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The 10 Filthiest Cities

Ahhh, urban living. Everything nearby, convenient public services, lots of great places to eat…and legions of people, throwing out tons of garbage, every day. Most cities can stay on top of their garbage piles…but some, not so much. Here are ten cities germophobes and neat freaks should avoid.

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25 Photos That Prove Hipsters Suck

Hipsters are the current scourge of American urban society. The're a scary breed of moronic twenty-something douchebag posers who drink coffee in independently run cafes, only drink in dive bars, listen to "undiscovered" music that is undiscovered for a reason and only watch foreign films all while condemning anything popular. These poor bastards actually believe that because they dress in thrift store rags, took a few political science classes and enjoy modern art (aka: $1000 finger paintings) that this somehow makes them better than the rest of society. The good news is they're all complete and total pussies which is why I think we should all strart confronting every Hipster we see and demand that they give us their wallet. It's a great way to make extra money during a recession.

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20 Most Dangerous Mountains Peaks in the World

Mountains are one of the most beautiful parts in the world. Mountains are made up of earth and rock material and climates of mountains like logging, mining grazing or spectacular views. Some people love adventure and do the Hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, downhill skiing, and snowboarding are entertaining activities enjoyed on mountains. Today’s collection is about 20 Most Dangerous Mountains Peaks in the World.

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10 TV Shows Where the Stars are Cars

There are many TV shows geared around vehicles, from the imaginative to the unbelievable, below is a selection of the best car based TV shows out there. Although only 5 episodes were made in the TV series, Herbie is known all over the world having featured in 6 films over nearly 40 years. Easily recognizable with the his red, white and blue stripes and sporting the racing number 53, Herbie is a VW Beetle that can drive himself when needed, and often triumphs in the face of adversity in races that he features in.

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10 Actors Who Play The Same Role All The Time

There are many actors who’s acting skills are very limited and proof of this is the fact they always play the exact same role all the time, except the character has a different name and is in a different movie but it’s basically still the same. Here is a list of 10 actors who always do this.

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53 Crazy Useful Services & Apps You Can Get for Free Online

As inhabitants of the Internet, we’ve become so inured to the hyperbolic advertising and questionable offers that we miss the incredible values that are ripe for the taking. If you know where to look, you can find all sorts of awesome stuff available for the low, low cost of $0. Whether you’re looking for a great image management app, free AAA games, or the proverbial free lunch, we can tell you where to find it. But wait, there’s more! We’ll also show you three things that seem free, but really aren’t.

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Top 10 Ways To Cut Your Restaurant Bill

Whenever I dine out, I always strive to keep the bill under $20 per person, tip included. Of course, it all depends on the quality, décor and type of restaurant, but for most middle-of-the-road type establishments, getting out with a bill of under $40 for two is quite an accomplishment -- and thoroughly doable. Almost all restaurants keep track of a server's PPA, which stands for Per Person Average. It's just what it sounds like. Servers get ranked according to how much they can squeeze out of each customer. Their tip depends on their PPA and a restaurant's overall sales depend on servers' PPAs. The servers at the bottom of this list get an earful as to why they're not selling more side salads, alcohol, desserts and the like.

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10 Failed Assassination Attempts

Today happens to be the anniversary of the day Sara Jane Moore tried to take President Ford out in 1975, so we’re revisiting an old post on assassinations. Had it not been for the quick thinking of the guy next to Moore, Nelson Rockefeller would have been president and who knows where history would have taken us. Ford isn’t the only U.S. president to narrowly escape disaster – here are nine other tales of presidents .

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Top 10 Misconceptions We Want To Believe

We have previously done a number of lists of misconceptions, but this time we are adding a twist – these are the misconceptions we want to believe, for various reasons. This list might prove a little inflammatory, but I have tried to be as honest as possible. As always, it is a gross generalization to suggest that we all follow this thinking – as many of us don’t, but I hope that there will be at least one or two items here that each person can admit to believing, despite not being certain about their truth.

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10 Apps To Turn iPhone Into Your Best Travel Companion

Sometimes it’s good to take a break and move away from your routine activities. Going places and discovering breathtaking scenes in different parts of the world can be the perfect way to recharge your life battery. While some people can just grab a backpack and go, others need careful preparations before they could even place one foot outside the door. But both types of travelers could use some additional help to enhance their traveling experience, and the iPhone could be one of the best travel companions.

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