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Chris Klein's 7 Douchiest Moments: From Auditions, to Acting

Chris Klein is a joke of an actor and a giant douche. This is a list-tribute to the douchiest moments of one of the worst actors Hollywood has ever seen. Enjoy, cringe and laugh at one of the worst things that's happened to acting since motion capture technology. If somehow you haven't heard of him, or just haven't matched a name to a forehead, prepare to be stunned by the Blitzkrieg of non-talent that you are about to experience.

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Top 10 Famous Stutterers

Stuttering is a speech disorder (itís not a disease, please), the impact of which on a personís emotional state can be severe. Most people who stutter usually prefer keeping a low-key image for the fear of being caught stuttering in social situations, and often project their negative feelings onto others, believing that they think he is nervous or stupid. This is what people generally know. What people donít know is that deep down within their hearts, these people have a burning desire to use their potential to the fullest, but are restrained from doing so due to their impediment. (I can tell, I am a stutterer myself). But then, there are people who take an entirely different route and are able to turn their biggest problem into their biggest asset. Here we take a look at 10 such people, and how they scripted their resounding success stories in their respective fields, and how they continue to inspire to this day.

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10 Badass Movie Weapons

What do Mel Gibson, Uma Thurman, Sigourney Weaver, and Clint Eastwood have in common, other than Oscar nominations? At one point or another in their careers, they all played second fiddle to a badass weapon. It might have had a blade (or three), buttons (donít push the red one), or been fictional, but they all left us wanting as they left trails of blood, acid, or body parts in their wake.

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30 Impossible Scenes That Actually Happened

The photos that follow are impossible. But they actually happened. The entries for this week's Shooting Challenge are composites, stacking subjects from the same place at different moments in time. The results will bend your brain in the best ways.

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The 10 Sexiest Celebrity Stoners

Stoners and sex appeal don't usually go hand in hand. For every Peter Fonda/Johnny Depp-type, there are ten of your college boyfriends. And for every Helena Bonham Carter, there's the city of Portland. (Kidding, Portland.) But there's still reason to hold out hope that somewhere, someone is turning the clichť of the slovenly, disaffected stoner on its head. The following celebrities have different degrees of loyalty to bud: some have admitted using it, some have built careers around it, and some have very proud criminal records because of it. They're living proof that smoking pot does not necessarily mean you forget to shower (though if they did, we would forgive them). They are the ten dreamiest stoners who ó whether they realize it or not ó give toking up a sexy new face.

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20 Conditions Peppermint Can Ease

Count on sprightly peppermint (Mentha piperita) as your go-to herb for easing upset stomachs and minor digestive woes. The oils it contains, especially menthol and menthone, relax the smooth muscles that line the intestinal tract, helping to relieve cramping. Menthol's decongestant, mucus-thinning action makes it a smart addition to remedies for colds and coughs. Mint is also a wonderful ingredient in home remedies for soothing itchy skin irritations.

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10 Dystopian Predictions That Actually Came True

Though obviously speculative by nature, dystopian films, literature, music and other media can strike some eerily relatable chords with contemporary audiences. Some even manage to envision facets of the future that eventually grow ingrained into the present. Like Nostradamus, this phenomenon has nothing to do with any sort of supernatural or otherworldly talents ó these creators merely possess a sophisticated eye for human behavior and technology, vigilantly dissecting probabilities, possibilities and potentials based on patterns past. Obviously, not all of these predictions came to pass in the exact same manner as they were predicted. But many do share some eerie parallels to later developments.

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Top 10 Unwritten Rules Of The Road

There isnít a single page in your stateís driver's handbook dealing with the unwritten rules of the road (otherwise, they wouldnít be unwritten). Thatís a problem, because too often they go unknown or arenít followed. Fortunately, AskMen has just the addendum you need to be a Better Man and be better behind the wheel. These wonít come as groundbreaking revelations, but will serve as good reminders of common sense and courtesy to keep you from being that guy (like manning up and taking responsibility when you hit somebody, whether theyíre driving or parked). Keep reading for more on our man code for the road.

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10 Awful Ways People Abuse Their Cars

There are world courts dedicated to prosecuting crimes against humanity, but there's nothing to protect our poor automobiles so, with your help, we've assembled a list of ten horrible crimes against carmanity.

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11 Infamous Software Bugs

Did you forget to mark your calendar? September 9 was Debugging Day. It's been associated with removing bugs for more than 50 years now but is rarely formally celebrated. So let's start the tradition this year. It all began with a log entry from 1947 by Harvard University's Mark II technical team. The now-classic entry features a moth taped to the page, time-stamped 15:45, with the caption "Relay #70 Panel F (moth) in relay" and the proud boast, "First actual case of bug being found." OK, the history of computer bugs didn't really begin on this date (see "Moth in the machine" for the real story), but nevertheless, its anniversary seems a perfect time to examine famous bugs and other ghosts in the machine. Here is a highly selective -- and therefore incomplete -- collection of infamous software bugs. Unlike the relatively benign tale of the moth in the relay, some bugs have wreaked disaster, embarrassment and destruction on the world. Some have literally killed people.

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