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The Best Feature Films Of 2010

David Fincher's "The Social Network"is emerging as the consensus choice as best film of 2010. Most of the critics' groups have sanctified it, and after its initial impact it has only grown it stature. I think it is an early observer of a trend in our society, where we have learned new ways of thinking of ourselves: As members of a demographic group, as part of a database, as figures in...a social network.

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Top 10 Things The Nazis Got Right

The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi party) is one of the most infamous political systems in the history of the earth, made famous by their severe acts of cruelty and completely inhuman behavior. Despite that, the Nazi government implemented a number of policies which were for the good of their people and those of the future; many of these policies are now implemented by our own governments. Please note: this list is NOT an endorsement of the Nazi regime which is, clearly, one of the most evil in history – second only to Stalinist Russia. This list hopefully shows that even amidst great evil, the good of man is still able to shine through. This list is an homage to those men and women living in Nazi Germany who were able to make change for good whilst living under a severely corrupt and wrong regime.

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9 Things We Wished We Did Before Our House Burned Down

This pictures is of Melanie's house as it burns to the ground within 60 minutes. It was a fixer-upper she and her husband had poured their savings and souls into with all sorts of DIY projects, and they and their two-and-half year-old son escaped it becoming their pyre by only minutes and with only the clothes on their backs. These are 9 things she wished beforehand, now that she is wrestling with insurance and filing claims.

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20 Famous Film Star Dogs

Hollywood isn't just a mans world but a dogs heaven too. Countless famous dogs have graced our TV screens and we've cried and smiled for many of them. They bring a different flavor to films with their lovable gaze and incomprehensible barking that we somehow always seem to understand. The many films with Dog stars in them have shown us that these pets are very smart, caring and loyal creatures. So lets not fail to recognize their hard work in keeping us entertained by remembering who the 20 Famous Film Star Dogs are.

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11 Secrets For Winning At Rock Paper Scissors

I hate to admit this, because I think it must reveal some kind of personal deficiency... but I'm really bad at rock, paper, scissors. (Or, as you might call it regionally, paper-rock-scissors, ro-sham-bo, or, if you're in Australia, probably something like handy-fisty shake.) I tend to either overthink my RPS or underthink it... to the point where my winning percentage is somewhere like one out of four. I cannot live like this anymore. So I did a slew of research on secrets to winning consistently at rock, paper, scissors. These are all statistical and psychological, not physical -- meaning that we're not looking for tells or studying if someone is waggling two fingers like they're about to throw scissors. Basically, these are rock, paper, scissors strategies, statistics, and studies that will, hopefully, improve my edge.

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10 Movies That American History Buffs Love

Plenty of individuals who don’t necessarily study history still nurture a love of the subject, with many focusing mainly on that of the United States. In spite of its relative youth when compared to its myriad predecessors, the country boasts a rich, multicultural past packed with triumph, tragedy, victory and some world-shatteringly egregious mistakes. Creative types from all mediums flock to the field, finding inspiration in the millions of interconnected narratives available for consideration. After all, many movies crop up every year boasting their "based on a true story" status.

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10 People Who Revolutionized the Internet

The internet, since its inception, has been a blessing for the world. We have grown so fond and addicted of the internet gizmos that literally our breath is dependent on it. Even for the field of graphic design, internet has played a significant role in progress and development of the industry. The tasks that graphic designers used to perform offline are now easily done online. And who can forget the enormous impact that social media has made in our lives. There are many famous personalities that have contributed significantly to the transformation of internet. We often hear about the cream of the lot, people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. But there are some unsung heroes that you might never have heard of, people who changed the internet and also deserve the accolade for their significant contributions.

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7 Types Of Foods To Avoid On A First Date

If you’re headed out on a date, then chances are you’re going to stop off for some grub at some point during the night. Of course, we all know it pays to make a good first impression when it comes to wooing the ladies. As such, if you want to impress a date and get through the night with minimal chances of embarrassing yourself, then here are seven types of food you’ll want to avoid.

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8 Sci-Fi Technologies That Are No Longer Just Fiction

A submarine once seemed about as ridiculously impossible as an invisibility cloak seems today. But while technologies like the submarine, bomb, radar and tank once captured the imagination of science fiction authors, science has brought them to the mainstream awareness. Researchers are continuing to catch up with imagination, and it’s only a matter of time before the technologies we still consider fiction meet a similar fate.

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