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10 Flying Cars That Are Just Around the Corner

When people talk about the future, there are probably three things that they consider to be truly futuristic: cures for all diseases (to make sex risk free), virtual reality (to make sex effortless) and flying cars (to make sex more awesome). In terms of the latter, the possibility of quick, easy and faster flight would revolutionize cities and our lives as a whole the way automobiles did in the last 100 years. We’ve been working on the idea since before the Wright brothers had their 12 second money shot in 1903, but judging by the current offerings, it might be a little while longer before we get there.

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12 Cutest Geckos on Earth

We all know the Geico gecko, who may be the cutest of all, but how much do we really know about the species and the real cuties in it? First a few general facts and then a countdown of the 12 cutest! Geckos owe their wide-eyed look to having no eyelids; instead they have a transparent membrane that they lick clean. Many of them have a couple of defense systems like expelling a foul-smelling mixture of feces and other material, and many can also drop their tail when it is caught. Geckos come in a multitude of colors and patterns as well.

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The 40 Sexiest Celebrities over 40

With the new season of television shows now underway I thought I would pay tribute to a show that has somehow managed to make it through its first season and still be on for a second year (no small accomplishment these days). And that show is Cougar Town. Cougar Town is a TV series based on a divorced woman who is faced with a dating scene filled with younger men (thus her being considered a “cougar”). It stars, as many of you know, Courteney Cox (good casting – minus the divorced part). But enough about the show. What I aim to focus on is another, better version of Cougar Town. My “Cougar Town” is filled with sexy celebrities over the age of 40, regardless of marital status.

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9 Out-of-the-Ordinary Milkshakes

Though a simple vanilla, chocolate or strawberry milkshake always hits the spot, chefs aren't letting the classics hold them back. Intrigued by the endless possibilities, culinary minds have taken to the challenge of creating the most uniquely delicious milkshake possible using ingredients we’d never dream of dropping in a blender. From an avocado shake to a sweet bacon-flavored treat, check out the desserts that have, well, shaken up the competition.

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50 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You

We asked 17 pilots from across the country to give us straight answers about maddening safety rules, inexplicable delays, the air and attitudes up there—and what really happens behind the cockpit door. What they told us will change the way you fly.

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5 Inventions You Won't Believe Came From War

If there's one thing that everyone can agree on, it's that war is horrible. Nothing kills the mood faster than a bloody, painful death for a political agenda that you probably don't even fully understand. But you can't deny that armed conflicts gave us some pretty good things, such as major advances in everything from rockets to microwave ovens. Oh, and also there's this stuff.

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6 Things We Love to Hate About Apple

We have been known to dish out a fair amount of trash-talk in the past. Some directed at the Android platform, Droid commercials, some at Sony's new PSP campaign and most recently, a post critical of the Galaxy Tab. Apple isn't free from our criticism either. We feel criticism is needed where it's due. It's true that we tend to enjoy our Apple products, but that's just a personal choice. They aren't without their flaws or major annoyances. Today, we are going to tell ya about our beefs with Apple.

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Top 10 Uses for Wi-Fi That Aren't Just Connecting to the Internet

Having the ability to connect to the internet anywhere we go is undoubtedly awesome, but it isn't the only gift Wi-Fi technology has given us. Here are our 10 favorite uses for Wi-Fi that go beyond accessing to the web.

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9 Top Ways We Waste Money 2010

It's been a rough few years. Unemployment woes, foreclosure fears and economic uncertainty rule the headlines. It's a time where being frugal has become chic and "tightening our belts" de rigueur. With this in mind, and inspired by reader submissions to our Biggest Money Wasters message board, we've compiled our list of 9 Top Ways We Waste Money in 2010. Read through our round-up to see popular places we drop unnecessary dough and get tips on how to cut these costly wallet-drainers from your life. Some of these may seem like common sense, but if you are still making these money mistakes, a refresher may be in order.

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