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The 15 Hottest Nerd Costumes for Guys

There are a large community of girls who cosplay on a regular basis and get a lot of attention for it. Rightfully so. But dudes who cosplay are a different breed altogether. Some just want to wax nostalgic by standing inside a giant cardboard Optimus Prime all day, while others feel comfortable enough to dress as Spider-Man in head-to-toe spandex. Whatever the case, us cosplaying girls have been hogging the spotlight for far too long --and it's time the fellas got a little recognition. Every nerdy and Maxim-esque website on the internet has done a Sexiest Female Cosplay lists, including Topless Robot, who focused on the sexiest costumes more than individuals. In it, Rob promised that there would be an equivalent list of sexiest nerd costumes for guys -- which I am now happy to present to you. Obviously, these costumes are highly dependent on the wearers' having the right body-type -- i.e., muscles -- to pull them off, but that was also true of the women's costumes. Also, there's not a lot of regular superhero costumes, because in all honesty, spandex rarely looks as good on guys as it does on girls. Boys, no complaints about today's list -- it's the ladies' turn to sexually objectify you.

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15 Sexiest Monsters in Horror Movie History

Even demons, vampires, succubi, aliens and genetic concoctions of evil need love. And after seeing a horror movie, all of us have (at least once) been strangely attracted to horrible, horrible beasts of terror. So, in honor of Halloween, here are the 13 hottest actual monsters in horror movie history (plus 2 from comedies), from DREN in Splice to Salma Hayek in from Dusk Til Dawn (video) all the way to the ghost that blows Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters. No good girls or protagonists here. Only villains, ranked by hotness with picture/video explanation of who they are and why they're so hot.

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7 Classic Halloween TV Specials

The time-honored traditions of Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic myth which says that the worlds of the living and dead could blur at this time of year. It was believed that in order to protect oneself from harmful spirits, you could disguise yourself as one and fool them… stupid spirits! Well, as with all holiday celebrations, they become somewhat watered down, and what we’re left with today is merely an excuse to gorge ourselves on candy, get our homes egged by teenagers, and attend gatherings in slutty costumes normally reserved for frat parties. I don’t know about you, but I long for a time when it was just about trick-or-treating with neighborhood kids then returning home to the family to watch our favorite scary movies and Halloween specials on television. But whereas Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter all have tons of special programming available, I’ve noticed a disturbing lack of “new” Halloween material on the airwaves. I’m not talking about Halloween-themed episodes of our favorite shows, but bona fide made-for-television movies and specials.

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Top Ten 3D Horror Flicks!

Can it be true? Is the final Saw really upon us? Hard to believe James Wan’s little indie nasty resonated with audiences six years back in a way large enough to spawn six freakin’ sequels. And what’s more surprising is that Jigsaw waited until the very end of his October reign to cash in on the trendy 3D craze that’s been putting the hurt on our wallets the last few years. With Saw 3D’s release quickly approaching, there’s perhaps no better time to reflect on the genre’s most successful (or, in some cases, most baffling) forays into all three dimensions. Of course we’re going to cover all of the mainstays, but this list wouldn’t be worth much if we didn’t pull the curtain back on some of the truly bizarre offerings that somehow found their way to dimly lit screens all over the world. So, before you head out the door to savor the 3D traps (they’re coming alive, ya know!), pop on those uncomfortable glasses, pocket some aspirin for the inevitable headache and let’s remember ten films from the past and present that were so damn large they couldn’t be contained by two measly dimensions.

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Top 10 Halloween Cocktails

It's not really the costumes. It's not even the candy. The real reason we love Halloween--it's another excuse to get drunk. Endless Simmer scoured the web to find our top 10 favorite scary, beautiful and tasty libations. Read the full list of our top 10 Halloween Cocktails, or watch the slideshow below and vote for your favorite.

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10 Controversial Horror Movies For Halloween

If you’re looking to ramp up for Halloween by watching some horror flicks, you could go the typical route of Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street marathons, but if you’re really looking for a spooky movie fest, why not go the extra mile. The films on this list are all so violent and so offensive that they have been subject to protests, boycotts or censorship and many have even been banned in a few countries. While many of these are lesser known and hard to find, some of the big name controversial movies may surprise you. Because offensiveness and scariness are so subjective, these are presented in order of release date.

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Halloween's Top 10 Scary Creatures

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. But Halloween's creepiest creature customs didn't appear out of thin air, not even the ghosts. Many of them once instilled real fear in medieval towns, when folklore reigned supreme and getting freaked out came easy. Here we offer up some real science and history of the scary stars of Oct. 31.

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10 Halloween Costumes that You Need to See on Video

Last year here on Unreality, for some reason or another I was severely slacking in the Halloween posts in the week preceding the holiday. So this year I’m making up for that with a boatlaod of Halloween themed installments, this one included. Everyone has typical picture galleries of good and bad costumes (including us), but there aren’t any video lists showcasing great costumes in action. I rounded up ten of the best I could find, and some of the videos are truly awesome. My favorites are this transforming Bumblebee costume, and one very enthusiastic Les Grossman impersonator.

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The 25 Most Perverted Halloween Costumes Of All Time

Halloween is by far the sexiest holiday of the year and it's the holiday where the most sex probably occurs. The girls obviously love it because it gives them a socially acceptable excuse to dress like a street worker and the men love it because we get to wear masks so women don't know what they look which increases their chances on scoring with a girl out of their league. It's also a great excuse to put Magnum condoms on your fingers and tell everyone your "Marty Magnum Hands."

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Top 6 Halloween Treats Hiding Untold Danger

Halloween is a time for fun, dressing up, going out, having a good time and maybe ending the night with a bag full of sugary loot. Unfortunately, the cruel truth behind the "real" Halloween isn't all happy ghouls and ghosts. Instead there lurks terrible danger seeping in from all seedy corners of society. Just like your mom used to tell you, that bag of candy swag you hold proudly in your hand holds secrets of its own. In order to protect you from the nigh-innumerable risks you take with a stranger's candy, I will describe the most likely candidates for personal harm and explain how to avoid them this year.

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