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9 Examples of Prominent Actors and Actresses Unexpectedly and Quickly Killed Off in Movies

There are plenty of scenes in movies where a character is killed seemingly out of nowhere, but it’s not too often when one of those characters is played by a prominent actor or actress and the death comes early in the movie. It can be jarring and unnerving to say the least, but it also makes that death particularly memorable. After all, when a prominent actor or actress is seen early on in a movie and some or all the marketing for that movie indicates that said actors and actresses will be a major part of the story, we expect them to live to at least the halfway point. You can check out nine examples of prominent actors and actresses being killed off unexpectedly and swiftly after the jump. I really shouldn’t have to write this, but there will be major spoilers.

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9 Celebrities Living With STDs

Just like TV says … “celebrities are just like us, it’s safe to assume that 25-35% of them are currently carrying an STD, just like us.” So they came up with a list of 9 celebrities who are known to have STDs, sadly not many celebrities are outspoken about their STDs but I’m willing to guess that a lot of them have caught something from sleeping around so much.

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The 9 Most Intimidating Fan Bases for Visiting Fans and Players

Loyalty is great. Loyalty insures that your ballclub will get your revenue up and your players paid. It might also make your owner rich. But loyalty itself doesn’t do much in the way of terrifying other teams who step inside your house. A perfect example was the effort of the Miami Heat to create a “whiteout” during home playoff games. Virtually every fan adhered to the all-white dress code, but as a visiting player put it, “That’s not scary, that’s not intimidating. It was like playing in heaven.” Well, if that’s like playing in heaven, the 9 fan bases and stadium experiences below would be like playing in hell.

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Partly Cloudy with a Chance of HOT: The 26 Hottest Weather Babes on TV

If you weren't lucky enough to grow up with a TV in your room, there's a pretty good chance you were forced to watch the news at night with your parents. Back when I was growing up, my favorite part on the news was when the hot local weather girl pranced across the screen of my family's 30-inch, tube-style TV. I honestly can't remember her name, so I came up with the next best thing: tracking down 26 hot weather babes and on-camera meteorologists from both the United States and abroad.

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The 15 Cheapest Movies That Went On To Become Cult Classics

In historic Hollywood, nepotism and cronyism are as common as a cold, and because of that it can be difficult for the little guy to break in, also meaning that some movies are made with very small budgets, as is the case in KoldCast TV’s aptly-titled comedy series, Low Budget. That said, there are more than a handful of talented, relentless filmmakers that took what little resources they had and turned their idea into something memorable and profitable despite the obstacles. Although some of these movies did go on to gain “blockbuster” status, most of these movies remained fairly humble in their reach, but they created a tremendously passionate fan base. So, for the next few minutes, forget your $200 million summer blockbusters while taking a look at 15 movies which were made for less than $500,000 and went on to make movie history – these became cult classics.

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Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek feels more like an uncle than he does a TV star. After all, the famed quiz show pioneer has been is our living rooms five nights a week for the last 26 years as the host of Jeopardy!. But unlike our Uncle Mike who tends to dish out too much personal information during spiked eggnog-inspired rants at Christmas, we know very little about the real Alex Trebek, despite the long-running quiz show, the Will Ferrell parodies and the multitude of TV guest appearances the game show host has made playing himself. His most recent gig as "Alex Trebek playing Alex Trebek" takes place in the latest edition of the webshow Fact Checkers Unit. On the webisode, two die-hard magazine fact checkers make it their mission to find out whether or not Trebek shaves against the grain. That got us to thinking: “What do we really know about our favorite game show host? Does he really have beef with Sean Connery? And what's up with his obsession with properly pronouncing foreign words?”

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The Top 7 Underrated Undead Movie Badasses

From blood-sucking vampires to zombies and everything in between, undead beings have been gracing screens since the dawn of cinema. A lot of these classic characters have gotten their just due, but we’ve dug up some of the most underrated of the decaying bunch.

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The 5 Biggest Unpaid Strip Club Bills Ever

Whether it's the $14 beers or the way the bartender has to duck whenever a dancer spins around the pole, there's just something about strip clubs. Of course, some people enjoy them more than others. Take, for instance, James Clooney, who ended up with a nearly $47,000 tab after a fun night out at the Penthouse Executive Club in Manhattan. Clooney charged steaks, liquor and lap dances to rack up a bill big enough to buy a 3-bedroom house in Kansas. According to the club, he's since made some small payments, but nothing big enough to put a dent in his debt. So, they've filed a lawsuit against him, seeking $46,698.18. This got us thinking: surely James Clooney isn't the first guy who's gotten a little heavy-handed with the free champagne and ended up slinking away from a massive strip club tab. Turns out, we were right. A lot of people want to party like rock stars, then wake up the next day, covered in credit card receipts and shame

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The 4 Best Weather Widgets For Windows 7

Keeping the tabs on the weather isn’t the most exciting activity in the world, but let’s face it – it’s usually a necessity. While a small number of people have the luxury of living in areas with a very stable climate, many of us live in areas where a sunny day can be lost to a thunderstorm in just a few minutes. Ignoring the weather forecast is a good way to end up with a soggy picnic. There are many ways to find out about the weather, and one of them is your computer. Having an active desktop weather widget is great for checking the forecast before heading out, particularly if you’re old-fashioned (like me) and still haven’t bought a smartphone.

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8 Ways to Ruin Your Relationship

While most of the time we try and stay positive here on World of Psychology, every now and again reality sucker-punches us back to our senses (although not personally affecting me). The fact remains that despite our wise advice over the years, we haven’t budged the divorce rate in the U.S. (not that we thought we could!). Most relationships fail — there’s simply no way to argue with it. So maybe it would help some of our readers to catch sign of their failing relationship before it’s too late. Sure, we all would like to think that we could see the end of our relationship coming from a mile away. But truth is, many of us need a little help.

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