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5 Huge Sitcom Stars That Have Slipped Off The Radar

There are clearly positives and negatives to being on a hugely successful sitcom. The benefits are that after time you can ask for obscene amounts of money. Plus you are a big time celebrity during the tenure of the show. Also, there are perks like potential Emmyís, free stuff that all of us donít even know about and just being part of the elite is great. The negative? How do you possibly follow all that up when the show is over? Itís rare to see someone keep that celebrity for an extended period of time unless that person was already big time before the show ended, or unless theyíre very talented. One example might be Julie Louis Dreyfuss after Seinfeld.

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8 Jealousy-Inducing Movie Parties

In the real world, most social gatherings have flaws. Whether itís a bad mix of people, insufficient beverage variety, or perhaps an extreme lack of available talent, we often are unsatisfied with our weekend surroundings. Luckily, a few imaginative filmmakers have allowed us to accompany them on journeys to fictitiously awesome parties. At these dope events, anything seems possible and all legal or social repercussions are quickly ignored. Let the festivities commence.

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Forbes Top 10 Earning Women In Prime Time

Forbes have come up with their annual list of the 10 top-earning women in Prime-Time television and itís full of the usual people you would expect to appear on the list. What 30 Rock lacks in prime-time viewers (the series averages 6.5 million weekly viewers last season) it makes up for in critical and award show acclaim. The series had won the Emmy for best comedy for three consecutive years, upstaged this year by ABCís Modern Family. Fey, too, has picked up statues for her role as the seriesí creator and star, Liz Lemon.

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12 Coolest Police Cars

There's something weird about police cars. No matter where you go, they all look somewhat the same, yet still completely different. It's one of those strange travel gems -- like grocery stores and candy bars -- that seem so familiar yet remain absolutely different and strangely interesting. Here's a whole boat-load of police cars in different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors from different corners of the globe. Enjoy!

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10 Surprising Brand Owners

Itís no shocker that a company like Clorox would own brands such as Pine-Sol and Glad. But what about nature-loving Burtís Bees? There are other unexpected alliances throughout the corporate world that might surprise you. From chocolate makers who own health food brands to low-end beauty labels in league with couture cosmetics, these unusual mergers are responsible for keeping some of the most popular products on store shelves.

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15 Ways We Handle The Dead

Human beings, it would seem, have a fascination with death. While most of us would tend to agree that it is something best avoided, it also holds a sense of wonder for us. As the short story ďThe BodyĒ by Stephen King (later made into the film Stand by Me) graphically illustrates, even as children, we are drawn by the allure of the dead. Just consider how many ways we have of saying that someone has died; Wikipedia counts at least 80, and there are doubtless dozens more. But nowhere is our fascination with death exemplified as much as how we treat our dead. In most Western countries, death is celebrated with a (often solemn) ceremony, and the deceased is interred in a necropolis, a city of the dead (more colloquially known as a graveyard or cemetery). The burial site is often given a marker or memorial so the deceased may be remembered by future visitors to the site. Of course, funeral rites vary from place to place, but in most cases, great care and ceremony are involved.

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11 Best Fast Food Post-Workout Snacks Under 200 Calories

Some protein bars can be more like candy bars, providing sugar and fillers rather than actual healthy nutrition. While a fast food restaurant may not be the best choice for a quick bite after your workout, these options are good. They provide protein, carbohydrates and, most of all, satisfaction for fewer calories than a Snickers bar.

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7 Reliable Sites To Do A Quick Free Anti-Virus Scan

Itís highly likely that youíve had some sort of experience with a computer virus in the past. If not, then lucky you Ė but you can never be too safe, especially if youíre running Windows. Online free anti virus scan apps have been around for a while, and whilst theyíre no match for standalone software they certainly have their uses. Perhaps youíre on an unfamiliar PC thatís acting a little strange? Or maybe your existing software has been disabled, and youíve frantically restarted in Safe Mode looking for a solution. Below you will find 4 websites to check and verify that your PC is virus free, and 3 to upload and check individual files to help prevent an outbreak

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The 17 Worst Ways To Die

So it's the end of your life. How do you want to go out? Smothered in a pile of naked women and/or money on top of a nuclear bomb? Hey, me too. But with my luck, I'll probably end up biting it like one of the jamokes in this horrible list.

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