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9 Most Hateable Teams In Pro Sports

Itís fun to hate sports teams. We LOVE to hate sports teams. If there werenít hateable teams out there, every game would be the equivalent of the Seattle Mariners versus the Sacramento Kings. No one would care. Sports consist of compelling stories, and every compelling story needs an antagonist. And no one is more antagonistic in sports than the residents on this list. So take a giant shot of whiskey, chuck the empty bottle against the wall, and snarl your lip as we visit the 9 most hateable teams in pro sports.

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Celebrate Danny DeVito's Birthday With 6 Roles He Almost Played

Bet you didn't know Danny DeVito could've been your favorite onscreen uncle. And you probably didn't know he could've been North Jersey's premiere cosmetician (seriously, he's a licensed cosmetician). There are a lot of things about Mr. DeVito, the actor, director and producer, that you may not know. After all, the guy's been with us for 66 years today. That's right, he's today's birthday boy. And we plan to celebrate his birthday just like we celebrated Bill Murray's birthday and Jeff Goldblum's birthday, by revisiting six characters he almost played. Let's do this.

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9 Athletes with a Ridiculous Amount of Kids

Is it Fatherís Day already? No. Itís not. But itís always fun to talk about pro athletes knocking women up. So rather than have Xmas in November, letís have Fatherís Day in November and commemorate nine guys that justÖwell, thereís no way around it. These guys have a TON of kids. Some legit, most not. The details on illegitimate kids are fuzzy due to disclosure agreements, and we donít want to go around (further) sullying these guysí names. Not wanting to go on a Woodward and Bernstein-type investigative exploration, we stopped at the confirmed kids, but feel free to let your imagination run wild. The rankings are largely in order of number of children, with an exception being made for Scott Skiles. Youíll see.

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5 Reasons There Shouldnít Be A Ghostbusters 3

The amazing thing about Hollywood is that no idea or project ever really dies. Unlike other companies or corporations, if someone has an idea but it just doesnít work, it gets shot down and usually never brought up again. Not in Hollywood. The people connected to a project come and go but an idea never goes away until it gets made. Even horrible ideas stick around. Horrible ideas that will eventually get made. In this case, itís an aging comic actor looking for one last shot at box office magic that wonít allow the project to die. Dan Aykroyd, a man who knows a thing or two about killing a classic (Blues Brothers 2000) wonít let this Ghostbusters thing go away. Even if they are as close as he claims to starting production on a number 3, itís an awful idea.

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The 10 Craziest Tracked Vehicles

Side-by-side tracks are commonly associated with tanks, but they're far more interesting when coupled with Fiats, motorcycles, and wheelchairs. With your help, we've picked out what we think are the ten craziest tracked vehicles.

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15 Surprising Stats About Tattoos

Tattoos are hardly a modern phenomenon. Body markings have been around since the Neolithic age, and in the thousands of years since, many different cultures have adopted the practice, which has represented rites of passage, religious belief, status, love, and inferiority due to slavery or imprisonment. Recently, the Western world has warmed up to tattoos, shedding the perception that the ancient tradition is taboo. Everybody and their mother seem to be inked nowadays, and they come from every social background. The appeal is pervasive because to many people, their body art is accompanied with great meaning that only they can truly appreciate. The following statistics pertaining to tattoos show just how popular they've become, which groups like them the most and least, and people's attitudes about them.

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8 Ways To Tell If A Movie Is Going To Suck

If there is one thing Hollywood knows, is how to make a great trailer. With a little movie magic, they can make even the worst of movies look great in previews. However, with ticket prices on the rise and our time becoming more and more valuable, it is important to be able to recognize some of the warning signs that will let you know if the movie will be a blockbuster or a flop. Like all rules, some of these have exceptions. Also, because your tastes may differ from my own, you may completely disagree with one or all of my rules. However, these are the rules I go by to tell if a movie is going to suck.

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10 Most Flagrant Science Frauds of All Time

When you read about a scientific study in a book or a magazine, you probably take for granted that the methods used to conduct it or gather the information were, in fact, sound and honest. Yet there exists cases throughout history where scientists and reporters have been tricked, professionals faked results and everyday people pulled off elaborate hoaxes that fooled college professors, academics and experts alike. Here are ten of the biggest and most outrageous of these scientific hoaxes ever perpetrated, helping you learn from the past and hopefully prevent future fakers in the field.

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12 Most Common Kitchen Injuries You Need to Know About

Injuries in the kitchen can ruin a great dinner, or worse, send you to the emergency room. Fires, cuts, slips, and other injuries are among the most common hazards found in the kitchen. Here, we'll take a look at 12 common kitchen injuries, and how you can stop them.

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12 Proven Strategies for Preventing and Curing Hangovers

From the pounding headache to the queasy stomach and dry mouth Ė hangovers aren't pretty. Being punished for having too much fun is most certainly unfair, but it comes with the territory if you're going to drink. Hangovers can strike anyone for any number of reasons. Most people experience hangovers after drinking to excess, while others can get one after only a couple drinks. Knowing how to prevent hangovers and heal them is key to having a good night and pain-free morning.

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