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13 Of The Most Bizarre Lakes In The World

Because lakes are landlocked bodies of water, they are our planet's experimental mixing pots. They can stew strange chemistry and give rise to anomalous creatures found nowhere else on Earth. Some lakes are the site of catastrophic historical events like meteor strikes or volcanic eruptions, while others harbor ancient secrets or unique geology.

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The 5 Manliest Teams, Pre-Expendables

As you know, The Expendables is coming on August 13th, and promises to create a testosterone explosion the likes of which have been little seen on this earth. It has a sample from each star in the Zodiac of manliness, and would seem unstoppable. And, yet, there are some teams which are almost indescribably manly, that cause young boys to suddenly burst with muscles and chest hair, and women to swoon in a three mile radius from the sheer chest-thumping testosterone.

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Top 10 SCI-FI Planet Destroying Starships

In space no-one can hear you scream but if these planet destroyers are anything to go by then thatís probably a good thing. Wholesale destruction is a noisy business so put your earmuffs on and cast your eyes down the following explosive Top Ten.

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8 Hilarious Macho Man Randy Savage Interviews

During his prime, Macho Man Randy Savage was one of the most admired showmen and philosophers in the entire world of professional wrestling. He possessed an uncanny ability, usually with the aid of venerable broadcaster ďMeanĒ Gene Okerlund, to beautifully articulate emotions while pretending(?) to be in a state of complete psychosis. The lessons the Macho Man instilled in all of us will undoubtedly last far longer than the amount of time he held the Intercontinental Championship. These videos are labeled by actual quotes from the interviews, and yes, some of them arenít coherent sentences. Now, we canít verify this to be the absolute truth, but weíre pretty sure that the following clips reveal how a person is affected from being simultaneously addicted to cocaine, steroids and rat tranquilizer.

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12 Sexiest Pool Scenes in Movie History

What is it about a swimming pool that makes the moderately-sexy so much sexier? Is it because when youíre swimming youíre half-naked, and when youíre half-naked youíre already half-way to sex? Whatever the reason, Hollywood has long had a love affair with sex and pools. Hot tub loviní, teen pool party angst, late night skinny-dipping Ė there are any number of opportunities to add a sexy swim into a story. Take the case of KoldCast TVís teen drama series Palisades Pool Party for instance. The Show is all about the drama that unfolds on the day of an elite pool party where anything goes. All said, in memory of Summer 2010, weíre going to take a dip into 12 of the sexiest pool scenes in movie history.

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20 Quick Ways to Increase Your Alexa Rank is a subsidiary of and is a website which provides information on traffic levels for websites. The Alexa rank is measured according to the amount of users whoíve visited a website with the Alexa toolbar installed. In this article, Iíll examine the importance of the Alexa Rank as it relates to site monetization while briefly discussing some of the weaknesses involved in using Alexa ranking as a reliable traffic measure for any website. Lastly, Iíve also included an extensive list of twenty methods and strategies you can use to increase your Alexa Rank dramatically in the short and long run.

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Karl Marlantes's Top 10 War Stories

After studying at Yale, Karl Marlantes served as a marine in Vietnam and was awarded numerous medals including two Purple Hearts. In 1977 he began writing Matterhorn, a novel about his experience of combat in the jungle. The book ended up taking Marlantes 30 years to write while raising a family of five children and working full-time in energy consultancy.

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10 Nerd Properties That Should Get Porn Parodies

Oh thank you, planet Earth, for evolving humanity to the point where we have porn based on Batman, Star Trek, and Avatar. Completely legal (if you're over 18) porn movies that don't have to have a silly knock-off name (Sex Wars, The Humped Back of Nude Dames, and Harry Palmer and the Sorcerer's Bone) are long gone, and the man who opened the door for us is director Axel Braun, and his stunningly true-to-the-original porn version of the '60s Batman TV series. We happened to Axel about some of his upcoming projects the other day (his porno Spider-Man is starring Electro!), as well as a few of his dream projects -- other nerd properties he'd love to make porn parodies of. It inspired me to put together a Topless Robot wishlist of my own! Here's 10 comics, cartoons, movies and more that would be worth the stigma carrying around of a plain brown wrapper in the mail (although thanks to the internet, no one has to do that anymore).

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13 Things You Didnít Know About Mirrors

One of the most common household items, mirrors have a long and rich history. Not only are they integral parts of how the world works today, but they have also played a part in shaping the way the world was. Superstition, mythology and the early era of invention all have a close connection with the mirror.

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8 Theme Park Rides I Wouldnít Wait in Line For

There are many places I want to visit in my lifetime: Paris, Australia, and Montreal, just to name a few. All of these places have attractions I would like to see. In Paris, there are mimes and the Louvre. In Australia, there are wombats and boxing kangaroos. In Montreal, there are nightclubs and Canadian people. There are some attractions, however, that I donít need to see.

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