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Incarcer-Vacations: 11 Prisons-Turned-Hotels

Anyone with even a slight appreciation of irony would enjoy knowing that hellish prisons around the world, closed down because of overcrowding and human-rights abuse, have reopened as posh hotels and kitschy hostels. Although it does merit a good chuckle, if you think about it the conversions totally make sense. Constructed as grand buildings intended to house lots of people, jails can easily be turned into hotels once the inmates leave and a construction crew makes a few necessary upgrades (Private bathrooms? Yes please!). It’s a wonderful way to preserve classic architecture in a city and honestly, who doesn’t love a well themed hotel bar.

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15 Most Expensive Vintage Toys Ever Sold On Ebay

When we’re kids we spend our allowance on a toy and then beat it until it falls apart at the seams. When we’re “adults” we buy the same toys for 100X more and never open the box. This article is an ode to our bizarre relationship with toys.

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15 Amazing Structures That Were Built To Last

There are now almost 7 billion people living on Earth. By 2050, UN estimates that the worldwide population will grow to 9 billion people. This means that more structures need to be built for shelter, to entertain and provide culture. Will this be a test against time – to build as much as possible in the shortest period of time or will it be a creative competition to construct inspiring buildings that will stand the test of time? Here are 15 of the oldest buildings that were built by our predecessors, appreciated by us and to be cherished by our successors.

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Top 10 Signs She's Faking It, Starring Whiteboard Girl

When images of an attractive girl named Jenny quitting her job and exposing her sexist boss on a whiteboard went viral this week, the internet had its newest cult hero, and we found our newest crush. Embattled workers everywhere rallied around the young cyber-revolutionary, whose proclamations of her boss’ bad breath and addiction to Farmville were mini-rallying cries for abused pencil pushers everywhere. So, when it was revealed that the photos were in fact an elaborate hoax perpetrated by our friends at The Chive and a fledgling actress named Elyse Porterfield, we couldn’t help but feel duped (and impressed). If this young ingenue can fool us with such ease, how easy is it for the women in our lives to fool us too? And what if it happens in the (gulp) bedroom?

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15 Biggest Pop Culture Flops

Over the past few years there have been some big pop culture flops so to celebrate the turkey season, Wonder Wall have come up with a list of the biggest turkeys in recent memory. Here are the dismal effects of the 10 p.m. “The Jay Leno Show” and NBC’s subsequent flip-flopping: five wasted hours of primetime TV weekly; destroyed ratings for local NBC newscasts; made Jay Leno look like a selfish jerk; made NBC look like bumbling fools; NBC lost Conan O’Brien. Sure, there’s more, but we think that’s enough to suffice for turkeydom.

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10 Holiday Movies That Make Your Family Seem Normal

Three things are certain in this life: death, taxes, and holiday stress. November and December bring with them annual obligations and visits to extended family that always wind up making everyone uncomfortable (at best) or depressed (at worst). The only comfort to be taken in the holiday season is that fake families are even more messed up than yours. The movies below draw from Thanksgiving and Christmas stories — each holiday comes with its own special awkwardness — and are guaranteed to make you appreciate how normal your family really is after you see how unhappy, socially inept, or just plain crazy these cinematic families can be. So whether you're a beleaguered patriarch or college student home for the holidays, take heart: it could be worse.

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Top 10 Sell-Out Songs

So what if your favorite band's songs are featured in car commercials? Who cares if they hold the distinction of having the biggest selling digital album in history? That's not a bad thing, right? Well, for many people, it is. I don't know when "selling out" became such a big issue for fans of popular music, but it most definitely is. It often seems you can't have even a hint of commercial success lest you be labeled as a sell out. However, what defines a sell out can often become muddled. A sell out is commonly defined as someone who sacrifices their integrity, morality or principles in exchange for money or success. While some artists sell out and consequently achieve a new level of success while maintaining their original fans, others do so to much different results. I present to you ten artists who sold out -- as well as the exact moment, in song form, at which it happened.

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10 Google Chrome Extensions for a Faster Browser

Already known for its impressive speed, Google Chrome can work even faster to give you a better online experience through the use of optional extensions. This means that rather than changing browsers every time a new one makes new speed claims, you can stay with Chrome, knowing that you already have the speed you need.

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20 Things You Learned at School That Are Just Plain Wrong

Seems many of the things we take for granted as common knowledge just aren’t true, and that many of these so-called facts were taught us at school. Here are 20 misconceptions about the world.

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The Top 5 Dumbest And Most Pointless Beefs In Music History

MC Hammer recently decided the best way to rekindle his once massive flame was to start a beef with Jay-Z in the way of diss track called "Better Run Run," boasting lines like, 'That boy tried to steal my swag/His finger prints all over the bag." While it might have sounded good on paper -- start beef with Jay-Z, video goes viral, Hammer is back on top -- the gesture has kind of backfired. Jay-Z didn't have much of a response to the whole thing, other than saying that he had no plans to respond with a diss track of his own. Too bad. It would have all been like David and Goliath -- well, if David had once worn parachute pants and rapped to kids, that is. Click through for a list of five other monumentally stupid beefs.

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