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10 Incredible Castles Around the World

Everyone knows about the Palace of Versailles in France, the Tower of London in England and the Forbidden City in China—and for good reason. These famous estates are awe-inspiring works of architectural mastery, not to mention historical goldmines. Although these sites are some of the most famous, they’re not the only destinations deserving recognition, which is why we decided to look past the tried-and-true and seek out other amazing structures. From Dracula's Castle in Romania to the Hearst Castle in California, here are 10 palatial spaces that are sure to inspire.

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Top 10 Stupid-Hot Dumb Chicks

Just because a woman’s famous for her looks doesn’t automatically make her an idiot. But these 10 lovely ladies sure make that a difficult argument to back-up. Throughout their careers, these hot-bodied babes have been proving that you can be successful without having to have a fully functioning frontal lobe. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still want to see them naked!

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Top 10 Otherwise Promising Movies Ruined by CGI

Ask anyone older than a fetus’s age, they’ll tell you that film isn’t what it used to be (like most things in life and especially when it comes to the entertainment industry). Film used to be an artform in which filmmakers always took the long route in having their cinematic brainchild become a direct manifestation of their creative cerebral stirrings. Any compromises or attempts to tamper with their precious babies used to be treated as blasphemy or at least was met with violent opposition. Unfortunately, that was the status quo of yesteryear; nowadays the corporate-types pull all the reigns while the creative department sits snuggly and silently within the pockets of their double breasted suit jackets. Risks are no longer taken as such might result in a single dollar being lost at controversy’s expense. To find true art, you have to look under the heaviest and most obscure rocks in the forest, where independent filmmakers and nascent film students reside who haven’t yet had their quixotic hearts tainted by cupidity. Raw talent seems to only prevail in places like Sundance, as does DIY filmmaking; unfortunately, the loudest voice, i.e. Hollywood, knows only the easy way out and shortest path to a profit, the most commonly used shortcut sweeping the cinemas being the dreaded CGI.

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13 Celebrities That Have A Mental Illness

I know people joke all the time about celebrities being insane and batshit crazy, but there are some celebrities who have genuine mental illnesses, PopCrunch have come up with a list of 13 celebrities that you may or may not know that have one.

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5 Awkward Hollywood Cash-Grabs for the Urban Market

Following extensive market research and several colorful PowerPoint presentations, it appears that the money in African Americans’ wallets is of equal value to the money in Caucasian people’s wallets. Science! With that in mind, Hollywood execs have done their best to get that green and thus obtain even more yachts, blow and high-priced hookers. However, this tinsel town venture goes far beyond whatever it is Tyler Perry is famous for. We here at Weirdworm have managed to compile an interesting list of awkward and often not so subtle Hollywood attempts to appeal to the “urban market”.

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Top 12 Hottest Famous Girls Caught Shoplifting

In honor of Black Friday, here are the twelve hottest celebrities that we all wish we could give the five-finger discount to. Here are the twelve hottest famous women who were caught shoplifting, even though they're insanely, filthy hot (and rich.)

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2 Websites With The Coolest Free Web Page Templates

Are you a web designer? Do you have a need or urge to design your own website? Nowadays it is easier then ever with the plethora of FREE web page templates available to be downloaded, modified and uploaded to your own site! People would have loved these types of sites 10 years ago! Some of them even have Flash templates also for free. We will take a look at 3 of the best sites for downloading and finding free web templates. We will run through what they offer, the quality of the templates and how easy they are to modify! The first site we will cover is Free Website Templates which you can get to from here. When you arrive at the site you will see some pretty nice free web page templates on the homepage including the template of the day. You will see links to download the templates as a zip file or to preview a mock up website using the template you are looking at. Hit preview and experience the template before downloading it.

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8 Ways to Ensure Human Survival

Recently, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking announced that if humans didn’t want to face extinction, our only option is to abandon planet Earth. In addition to the threats most species face, we humans also have the capability to destroy ourselves and/or our planet with thermonuclear weapons. Nuclear devastation tops a long list of ways for us to go out, including asteroid impacts, solar storms, disease outbreaks, etc. Here’s a fun fact: Over 99% of all species that have ever existed on our planet have gone extinct. Still, assuming Earth someday becomes inhospitable due to some catastrophe, here are 8 ways for us to avoid extinction.

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13 Fads That Have Got To Go

Know what's grating? Grown adults calling everything awesome. "Dad survived a heart attack." "Awesome!" "Dad cut his toenails." "Awesome!" When did this word come to dominate the English language alongside such stalwarts as and, the, but, and Kardashian? Of course, sharing pet peeves is more fun than keeping them to ourselves. So to that end, we've assembled a roster of fellow curmudgeons to drive a stake through the heart of our more loathsome fads. They're awesome—just not in a good way.

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10 Tips for Instant and Natural Energy

Our energy supply is directly affected by the availability of nutrients and oxygen levels within the body. By supplying your body with natural energy boosters, you can easily replenish lost energy reserves. So the next time you're in a post lunch, mid afternoon slump, try these 10 Tips For Instant and Natural Energy.

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11 Pieces Of Evidence That Shakespeare Was Gay

If there's one thing that everyone in the world has in common, it's an unfortunate and often shamefully hidden love of trying to figure out whether or not famous people are gay. Google any famous name plus the word gay and you'll find that someone's beaten you to the speculative punch. William Shakespeare gets a particular amount of attention in the gay/straight arena. People have been dissecting Shakespeare's work and life for decades trying to figure out if he secretly had a thing for the fellas. And the resounding answer is... maybe. I ended up wandering deep into this rabbit hole (no immature pun intended) and dug up these 11 pieces of evidence that are presented in "oh yeah, Shakespeare was gay" debate.

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