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11 Foods and Drinks Banned In the United States

There's been a story floating around this about two teenagers here in southern California who recently died. The headlines are screaming how Four Loko cans were found by the teenagers. Of course, the handful of people who actually read the article will notice the casual mention that there were other drugs and alcohol with them too. Oh, and there's no indication the Four Loko they were drinking was the old caffeine-and-alcohol version, as opposed to the new, caffeine-free version. This list isn't an indictment of the Liberal Media, of course. I went to journalism school. I'm a tertiary part of the Liberal Media. Four Loko is the sensational aspect of the story, might as well run with it now and use corrections later.

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15 Cute Animals That Will Cause You Horrible Harm

When we think of animals that will destroy us, rend us limb from limb, and leave us in a bloody mess, we usually thing of the huge and horrifying. Which means we forget about the real threats: the tiny, the cute, the gorgeous. The animals at which we ooh and aaah over, but are deadly, poisonous and generally all around nasty. And, after writing this list, I've come up with two pieces of advice. 1) Never go in the water. 2) Never visit Australia. Combine the two, and it's even more true: never go in the water in Australia! Seriously, terrifyingly deadly critters everywhere.

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Top 5 Tough Latinas from Action Movies

One might think that when it comes to our various forms of entertainment, we’d have long since moved past the days of clichéd characters and racial stereotypes. Well if you actually believe that, then you’re as wrong as Barack Obama for not tattooing his birth certificate to his forehead. Apparently Hollywood still has a place in its cold dead heart for token black guys, Asian martial artists and overtly effeminate villains to ham it up on the big screen. One of the slightly less offensive though still prominent clichéd characters in genre films is the “tough Latina”. This familiar character usually appears in what would otherwise be sausage-fest action flicks. She’s basically there to spice things up, draw in a more diverse crowd and to show that the ladies can blow sh** up too. She also tends to have a “hot-blooded temper” and may even have to be restrained by the fellas from time to time.

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The 13 Most Epic Hot Girl Gun FAILs

These hot girls have two tickets to the gun show (and have absolutely no upper arm strength). Here are the greatest close-call gun accidents in (non-fictional) hot girl gun history. Sure, the dudes often have better videos, but the hot girls sometimes wear bikinis.

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7 Repurposed Cold War Nuclear Missile Silos

While some missile silos — subterranean relics of the Cold War — have been demolished or left to dust and decay, others have found new purpose as homes, museums and more. To many, the idea of inhabiting one of these spaces may sound quirky, perhaps even a little creepy. It’s certainly not something for the claustrophobic. Yet, for people unaffected by such misgivings and fascinated by military history, particularly the Cold War, living or working in a disused, underground missile silo might actually hold a certain appeal. Between the 1960s and the 1990s, while the USA and USSR remained frozen in a nuclear stand-off, subterranean missile bases proliferated like the spores of some strange, foreign fungus, technology allowing the superpowers to excavate below ground to store and deploy intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Housed beneath the surface, the missile silos were far less likely to be detected by the sweeping eyes of satellites like the 1957-launched Sputnik, the first such orbiter to circle the earth, and protected by massive, heavy blast door ceilings, they became practically invulnerable to bombing attacks and even to nuclear strikes.

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10 Foods You Can Allegedly Make In A Coffee Maker

Like so many before me, I was once hungry in college. With term papers looming and the dining hall already closed for the night, food had to come from somewhere. That was the night I learned to make ramen in my coffee maker. At first I was nervous, pouring the hot water over noodles in my bowl, covering them, and letting it steep. Eventually, I became more adventurous: cooking the noodles in the carafe; putting the seasoning packet in the basket that normally holds the filter; adding an egg. This was cheap food prepared in as cheap a manner as possible. But I had touched just the tip of the iceberg. It turns out there are plenty of foods you can whip up with a Mr. Coffee and some bravery. Our favorites are below. Keep in mind that when cooking with unconventional methods, you run the risk of producing sub-par food and maybe exposing yourself to the dangers of undercooked food. Attempt at your own risk, read with an open mind.

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5 Controversies Too Dumb To Be Outraged About

People love to be outraged; it’s a simple fact of life. Outrage makes us feel powerful, like we actually have something important to say, as opposed to what we usually say (the question to Final Jeopardy, which we’re often wrong about anyway.) Sometimes, however, we pool our outrage into things that may initially seem controversial but, after a second glance, are just too asinine and pointless to truly care about. Consider this a guide to thinking things through before you go getting hot and bothered over.

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15 Surprising Previous Careers of Our Presidents

With so many presidents having had a previous career as lawyers and legal professionals (a whopping 24 out of 44) or military leaders before they entered the political realm, it can be easy to forget that others have held a wide range of careers before entering the White House. From working in fields to entertaining audiences at the movies, the variety of careers held by these leaders just goes to show that anyone with the ambition, intelligence and charisma can be President if they set their mind to it– no matter where they started out in life.

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5 Ways the Android-Powered Google Tablet Is Better than the iPad

The iPad is easily the best tablet you can buy right now, but that's changing. Google showed off their upcoming tablets today, casting a spotlight on the iPad's shortcomings. Here are the Android features we wish we had on our iPads.

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15 Extremely Embarrassing Science Predictions

In a previous list (top 30 failed technology predictions) we gave a series of quotes which all turned out to be patently false. Science changes every year (not just in the realm of technology) and so it is a great source for very embarrassing quotes which later turn out to be very short sighted. In this list, we look at 15 quotes from scientists around the world who would now rather they hadn’t spoken.

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