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10 Awesome Dogs in Movies

Iíve said it on this website before and Iíll say it again. Iím really not a fan of cats. They portray this evil quality. I donít know what it is but I know I donít like it. Dogs on the other hand? I love dogs. They just seem so happy and fun. You can train them. You can play games with them. They truly are manís best friend. Itís no surprise that cinema realizes this as well. Itís not like youíre seeing many movies that have a cat as the main attraction is it? Didnít think so. Dogs have always been a cornerstone of some movie classics. While there have been tons of great movie dogs over the years, Iíve selected 10 of my favorites.

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Top 10 Interesting Uses of the Jolly Roger

In centuries gone by when the Jolly Roger was raised it usually spelled terror and often death. The term most likely derives from the French words ďjoli rougeĒ (pretty red), a French term referring to the bloody red banners flown by early privateers. This list looks at unique, or interesting, uses of the Jolly Roger flag or derivatives thereof.

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10 Celebs With Literary Tattoos

Tattoos often get a bad reputation in the Western world, as people covered in body art are branded as unpredictable rebels. Having visible tattoos may even jeopardize your chances of getting a job, but as these celebrities prove, not all tattoos are tacky or frivolous. They carry special meaning for the inked individual, and if you look closely, in between the image of a dagger or skull might be a line of text or a reference to classic literature.

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8 Truly Strange Christmas Customs

The holiday called Christmas is an amalgam of many winter holidays from around the world. The name is designated as a celebration of the birth of Jesus, although the date is not recorded in the Bible, and people at that time did not place particular important on birth dates. Scientists say the actual date was June 17th, 2BC because of the appearance of the star that beckoned the Magi. December 25th was set as the date for Christmas in the 4th century by Pope Julius I as an attempt to Christianize midwinter pagan holidays such as Solstice and Saturnalia. Customs such as bringing evergreens inside, eating fat-laden foods, and hanging lights are universal responses to the cold, dark winter season. Some of the stranger Christmas traditions are remnants of those older pagan holidays, and some have been changed over the centuries until their origins are hard to discern. Others were just made up to boost business.

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10 Celebrities You Didnít Know Were Adopted

Giving up your child for adoption can be a difficult decision to make, but it happens more often than you might think. For some it has taken decades to discover the shocking truth that the people who raised them are not their biological parents Ė and for one reason or another that their biological parents felt they could not raise them. Here are 10 celebrities who you might never have guessed were adopted Ė and who havenít been held back by adoption.

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10 Weirdest Celebrity Tech Ads

When it comes to technology advertising, there are two time-honored schools of thought. The first touts the many virtues of the featured product in an attempt to show that it's superior to competitors. The second makes an end run around reason, hires a celebrity, and has them do something ridiculous in the general vicinity of the product. From Mr. T playing nonexistent classes in World of Warcraft to Chuck Norris passing out, we've found the weirdest celebrity tech ads on the Web.

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15 Famous People With Personality Disorders

At the risk of sounding like the awful US Weekly segment devoted to showing how stars are just like us because they also buy gasoline and eat food (who knew?), famous people are, well, people. They're no better or worse than anyone else, and no less susceptible to things like personality disorders or emotional or mental instability. Unfortunately, problems like that tend to be pretty heavily stigmatized in Hollywood, which drives those who suffer from them to ignore or hide their problems, which only makes them worse. If there's anything to be gleaned from the collective stories of these famous people who've suffered from personality disorders -- some of whom are famous because of those disorders -- it's that it's never too late to get help, and it's always OK to be honest with people about what you're going through.

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18 Careers With Unbelievable Perks

When you're looking for a job, there's more to think about than just salary. Factors like working conditions and environment, opportunity for advancement, retirement benefits and even free swag should vie for a spot in your evaluation of a job opportunity. Below we've outlined 18 careers with awesome perks, and while there are certainly drawbacks to each occupation, these jobs do pay you back in ways you may not have considered.

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The 10 Most Essential Nerd Foods

Being a nerd requires discipline. Indeed, the level of devotion we have towards our various enthusiasms is arguably what defines Nerdhood. And anything not directly involved with said enthusiasms tends to fall by the wayside -- including nutrition. Now, this is not to suggest that we nerds don't enjoy a night at a gourmet restaurant or a nice home-cooked meal as much as the next person. But so much time, money, and effort goes toward nerdy fandoms and hobbies that we've become notorious for our reliance on cheap, quick, easily prepared, and convenient meals. Essentially, anything that takes us away from our computers, TVs, novels, comics, and games for the least amount of time -- and leaves us with the most money in our pockets to fuel our obsessions is highly regarded. A bag of popcorn by the computer, a bowl of chips on the gaming table (role-players all know a character sheet isn't a character sheet until it is defaced by numerous food stains). As well as the value placed various sweets to fuel late night chat sessions or 24-hour TV marathons.

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10 Most Technophobic Movies

"Technophobia" is a pretty easy word to break down: fear of technology, specifically of advanced computers or other devices and a belief that they will lead to humanity's ruin. Although a technophobe sounds like a neo-Luddite, it actually goes a lot deeper than that. What's more, technophobia pops up in movies far more often than you might think. The easy target when it comes to tech-based movies are those films that show an egregious misunderstanding of how the Internet works, or that show older generations struggling to get along in a digital age. But real technophobia deals with tech gone awry, taking over a person or city or world in order to execute its own lethal agenda. The films below are some of the most technophobic ever made, though some of the titles might surprise you. Next time you're at the movies, keep an eye out for the real villain.

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