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14 Celebs That Went from Curvy-Hot to Stick-Thin

It is not a secret that celebrities face extreme pressures to maintain a perfect body image-- whatever that means. What may be considered normal to the average woman is seen as fat by Hollywood standards of beauty. It is no wonder that many female celebrities go to extreme measures to lose weight. There is a fine line between thin and too thin. Unfortunately, we have seen some of our favorite celebs cross that line in the past-- although, under constant scrutiny, celebrities are bound to overdo it. Here is our list of women who have gone from curvy-hot to stick-thin. These women could stand to learn a thing or two from sultry Kim Kardashian, who knows how to drop weight and stay healthy.

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12 Funniest 'Oh No' Guy Family Guy Moments

Arguably the funniest recurring character on Family Guy, the gay character "Bruce" (voiced by Mike Henry) steals just about any scene he's in. In most of his scenes the other characters just stare at him as he utters his catchphrase "oh no" or as he creeps the hell out of everybody in the funniest possible way. So, from Bruce scenes to Bruce's voice being lent to some random animal or creature on the show, here are his funniest moments.

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10 Reasons You Should Meditate

Lately, I have been meditating as part of my daily schedule. Meditation is one my 2009 goals to increase my spiritual awareness and to live more consciously. With the cultivation of this one small habit, I have been experiencing tremendous benefits. When I was young, I had zero interest in meditation. It was constantly mentioned in the context of achieving enlightenment, especially in Buddhism, my previous religion. Whenever I hear the term Ďmeditationí, the immediate mental association was people who had severed ties with mainstream society and were living solitary lives in pursuit of enlightenment. People like monks, priests, martial artists and hermits.

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15 Mind Blowing Model Railway Layouts

These are not your standard, out-of-the-box railway layouts that little boys ask for. No. These are recreations so colorful, so detailed, so true-to-life that you might think they were real if there wasnít men towering over buildings in some of the photos. Check these out.

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10 Deadly Tricksters of the Animal World

Being a predator is not easy. Many of them have to chase after their prey; they succeed only once in a while, and often waste valuable energies in the process. They may even risk being injured or killed by potential prey. Some predators, however, have developed special, and often incredible, techniques and adaptations that allow them to trick their prey so that they never suspect any danger until it is too late. I give you 10 of these deadly tricksters of the animal world.

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10 Boredom-Busting USB Desk Toys

Letís face it, unless youíre an astronaut or a rock star, work is pretty darn dull most of the time. Donít despair though, as technology can help fill the gaping void of boredom that being stuck in the office creates. Thanks to the wonders of USB gadgetry you can cram your time at work chock-full of fun, frolics and laughter, making your cubicle the cool place to hang. Weíve selected 10 excellent examples of USB desk toys and gadgets for your perusing pleasure, so take the first step to banish boredom in your workplace today by having a little look below, and let us know your own favorites in the comments.

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8 Legendary Drinking Binges that Only Celebrities Could Have Gotten Away With

We would examine our societyís two-faced approach to dispensing justice, if only we could stop laughing at drunken celebrities for like one second.

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5 Cool Things You Can Do With Bing Maps Aerial View

When it comes to online mapping, there are a few websites that are currently king of the hill. Those include Google Maps, Mapquest and Bing Maps. I think itís safe to say that most of us here at MUO really like Google Maps. Mapquest deserves some coolness points too, with its ability to geotag your blog updates. When it comes to Bing Maps, how much do you really know about it? A lot of people avoid it simply because itís Microsoft. However, if you read through some of our past Bing articles, like Evanís on planning car trips and Stevenís on some of Bingís cool map apps, then you know that Bing actually has a lot to offer.

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10 Online Resources for Free, Legal Music

Free stuff. Those two words are enough to make one kick up oneís proverbial heels and dance out of pure, plasma-searing joy. And when that free stuff comes in the form of tunes, well, then the dancing becomes quite literal. While we know no one in our illustrious readership would ever steal music (nay! death before thieving the whiskey and cereal from the gaping maws of those starving musicians!), we understand that sometimes one just doesnít have the capital to load up on songs on a daily basis.

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Top 10 Brutal Killing Techniques From The Animal Kingdom

Thanks to evolution, mankind can walk upright, build massive cities and microbrew strong, tasty beer. While that's great, evolution also has a sadistic side. Killing and eating prey is a part of nature, but the way some animals go about it is just brutal. A lion's bite to the neck would be a walk in the park compared to some of these brutal killing techniques. We're not sure why so many horror writers have to invent vampires, ghosts and zombies to scare audiences. As the following 10 brutal killing techniques will prove, nightmare-inspiring fodder is plentiful in the animal kingdom. A nature documentary can be every bit as scary as the latest blockbuster.

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Top 10 Zombie Books of All Time

Letís start off by stating the obvious: the entertainment industry is cyclical. Genres that were fashionable last decade fade to obscurity, only to be picked up again a few years down the road. And that road has lead us back to the sound of ghoulish moans, the steady shuffle of decomposing feet, and the scabby wounded bodies of the living dead. Yes, the brain-eating, sluggish masses have ensconced themselves in Hollywood, appearing in major films and TV series, like Zombieland and The Walking Dead. However, for those of us that like a bit of highbrow flair with our (often) lowbrow scares, youíd be happy to know that the zombie sub-genre in literature is alive and kickingÖ or better yet, re-animated and hungry (Iíll try to limit the awful zombie-puns and metaphors from now on, I promise). Granted, not everything that is written down and published is of high quality. But Iíve done a bit of research to find the best zombie-related novels or graphic novels. Not only do these deliver the popular scares, but they also stimulate your imagination.

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