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The 15 Biggest Dudes of All Time

Throughout history, there have been men who have stood out in the crowd. These are men who have been loved by women, loved by their friends, and loved doing what they pleased. These men were Dudes. But you don’t have to make history to be an everyday dude – just check out KoldCast TV’s comedy series, DUDER. This show reminds us that there’s a dude in all of us, a little voice that in times of need suggests that we not take life too seriously. So chill out, pop on some tunes, get some snacks and check out some of the most hard-core dudes from television, film, music and pop culture.

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Stars Who Are The Opposite Of The Character They’re Famous For

I didn’t have an opinion about “Mad Men”‘s Vincent Kartheiser before, beyond a feeling of disdain for his character, Pete Campbell. But it turns out that in real life, he’s totally eccentric and awesome! Apparently, Kartheiser lives in Los Angeles with no car, no mirror, and no toilet. He told The Guardian: “I feel off the grid. I feel that I am not part of the culture. And because I don’t have a car I don’t really go anywhere to buy things. In fact, I have been in a slow process of selling and giving away everything I own… I threw it all out. It started a couple of years ago… One day, I looked around and thought ‘I don’t want this stuff, I didn’t ask for it’. So I started giving it to friends or charity stores.” Is anyone else’s mind blown? In Vincent’s honor, we started looking at other actors who are totally opposite of the characters they’re famous for portraying.

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8 Horrible Crimes Stopped by Legal Gun Owners

divisive topic. Some stand by their rights to bear arms, and they say that private firearms stop millions of crimes each year. Those opposed to gun ownership believe that the more guns that are out in the public, the more shootings and deaths will take place. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is interesting to note the high number of incidents where legal gun owners were able to use their weapons to stop some horrible crimes. Here are just 8 such stories for you to consider.

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10 Hottest Weather Girls Ever

Weather Girls. You’ve gotta love em. Rain or shine, they’re always radiant – and how is it they manage to make pointing out whatever weather’s headed our way so goddamn sexy? A gesture here, a sweep of the hand there, and they may as well be beckoning drooling male viewers quietly to the boudoir. It wouldn’t matter if half of these hotties knew next to nothing about meteorology. And if they look as good as these girls, they can bring as much bad news about incoming low pressure as they like. Here are 10 weather girls so hot, they might be considered responsible for global warming.

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30 Spectacular Examples of Reflective Photography

Reflection Photography is always reflects on some remarkable effects and spice up interesting composition. This photo involves different kind of photographs and can be explored like a mirror of reflection in water, reflection of objects, inspiration and reflective surface. You can digg deep on this beautiful hidden imagination of nature. Today’s Collection highlights the water reflection surface of nature that we see in daily life. Photographers capturing a stunning moments of reflection effect and give us a chance of seeing this impressive beauty of reality of colors.

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10 Celebrities Who Really Should Have Been Left in the Ground

When you’re buried, most people expect you to stay buried. However, there are instances that might require the exhumation of a body. Some people are exhumed so their remains can be moved elsewhere, whether to be closer to their families, to be buried in honor, or to make way for some new building. Others are exhumed for stranger reasons, including criminal investigations, paternity suits or for monetary gain. Celebrities, as you might imagine, make the most sensational exhumations. Here are 10 celebrities who were exhumed for weird reasons.

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5 Scariest Places to Stay the Night

After a long day of driving a blue exit sign listing the hotels that are available off the exit can be a welcoming sight. Sometimes people go to stay at hotels and bed and breakfasts to escape the pressures of everyday life or to just stay somewhere that is unfamiliar to escape normalcy. Sometimes, though, when one goes to these destinations, the trips can turn out to be less relaxing and more frightening.

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The Facts Behind 15 Black Friday Myths

Here at dealnews, our job is to help you get the best possible price for what you want to buy and to keep you from getting hoodwinked while you’re shopping. It is with that in mind that we go into the holiday shopping season with some trepidation, because along with great Black Friday deals comes a lot of hype and misinformation. We can’t tell you how to score a better parking space at your local mall, but we might just be able to brighten your day by dispelling these common Black Friday shopping myths.

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Top 5 ways to increase PageRank

I scourged the web today looking for the very best (and free) tips on increasing a site's PageRank, and I figure it basically comes down to these simple tips.

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8 Tips for Decorating your Dorm Room on a Dime

Ah! The smell of freshly sharpened pencils and plastic wrapped textbooks is upon us. College freshmeat; get ready for a whirlwind of a year. Maybe you chose to room with your childhood friend or went potluck. Regardless of your bunkmate, you'll soon be sharing a blank-slate dorm with them. Now it's time to adorn that space. Ladies especially get giddy when using Bed Bath and Beyond free shipping codes, to purchase mini-stainless fridge, coordinating desk, and comforter. Adorning a room need not incur your father's wrath--be smart about outfitting and you can get a study-ready haven for less.

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