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Top 10 Bizarre Weapons of the Allies

Oh war! This is a deadly game that our world loves to play so much. Omar Bradley once quipped that, “We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.” The ferocity of World War II gave birth to a truly wide-array of bizarre weapons. As the last “good war,” it presented an opportunity for the eager minds of the mad, the wild, and the creative to create lasting innovations and contributions that will give them the advantage or, better yet, end the war. Here are some of the odd weapons that belonged to the Allies. Even if not all were used in combat, all of them are truly bizarre.

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The 13 Most Sexually Aggressive Cartoon Characters

These classic, lovable characters from TV, movies and our childhoods are all known for one thing: their unwanted sexual advances. And although we love them and there's nothing actually wrong with their existence, here's a list of the most lascivious cartoon characters of all time and why, in the real world, all of them would be in jail. Everyone on this list from Pepe Le Pew, to Herbert from Family Guy to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, doesn't really get the whole meaning of "no means no" and kind of just assumes that they're a sexy cartoon when, most of the time, they're really, really REALLY not.

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5 Awkward Hollywood Cash-Grabs for the Urban Market

Following extensive market research and several colorful PowerPoint presentations, it appears that the money in African Americans’ wallets is of equal value to the money in Caucasian people’s wallets. Science! With that in mind, Hollywood execs have done their best to get that green and thus obtain even more yachts, blow and high-priced hookers. However, this tinsel town venture goes far beyond whatever it is Tyler Perry is famous for. We here at Weirdworm have managed to compile an interesting list of awkward and often not so subtle Hollywood attempts to appeal to the “urban market”.

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Top 10 Commercials From Famous Directors

Amateur filmmakers are recognized for their incorruptible artistic vision, iconoclastic personalities, award-winning movies, and -- their commercials? It’s true. A bunch of your favorite “serious” directors have engaged in some moonlighting to make some of the most memorable commercials. But, these are more than just regular TV ads. These commercials showcase great filmmakers distilled down to their essence and cut loose from narrative constraints. They’re action movies without the boring plot, sex scenes taken gloriously out of context, and two minutes of pristine special effects. Or, maybe they’re just good for a quick paycheck. Regardless, here are the top 10 commercials from famous directors.

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Forbes’ 10 Most Overpaid Actors

Forbes have come up with yet another annual list and this time it’s Hollywoods most overpaid actors, it seems being a comedian is hard work because 6 out of the 10 actors are comedy actors. To come up with this list they compared the actors paycheck to the overall box office revenue. There is only one woman on the list.

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15 Awesome Things You Probably Shouldn't Do

Sometimes you gotta bend the rules. And when it comes to technology, some rules are begging to get bent. You might do it to gain access to features or functionality that your gadget/service provider should offer but doesn't. Or maybe you just want to avoid something you prefer not to do--like coughing up your e-mail address just to gain access to a site's content, or (ahem) paying for stuff you'd rather get for free. And sometimes you do it because, well, it's awesome. But awesomeness has a price, and every activity described below carries a risk. Potential fallout ranges from violating terms of service or voiding a warranty, to bricking your favorite gadgets or having a clutch of copyright attorneys descend upon you from a great height. So these are things you really shouldn't do. Really. And if you tell anyone where you heard about them, we'll deny everything.

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5 Gunfighting Tips for Criminals

We here at TTAG are concerned that economically disadvantaged, legally challenged shooters are misrepresenting the marksmanship skills possessed by the majority of the firearms community. Every single day we hear about gun battles where criminals fail to hit their target, even at close range. Obviously, bad strategy, improper weapon and ammunition choices and poor training are to blame. To help correct these deficiencies, TTAG offers these helpful hints for gun slingers wielding weapons beyond the letter of the law. Let’s start with weapons choice.

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15 Google Interview Questions That Will Make You Feel Stupid

A reader just asked us a question about Google interviews: "I have an interview - telephone - with an Engineering Recruiter at Google NY, for a Software Engineering position. Any tips, what should I expect, how should I prepare? The good news is that Google is desperate for entrepreneurial talent. That's why the company keeps buying small startups. The bad news: Google prefers Ivy Leaguers. It cares about your GPA, even if you're in your 30s. It wants people who want to change the world. Lucky for our reader, Seattle job coach Lewis Lin put together a list of 140 questions his clients have been asked by Google. We've selected the most challenging here.

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Top 10 Funny Zombie Movie Moments

The first zombie movie was 1932’s White Zombie. It’s not very funny (at least not intentionally funny) and it definitely isn’t scary. Since then, there have been hundreds of zombie movies made, and I think the best ones are a combination of both. Some use funny moments to relieve the tension between zombie attacks; others use zombie attacks to break up the funny moments. Either way, researching this list was a lot of fun. Other than my sense of humor, the only other criteria used was that each movie could only be listed once. Of course, the movies included on this list had to actually be zombie movies. Sometimes alien-controlled or demonic characters are included in the zombie genre, but I disagree. For example, I’ve disqualified Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series from this list because the ‘deadites’ featured in these films are actually demon-possessed corpses, not zombies.

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7 Wine Storage Facts

The perfect wine storage unit depends on the type of wines you store as well as the stopper style and even the bottle type. Some bottles specifically block most UV rays, however proper storage is necessary for the life of your wine. We've outlined the key facts to keep in mind when you buy wine storage. We've also done some research and found several great wine storage units based on customer reviews.

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