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The 15 Ugliest Red Heads Who Became Celebrities

After a court-mandated sabbatical and a live comedy tour/concert -- which was rather unspectacular -- Conan O'Brien is finally back doing what he does best: being a goofy bastard with the most maniacal hair late-night television has ever seen. It's hard to believe that a talent like O'Brien hasn't found a home on a major network but it's also hard to believe that a mercenary hasn't rid the world of Jimmy Fallon, so I guess anything is unfortunately possible. But, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise for both Conan and his new network, TBS. Ever since watching the George Lopez Show overtook dentistry as the highest cause of suicide in the country, Ted Turner's station has been under fire. So what better way to fight that fire than with a head full of it?

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The 10 Movies With Forgotten Sequels

Sequels are one of the facts of life in Hollywood, just like gay actors pretending to be straight, executives ruining everything, and Michael Bay being a hugely successful director despite being a hack. If a movie is even remotely successful, they’ll put out a direct sequel. Or if they can’t get the original actors back, they’ll put out, say, a “spiritual sequel”. Either way, a movie is likely going to have a part two, even if that’s absolutely pointless. Here are ten movies you won’t believe they’ve turned into franchises.

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The 30 Hottest Women of Native American Descent

In honor of the Thanksgiving season, and the original inhabitants of this great country, here are the 30 hottest women of all ages and sizes who are of some Native American descent. We couldn't find their spirit animals on Wikipedia, but we're assuming they're foxes, minxes and possibly, just possibly, the double-breasted hot chick.

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The Top 12 First-Person Shooters That Changed the Game

At midnight tonight, "Call of Duty: Black Ops" went on sale at stores nationwide, and not a moment too soon. Yesterday, two guys armed with semiautomatic weapons robbed a Baltimore-area GameStop to rob 100 copies of the game. The hype has been building for weeks. I saw a pretty rad commercial with Kobe and all these celebrities rocking grenade launchers. I didn't really get it, but I'm sure most of America chuckled and slugged back their Bud-Diesels. Then the other day I overheard a 40-year-old guy at the gym say he hired a babysitter so he could go get the game at midnight. Pretty sure that daughter is going to have some epic daddy issues. There's nothing like a first-person shooter to unleash some rage. Third-person ones can get dizzy and they're almost too detached (yes, people who think video games encourage violence will use that quote of context). But is it such a problem to want to toss a frag grenade into a terrorist camp? Absolutely not and you should probably blast some Toby Keith while you do it.

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10 Actors Who Made Terrible Musicians

There must be a temptation for famous actors to believe their own press and start to think they really can be successful at anything as long as they put their mind to it. This mix of gumption and delusion has led to some truly awful artistic endeavors, though, especially when it comes to screen actors trying their hand at making music. Sure, some are able to make the jump: Zooey Deschanel’s band She & Him is proof that it’s possible to be talented in multiple arts. Unfortunately, the majority of actors who try their hand at music wind up embarrassing themselves. Let this list serve as a warning to all stars: be grateful for what you have. Don’t push your luck.

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Top 10 Spyware BlockersCategory: Spyware

A good spyware blocker program protects you from online marketers who want to know where you go online; identity thieves who want to steal your usernames, passwords, and sensitive personal information; and hackers who want to seize control of your computer and Internet connection to distribute spam and more spyware. Which spyware blocker is best for you?

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10 Riskiest Places to Give Your Social Security Number

McAfee, the antivirus software company, recently released a list of the most dangerous places to give your Social Security number. Many of the places on the list might surprise you.

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9 Movies that Killed Real-Life Romances

Keith Richards' new memoir tells a harrowing story about what happened when his girlfriend, Anita Pallenberg, and his bandmate, Mick Jagger, made a movie together; the resulting affair destroyed the relationship and almost the band. For every Bogart and Bacall, Newman and Woodward, or DeVito and Perlman, there's another on-set hook-up that was more trouble than it was worth. There are lots of proven ways that working on a movie can be detrimental to your relationship, and vice-versa.

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7 Search Engines Google Obliterated

It isn’t that long ago that the web was virtually littered with search engines. Search, the technologies powering it and algorithmic near-pure science enabling it formed a hot, swirling ecosystem of fast innovation, incremental changes – and healthy competition. Today you don’t use a search engine – you google (verb, ) it. Google is search. And it’s fast becoming the only search in town as Google’s competitors one by one crumble away, crushed by Google’s exponentially growing techno-power. If you’re new to the web this will read like a “when I was young…” while if you’ve been on the web for more than a couple of years it will be near amazing how fast we went from variation to monopoly monotony.

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The 26 Worst Ways To Die In Space

Space is a homicidal maniac. Remember what Dr. McCoy said: It's "disease and danger, wrapped in darkness and silence." A place full of many ways to kill a man, a ship, a Vulcan and a planet. We look at 26 of space's more memorable homicides in movies. Our criteria for finding some quality space deaths centered on space -- its planets, asteroids and/or Space Madness!! -- being the murder weapons. (And yeah, we let a few asteroid kills on Earth slide because, technically, Earth is in space. Also, because blockbuster asteroid derby is fun to watch.) Our criteria also centered on humanoids venturing into space and finding trouble from the cockpit of their spacecraft, as a result of practically daring something made out of zero-oxygen and black not to eff with them.

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