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10 Most Anticipated Cars for 2011

We may not know art – but we know what we like – new 2011 models. Offerings from the major auto makers in 2011 look to be some of the most stylish (and technologically advanced) vehicles to come off a production line since Tucker introduced moving headlights and automatic wipers (or was that Greg Kinnear?). Regardless, modes of transit have come a long way: from automatic braking to panoramic rooftops. These are not your grandma’s Caddy’s. Take a look at what the Automopedia staff is excited about in 2011. Chime in and let us know what vehicles you want to test drive this year.

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15 Most Dangerous Places To Drive on Earth

We all hate being stuck in traffic and will go out of our way to find back roads to get back home after a long shift at work. Hazardous hairpins, winding roads on a cliff, falling rocks and the possibility of being buried in a sandstorm, maybe these are not the back roads you had in mind. By far these highways, byways, mountain passes and death-drop cliff hanger roads are the most dangerous routes ever built by man. Why did he built them? Why did the chicken cross the road… to get to the other side. Each year thrill seeking enthusiast trek each year to say they survived one of the mostly deadly paths known to man.

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50 Meals to Eat in 50 States Before the Apocalypse

Face it, we're all toast in this life, and since our days are numbered, we compiled a map of essential last suppers in each state. Which, if millions of fish carcasses washing ashore and multiple species of birds falling from the sky recently are any indication, may be sooner rather than later? (This map of mass animal deaths ought to let you know how close you are to the apocalypse.) Lucky for you, we're not much for conspiracy theories, so if we're not in any immediate danger (and depending on how savvy a diner you are) you might just be able to check a few of these off your list before you croak. These are the singled out destinations to check out all over the country... just in case.

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The 15 Most Hated Companies in America

There's no wrong way to hate a major corporation. If you're a customer, you can despise the product. If you're an employee, you can resent management. If you're a shareholder, you can skewer the strategy. If you're a taxpayer, you can loathe the bailout. And if you're an average Joe, you can hate on just about anything. But what are the most hated companies in America? Abhorrence is subjective, but we based our rancor rankings on six criteria: (1) employee opinions; (2) return to shareholders; (3) customer surveys; (4) brand valuation; (5) press coverage; and (6) public opinion.* These most hated companies are in no particular order.

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8 Ways to Restore Eyesight to the Blind

For centuries, the phrase "to bring eyesight to the blind" was shorthand for a miracle--something that couldn't be done. But times have changed. With new techniques involving stem cells, gene therapy, and tiny electronics, researchers are getting ready to perform that medical miracle. If you think about it, the lens in your eye is nothing more than a mini-telescope that lacks the ability to magnify images. So why not replace it with the real deal? That's a proposition that the optics company VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies wants sufferers of end-stage macular degeneration to consider. Macular degeneration gradually diminishes vision by damaging the macula, an oval-shaped yellow spot located in the center of the retina. That reduces people's ability to see anything directly in front of them. VisionCare's tiny implantable telescope (only 3.6 millimeters in diameter) replaces the patient's lens and squeezes as much performance as possible out of the few remaining healthy areas of the retina by focusing a wider angle of light and images onto the perimacular cells, rather than the central macula.

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40 Android Apps for the Serious Student

College can undoubtedly cause loads of stress, so you should take every measure possible to make life a little easier. Enter your Android phone. This little device is capable of a lot, including everything from calculating your GPA to finding and purchasing the cheapest available textbooks. So, do your homework, and find the best apps for school and college life. Here are 40 great ones to consider right off the bat — most are free, but if they aren’t, it’s indicated in the brief descriptions.

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10 Impressive Predictions for the Future of Your Car

The future of the automobile has limitless potential, so just thinking about it can elicit giddy anticipation. From remote controlled parking to intelligent accelerators, a new adaptation is in the works for almost every detail of your car. Most of the technologies listed below have already been created or are nearing completion, meaning they could become available in the near future. It won't be long before driving -- if you even have to drive -- becomes as low-maintenance, safe and easy as riding a bicycle.

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10 Most Incriminating Types of Evidence

Evidence is crucial for ruling out suspects, finding criminals and proving their guilt. Many criminals go to great lengths to cover up their crime and leave no feasible trace of evidence, but major advances in forensics and investigation practices have made it possible to dig up various types of evidence that are admissible in court and bring police closer to catching criminals.

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Top 20 Free Apps for Your New iPad

Fortune magazine reports that over 6 million iPad apps were bought over this past Christmas season. If you were among the lucky ones to get the world’s most popular computing tablet, you no doubt will want to start filling it up with very useful free apps. I posted a list of the top 10 apps for the iPad when the iPad debuted back in April, but since then several other top free apps have been developed or optimized for the iPad. Some of these apps have already been reviewed on MUO, but we’re including them again for new MUO readers and iPad owners.

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Busting 10 Top Myths About Technology

For as long as I can remember, whenever I've needed to reboot my computer, I've always shut it down, counted off 15 seconds, and then started it back up. Why? Because at some point in the distant past, someone somewhere told me that to avoid damaging them, computers need a minimum of 15 seconds of downtime whenever they're rebooted. Whether or not that was true, I've followed the advice ever since, and I can't tell you how many times I've powered down, counted off "one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand..." for 15 seconds and then powered back up. Not long ago, I started thinking about that habit. Why did I do that? Even if it had once been a necessity, was it still? Or was that 15-second "rule" nothing more than a myth. And that, in turn, got me thinking about what other great myths about technology are floating around our geared-up world?

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