!

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25 Lethal And Legal Weapons

So, you're too young or too "unstable" to own a gun. Put the second amendment to work for you with these 25 mostly legal, mostly deadly weapons. Blow guns, ninja gear, the CIA's fake diarrhea, and a new identity: sounds like a fine weekend is ahead of you.

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The 10 Most Sampled Breakbeats of All Time

You can’t mention sample-based music and not talk about drum breaks. In the early 1970's, years before producers had begun chopping up old records on samplers, Jamaican-born and Bronx-based DJ Kool Herc introduced a new approach to mixing records, paving the way for the development of Hip-Hop beatmaking. At the time, when playing extended disco mixes and heavy funk, Herc noticed that it was the instrumental versions, and often the percussion-only breaks in the middle of those records, which sent the crowds wild. He began extending these instrumental passages by hand, switching from one record to the next, chopping from break to break. Bedroom producers soon began looping drum breaks on cassettes, and eventually, the arrival of dedicated digital samplers and drum machines made the job easier, allowing far greater control and manipulation.

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7 Movies That Could Have Been Improved By Adding Zombies

I've always been of the opinion that zombies improve just about everything. That's easily said, of course, when you're talking about taking something good and making it even better. But what if we put this to the test: what if we tried to take something that was crap and improve it with the judicious application of the undead? I found seven films and tried a thought experiment: could zombies improve them? Here are the results.

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Top 10 Forgotten Child Stars

Every decade Hollywood produces a new crop of child actors. Some are remembered; most are forgotten. We know the Shirley Temples, the Tatum O’Neals, the Corey Feldmans, the Dakota Fannings and the Abigail Breslins. We remember Linda Blair’s inspired (or possessed) performance in The Exorcist. Other child stars shone just as bright… just not as long.

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Top 10 Adventurers Who Never Returned Home

For every handful of successful adventurers and pioneers who retire in comfort, there are probably many who died, or were killed, or disappeared underway. Many, probably most of them, died young and early, often of disease, before they had the least chance to make a name and reputation for themselves. So perished the younger brother of the great Alfred Russel Wallace, in Brazil. To become an immortal martyr to adventure you have to be a well-known achiever before your curtains close, or be part of some stirring enterprise such as space flight, or otherwise catch the public imagination. All my individuals, pairs or parties fall into one or other of those categories.

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The 10 Most Memorable Speeches In Sports History

Martin Luther King, Jr. was arguably one of the greatest humanitarians of the 20th century. His commitment to non-violent protests was vital to the U.S. civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's. One of the things we remember most about King was his “I have a dream” speech. While he made many speeches in his lifetime, it was that speech that was by far his most notable. So, in honor of yesterday’s MLK Day, we take a look at memorable speeches in sports history.

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