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4 Movies That Were Banned for Ridiculous Reasons

There are a lot of movies that we can fully understand might be banned for various reasons. Maybe there’s too much graphic violence, sex, gratuitous use of Mickey Rourke’s face or some combination of all three. After all, with movies like Cannibal Holocaust out there, it’s no wonder that there are films that people will simply refuse to show in certain parts of the world. Heck, we can even understand why movies like Monty Python’s Life of Brian and South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut were banned at one time or another, since the content was extremely cutting edge and risqué as opposed to what people were used to. But then you have movies that you would never, ever guess have been banned, the only thing weirder is the reasons given for the gag order.

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Top 12 Most Invasive TSA Sexual Harassment Cases So Far

This holiday season, anyone who lives in the United States is likely to encounter someone going through what is being popularly called "Gate Rape", or a hands-on TSA search that involves touching of the hair, chest and genitals to make sure there are no bombs present. There are plenty of horror stories, but just to show the gravity of the situation, here are twelve horrifying stories of people being touched, held or controlled against their will while their body is touched from head to toe by government workers.

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Top 10 Unusual Bars

The history of public drinking houses and bartending dates back to ancient times. Public drinking houses, as they were called in those times, served as meeting places for both common and upper class people, they were gathering places for families and friends. Nowadays, there is a bar or pub for every taste and mood. For those looking for the odd, the bizarre and the outrageous of the international bar scene, there are many interesting establishments to choose from. The following unusual bars have gained international fame, attracting hundreds, even thousands of foreign visitors every year. Have you been to one of these bars? Tell us about the most interesting bar you have ever visited.

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15 Ways to Raise a Happy and Healthy Dog for Less

These irresistible, hand-lettered signs decorate lamp posts and bulletin boards across America. But even a free dog can become expensive after you've paid for shots, dog food, veterinary care, dog grooming and all the rest. If such signs were honest, they'd read "Free puppy for sale, after you've paid for all the extras." Still, who can resist such fuzzy little bundles of joy. There's a reason dogs are known as "man's best friend." That lifelong friendship is worth every penny: I just don't think you need spend every last penny to make sure your new puppy is healthy and happy. Read on for 15 lessons I've learned while raising my dogs that are the pride of their mother's eye.

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15 Movies With Huge and Horrific Death Counts

POW POW POW!!! Everyone loves a good action movie. The more bone-crushing fight scenes, the better. Whether we’re rooting for the good guy, the bad guy, or just hoping each scene will be bloodier and more bad-ass than the last, thrilling action films are something easy to become obsessed with. Just in time for Halloween, here are 15 movies with huge, gruesome death counts.

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5 times we almost nuked ourselves by accident

We spent the Cold War in perpetual fear that the U.S. and U.S.S.R. would start an intentional nuclear conflict. The truth is, we came far closer to blowing ourselves up with nuclear weapons than we ever came to WWIII. Nuclear incidents have a bunch of ominous military code names, like Broken Arrow, Faded Giant or NUCFLASH. There are actually dozens of instances like these, but here are five major ones that happened in the U.S. If we were to consider Soviet activity, the list could go on for hours. The Russians either lost a nuclear sub, lost a sub with nuclear weapons on board, had a nuclear sub's reactor melt down, or all three roughly every other week. Kompetentnyh? Nyet.

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5 Great Ways To Donate Your Old Computer

I must admit, I have an old iMac G3 computer that has been sitting unused in my son’s bedroom for about five years. Though he’s tinkered with it a few times, I have not once considered finding a new home for it. What would you do with old computers? Tina wrote about some cool uses for old computers and laptops. Tim Lenahan showed you 3 things you can do with old monitors. If you’re like me and you have an old desktop or laptop computer in your garage, or one that is taking up space like an antique clock in your office, you should consider donating that old computer to one of the recycling programs describe below.

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10 Secrets to Live to 100

In the year 2000, the United Nations estimated that there were more than 180,000 people over the age of 100 throughout the world, a figure that will jump to 3.2 million by the year 2050. Centenarians make up the fastest-growing section of the population in developed countries. In Australia, for example, nearly 3,000 people were over the age of 100 in 2009 and this number is predicted to explode to 78,000 by 2055. If you are a 55-year-old Australian reading this today, you have a 10 percent chance of living to 101 if you're a man and of reaching 103 if you're a woman. For babies born today the odds are even better - 18.1 percent for boys and 23.5 percent for girls. So, what's the secret?

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Top 10 Fake Musical Groups That Actually Sold Records

Some musicians get discovered singing in a coffee shop. Some are related to celebrities who help them along. Others still brave national embarrassment on American Idol for the chance to get noticed. How about those who only “pretend” to be musicians and actually sell records? Better yet, how about a parody of a band that is taken seriously – as in Australia’s emo-satire band Forlorn Gaze? Here’s a list of 10 musicians that set out to play the part and did it so well, they became the part.

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