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10 Christmas Movies for People Who Usually Hate Christmas Movies

Scrooges get a bad rap. It's not that they don't like Christmas; it's that they don't enjoy the cheesy, fake sentimentality that seems to come with it, a sentimentality that's nowhere stronger than it is in the Christmas movies that pop up every year. But if you usually hate Christmas movies — or even if you just don't like them that much — you should check out the ones below. They're holiday-themed and far more entertaining than the usual fare, and if they're sentimental in places, they come by it honestly. Next time your friends and family want to watch some seasonal flicks, slip these into the pile.

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Top 10 Christmas Villains

Without conflict there is no drama and without Christmas villains there wouldn’t be dozens of holiday themed television specials and motion pictures. Christmas villains come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Most of them start out as not get the meaning of it all, but through a set of circumstances they repent and end up wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Then there are those villains who show up at Christmas with no intention of changing. So let’s raise a glass of eggnog to the Top Ten Christmas Villains. If not for them, we wouldn’t have any Christmas stories to tell.

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7 Decked-Out Christmas Houses

There's always one house on the block that goes Christmas-lights crazy—and as over-the-top as some of the displays can be, others are hands-down spectacular. Not only that, but many homeowners decorate in order to collect money for a local charity. Check out some of the most joyous decorative feats below. Situated along the canals of Venice, California, this dynamite display spans two houses (located next to each other) as well as a pedestrian bridge. Photographer Lisa Miyake captured this gorgeous scene and its reflection in the water perfectly.

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Top 10 Most Unusual Christmas Trees

The wonderful decorated and lighted Christmas tree has become an iconic symbol of the Christmas spirit all over the world. There are so many legends concerning the origins of decorating the evergreen tree. One of these legends recounts how Martin Luther was struck by the beauty of some small evergreens while walking through a snow-covered forest. Dusted with snow, the entire landscape was sparkling in the moonlight like an endless ocean twinkling. Martin Luther was so impressed and inspired by the breathtaking scene, that he cut down a fir-tree, brought it home and decorated its branches with lighted candles. That’s why it is believed that the founder of the Lutheran Church was the first to light a Christmas tree. A traditional Christmas tree is ideal if you have small children, but if traditional Christmas trees are not really your thing, check out these Top 10 most unusual and creative Christmas ‘trees'.

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7 Deadliest Bacteria on Earth

Bacteria are the pathogens that cause deadly illness and disease in their human hosts. Millions of people every year die because of these tiny living beings that multiply in our system and take advantage of any weaknesses they find. Defining "deadly bacteria" is difficult because there are many factors, including do you look at what has killed the most in history, or the bacteria that is fatal without treatment but made innocuous with treatment? That said, here are some amazing photographs of deadly bacteria in our world.

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Top 13 Crimes Committed By Guys in Santa Suits

'Tis the season to be jolly, greedy, lecherous and absolutely, undeniably unfit to set foot in public. So, in honor of the holiday season, here are thirteen crimes committed by guys in Santa suits; from bank robberies to mall flashers to child molesters. Merry Christmas.

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10 Biblical Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong

I love religious lists – especially those involving facts or debunkings. In memory of the very popular list on factlets people get wrong I have put this one together inspired by the same excellent source. Be sure to add your own factlets to the comments, and when you are done, check out the Top 10 Misconceptions About the Bible. This list also features a competition, so be sure to check out the bonus item.

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Top 10 Funny Santa Claus Videos

Looking to land that perfect Santa Claus gig this holiday season? Here are 10 funny ways to promote your Santa skills!

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The 10 Best Sitcom Christmas Episodes of the Past 30 Years

Do you like to fa-la-la-la-laugh this time of year? Of course you do! If for no other reason than to stop yourself from crying about the debt and disappointment that the season inevitably brings. TV executives realize that more than Christmas, right this very minute what we really need is laughter. As such, episodes of your favorite sitcoms have become a holiday staple throughout the decades. But for every inventive Yuletide installment of your favorite shows there are seemingly hundreds of cliché-ridden sitcom retreads of A Christmas Carol broadcast each December (as you'll soon learn, even some of these can have their charms). So here's an early Topless Robot holiday present, a look at the 10 best sitcom Christmas episodes from the past 30 years. You can easily find most of these available online for viewing, so read away and then spend some time visiting TV friends old and new. It won't make it be January get here any quicker, but it might dull the pain for awhile.

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10 Historically Bad Christmases

Most people think of Christmas as a joyous day. Whether as a time for celebrating the birth of their savior or as an excuse to get together with loved ones for good food and drink, Christmas is generally a day to look forward to. But not everyone’s Christmas turns out so well. Before you complain about the uncle who always gets drunk or your slutty cousin, consider these Christmases and how bad they were.

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