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Top 10 Most Dangerous Terrorist Threats

Democratic societies offer freedoms and liberties that are sometimes taken for granted. Citizens are able to speak their minds without fears of repercussions, have relatively open access to information, and go about their daily businesses without an invasion of privacy. However these freedoms come at a price; namely that nefarious individuals acting within these democracies can prey on the system’s vulnerabilities. Democratic societies are becoming increasingly complex machines with many intricate moving parts. These same machines can be brought to a standstill if someone throws a monkey wrench into its exposed structure. This list by no means is an attempt to support acts of terror, or to give a knock against democracy. Its purpose is to explore the most pressing terrorists threats democracies face, and perhaps engage in a discussion on where the line stands between freedom and security.

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The 9 Most Amazing Back to the Future Items Up for Auction

Back to the Future is 25 years old? Whoa, now that's heavy. Arguably the greatest comedy of the 1980s, it made Michael J. Fox a superstar and spawned two sequels that were also huge box office successes. The film's 25th anniversary has been celebrated with cast reunions, a brief theatrical reissue, the announcement of an action figure line and video game, and, best of all, an upcoming auction that will give fans the opportunity to own incredibly rare props and merchandise from the entire trilogy. On November 6th, Profiles in History will be offering a number of BTTF items as part of their Hollywood Memorabilia Auction 42. The money raised will benefit in part Michael J. Fox Foundation and Team Fox charities for Parkinson's Disease research.

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12 More Water Vehicles to Float Your Boat

First there was the guitar boat, the wooden Ferrari boat and the ‘spider that ate San Francisco’. Now come 12 even cooler and crazier watercraft designs and concepts from super-high-tech water-cleaning ‘whales’ to the lowest of the low tech – duct tape and pumpkins. Perhaps not all of these awesome boat, hydrofoil and jet ski designs hold water, but they’re definitely interesting eye candy.

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The Top 7 Unintentionally Homoerotic Action Movies

Let's face it, there are about two substantial reason why men love to go see action and buddy films. We like watching dudes bust each others balls, and we like to watch things get blowed up real good. That's about the extent of it. However, sometimes we get more than we bargained for, and suddenly we're watching two highly trained fighter pilots squaring off against each wearing nothing but towels in a locker room filled with big, sweaty men. And for the most part, we have to assume that the sudden sexual tension is not quite what the director was going for.

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15 Impressive Green and Recycled Homes

We are living in a time when being eco friendly is not an option anymore, but an attitude and a behaviour that one must have. Caring about the environment is nowadays a must if we care about our destiny not just as individual human beings, but as a society and a civilization as well. Now mix that eco friendly behaviour with a bit of creativity and courage and what will you get? Some of the most impressive structures ever built to serve as homes.

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9 Notable Tech Flops That Live in Infamy

Not every gadget is destined for greatness. Despite the hype before launch, or the promise of how a shiny new device will change your life, there are some gizmos that just don’t cut it. We’ve taken a look back at nine failed tech “innovations” that flopped fantastically in their time — in fact, one didn’t even make it to launch. Have a look through our gallery, complete with archived video footage of each device, and let us know if you used any of these gadgets and why you think they scored a big, fat “F.”

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Top 10 Reasons To Get Married

On first glance, it seems like married men might be a dying breed. According to Time magazine, more and more American men are deciding that the whole thing just isn't for them. Commercials, movies and sitcoms frequently represent married men as bumbling screw-ups, suffering under the judgmental eye of their all-knowing wives. Every day, married guys are told that they've given up their freedom or that they've been emasculated. But you know what? Married men don't mind all the ribbing. They can take the jokes from the media, and from all of their immature, misogynistic friends. They can handle it all because, in truth, they know they have it way better than the single guys do. You may think that marriage is for suckers, but we’re here to give your head a shake. In fact, we’ll bet that most of you, if interrogated privately away from your binge-drinking bachelor buddies, wouldn't hesitate to admit that deep down you hope to get married someday. And that's a good thing, because being married is ultimately way better than being single.

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Top 10 Dance Crazes

How does a dance craze happen? It always begins with the music, of course. The tune sticks with you long after the song is over; the sort of tune that makes it almost impossible to sit still. Pare a catchy tune with choreography so simple that a preschooler could follow it, and you’ve got a dance craze. Whether you love them or love to hate them, dance history wouldn’t be the same without them.

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10 Exercise Products Fitness Experts Don't Recommend

With claims that you can get in shape in just six minutes a day (as advertisement for the Shake Weight states) or tone your abs even while watching TV (the Flex Belt), it's no surprise that the U.S. exercise equipment industry is a $4 billion business. But too often, marketing is triumphing over biology. It takes work, sweat and time to shed those pesky pounds and tone those muscles. We asked certified fitness trainers and gym owners what they would never use with their clients. Here are the top 10 pieces of equipment they say they wouldn't waste money on.

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10 Most Brutal Execution Methods of Ancient Civilization

Hold your breath. You are about to witness some very severe historical penalties. Though our ancient cultures were said to be very civilized, there is evidence of their having used a wide variety of hideous torture methods throughout history to end the lives of criminals and traitors.

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