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Top 10 Worst Video Game Movies

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is the game (oh, really?), of the sleeper hit movie, of the comic book of the same name. It’s also a colourful homage to the late, great side-scrolling 2-D beat-'em-ups of the 16-bit '90s, where your pugilistic momentum hinged entirely on the glorious thrashing of buttons; a rare offering of simple, half-decent thrills from the regularly half-bottomed mill of movie-to-game conversions. Avatar: The Game, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (the game), Terminator Salvation (the game, yes): All awful, terrible things, but rotund men in suits know lots of you will buy these video games on account of having enjoyed the films, so you know, effort? Whatever. The reality of the reverse, however (that being when a game becomes a movie), is a much, much uglier place. While there have been some unexpected (yet still debatable) gems in the form of Resident Evil, Silent Hill and even glaringly inaccurate 1993 genre-first Super Mario Bros., more often than not, the end result is tragically funny, for all the so-wrong-they’re-still-quite-wrong reasons.

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17 Amazing Bodypaint Superhero Costumes

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a -- what the heck is that? Oh. Ohhhhh. Superhero costumes in comic books are often drawn as so impossibly tight and form-fitting that they basically look painted on. These 17 daring people have brought that concept into the real world by "wearing" superhero costumes made of nothing but bodypaint (and the occasional strategically placed bit of clothing). Wonder Woman and Superman/Supergirl seem to be the outfits of choice for bodypainters ... and we're okay with that.

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5 Ways To Cover Up A Hangover At Work

Everyone wants to live the life of a celebrity. Unfortunately, we can’t always get away with the things celebs get away with like; drinking our face off and still being allowed to show up for work. Well, we can drink our face off but show up the next day three sheets to the wind and you’ll probably get canned. Here are five suggestions to keep your job until the 5 p.m. whistle blows. They will in no way help to stop the hammers cracking your eyes on the inside of your skulls. Try four Advil and flat soda.

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8 Things Not All Women Care About That You Think They Do

There are a lot of opinions out there about what women find most important. But some of them are a disservice to womankind. Here are eight things that not all women care about (even though you may think they do).

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The Flintstones 50th Anniversary: Celebrate With 8 Fun Facts

Today marks the 50th anniversary of 'The Flintstones' (that's why you may have seen them on the Google Doodle). The Hanna-Barbera classic premiered on Sept. 30, 1960 at 8:30 in the evening on ABC and became a hit that lasted six seasons and spawned numerous spin-offs and television specials. Tonight, Boomerang will celebrate this high-water mark by airing the show's first episode at the same time ABC aired the premiere. While you wait for that moment, here are 8 fun facts that may make you put down your brontosaurus burger.

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Top 10 Misconceptions about Photography and the Law

Carolyn Wright is an avid photographer, attorney and author of, a rich resource Web site that covers a wide range of issues and topics of interest to photographers. In her 18 years’ work as an attorney she has worked on hundreds of cases—most of which have been resolved without formal litigation. The most common matter she handles is the unauthorized use of her clients’ photographs. “Photographers have many misconceptions about copyright laws and intellectual property rights based on conversations they have had with colleagues and/or inaccurate information obtained from the Internet. My Top 10 List came about as a way to combat the spread of this misinformation,” Wright shares, whose areas of practice deal with intellectual property, including copyright and trademark law, rights of privacy and publicity, and contracts and licensing. “Unfortunately, the services of an attorney are sometimes required to enforce ownership rights, but a photographer should do all that is possible in advance of engaging legal counsel,” she notes. “One of the most important things is to register the copyright to all of his or her images that have been distributed to others (especially those on the Internet) with the U.S. Copyright Office. A second task for photographers seeking to make money with their photography is to really learn how to run and proactively manage a business.”

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10 iPhone Apps for Wine Enthusiasts

You don’t have to be a wine aficionado and toss around words like “bouquet,” “tannin” and “terroir” to appreciate a fine glass of grape. But as with everything, a little knowledge can go a long way. Getting to know wine is an ongoing and pleasure-filled process that begs for a curious palate and a lot of welcomed experimentation. If that isn’t enough motivation, consider the health benefits that moderate wine drinking offers. Numerous studies have shown that antioxidants known as flavonoids found in red wine reduce the risk of heart disease, improve cardiovascular health, produce good cholesterol, reduce inflammation and even prevent cancer. Well, in that case, pour me another glass! Regardless of whether you’re a wine snob and refuse to drink from a bottle with a screw cap, or could care less and happily swig from a box, the following 10 apps will help you better understand this refined libation.

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Top 10 Valuable Video Games

Most old video games aren’t worth much money; you can buy yourself a pretty decent collection of games from the 80s with a few bucks and a trip to the flea market. But there are a select few games that are so rare, collectors are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the chance to put them in a display case and never play them. So keep an eye out the next time you clean up your basement, because you might just strike gold.

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Top 10 Intense Three-Way Rivalries

This list is a response to the list entitled Top Ten Ultimate Rivalries published in The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists. The premise is simple: to count down ten great rivalries that include not just two, but exactly three diametrically opposed sides from categories ranging from history and sports to beauty and business. So with that, we might as well say it right now: Let’s get our three-way on.

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15 Awesome and Useful Safari Extensions

Apple released Safari 5 in June, introducing official support for browser extensions. This move now means that developers have the ability to build add-ons to enhance the overall browsing experience on Safari. Apple launched its own official Safari Extensions gallery at the end of July, showcasing some of the best developer submissions. The gallery is just getting started, but already there are some fantastic additions that any Safari user can appreciate. As die-hard extension addicts since the first Safari 5 release, we’ve scoured the web to find 15 of our favorites. Click through the gallery for our picks. The official gallery isn’t the only place to find new and impressive extensions. Both SafariExtensions on Tumblr and Pimp My Safari feature daily updates and highlight great creations from across the web.

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