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10 Animals With Incredible Eyes

According to scientists, eyes evolved around 540 million years ago as simple light detecting organs. Today, vision is the most important sense for many animals, humans included, and they have became incredibly varied and complex. Take a look at some of the strangest and most incredible eyes in the animal kingdom.

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9 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft From Your Online Activities

If you have ever experienced identity theft yourself or even know someone who has, you know the experience can be a harrowing one. Criminals can open accounts in your name and impersonate you for a multitude of reasons – none of which are good. While thieves have been performing identity theft for a long-time offline the volume of personal information found online is astounding and these days a would-be identity thief only needs to log in from the comfort of his or her home to do their misdeeds. That leaves the burden upon you to protect your personal information while using the internet. The only perfect way to protect yourself online and prevent identity theft is to not use it at all, but since you are reading this, I will assume that you are pretty net savvy and spend a good deal of time online. Let’s go over some tips to protect and prevent identity theft online.

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10 Uses For Your Body After You Die

Like many Americans, you probably think you're pretty charitable. Perhaps you donate money to the needy or ill, give away your old clothes, volunteer at your child's school or participate in holiday gift drives in December. But you may be missing something. As you're charitable in life, you could also be charitable in death. This holiday season -- Halloween -- you could start thinking about a kind of ghoulish donation: your body. J. Nathan Bazzel has already made his plans. In 2001, he signed all the necessary documents to donate his body parts to the Mütter Museum, a part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. A friend of his worked there, and he knew that researchers from around the world came to look at its vast collection of body parts.

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7 Longest Roads in the World

Road trips are an iconic part of the American experience. Despite the ease and speed of air travel, seeing America by car is still the preferred means of travel for many. But some of the most iconic roadways in the world are actually located outside of the US, and many of them put the longest roads in America to shame. While some roads span states, many others span entire countries, as the following list will show.

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Top 10 Abused Prescription Drugs

Nowadays, more so than ever before, getting high doesn’t have to involve a trip to the projects to ask a sketchy man on the sidewalk for drugs. It can be as simple as opening up the medicine cabinet and eating two or three pills. With medicine being abused so rampantly, I believe it is beneficial for parents and friends alike to be aware of what prescription drugs can be abused, and just what these substances do to one’s body.

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10 Fatal Flaws of the Modern Day Office

As the economy changes and more Americans are starting to juggle multiple jobs and work from home, questions are being raised about the necessity and effectiveness of today's offices. Are we really even productive at work? Here we'll exam 10 fatal flaws of the modern-day office, and how working from home, or just revamping office culture by minimizing meetings and introducing things like recharge activities and no-talk afternoons, may help us all get more done.

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The 10 Best Latter-Day Atari 2600 Games

Nowadays we've become accustomed to the notion of relatively equal, competing video game consoles vying for gamer dollars. But back in the day, between approximately 1977 and 1983, the Atari VCS -- better known as the 2600, was the uncontested ruler of the video gaming universe. Its contemporaries, like the Intellivision or Colecovision, may have been technically superior in some ways -- but they couldn't match the 2600's popularity and selection of games.

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The 8 Best College Pranks Of All Time

Living in a dorm room can be an interesting and fun and smelly experience. While normal, focused dorm students spend their time studying, there’s a rarer breed of care-free students who devote countless hours to devising potentially legendary pranks. To those who are about to prank, we salute you.

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10 Popular Baby Names That Must Stop

In the quest to find the most "unique" baby names, American parents actually tend to become copycats, following the latest trends in the same way they follow fashion. Everyone wants to discover the latest must-have name that isn't too common, but at the same time, they don't want it to be too different. This explains why when the annual list of popular baby names is released, we're taken aback by the popularity of such odd choices. The baby names provided below are a few of the recently popular ones that make you long for the days when Ashley and Joseph were the favorites of suburban parents.

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10 Proven Benefits of Being Left-Handed

With only 7 to 10 percent of the population being left handed, lefties are a serious minority. While they’ve endured a serious amount of prejudice (the word for left in almost every language has a less than positive connotation) and even aggression over the years, today, many left handed people are proud of their unusual handedness. And why not? After all, they have to survive and thrive in a world designed for those who are right handed. The next time someone teases you about your left handedness, bring up one of these facts that show that being left handed just might be a genetic blessing after all, offering you bigger and better abilities that can help you do everything from get a degree to kick butt at video games.

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