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15 Sizzling Hot Wings Recipes

Some things just mix well. Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. Bacardi and Coke. Sports and…chicken wings. Born in Buffalo, New York, this staple spectator-sport munchie is as American as, well, Buffalo. So naturally, the chicken wing goes pretty darn well with one of America's most watched spectator sports, auto racing. (Believe it or not, 20 million people watch NASCAR. Yep, seriously.) Great for the tailgate, the bleachers, the after party at Applebee's, you name it. But you don't need to attend the track if that's not your thing. You can enjoy them on your couch while watching the off-road pro Robby Gordon (and all around stud) as he goes for the checkered flag in "14 Hours to a Championship". And while you're doing it, why not ponder what goes into those delectable wings. Below you can find some of the most delicious recipes for one of America's most delicious foods. I wonder, which one of these Robby Gordon would make first?

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5 MORE Wrestlers Who Achieved Awesomeness Outside the Ring

In our previous article we discussed five professional wrestlers who broke barriers (as well as skulls) and managed to achieve awesomeness both inside and outside the ring. That worked out fairly well and scored us a kajillion hits. However some names were absent from our previous list so we figured why not give another five worthy grapplers their due. In the interest of not being belly to belly suplexed through an announcer table (ouch) Jesse Ventura is on our list this time.

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9 Websites We Can't Believe Actually Exist

For the most part, we've come to terms with the fact that pretty much anything goes on the Internet. But there are still some websites that we can't believe anyone actually had the audacity to create. From a site that enables married people to cheat on their spouses to a database of made-up companies that allows job applicants to falsify their resumes, check out these outlandish websites that we can't believe actually exist.

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9 Credit Score Myths Do More Harm Than Good

In today's economy, a good credit score is more valuable than ever, and for many, improving your score has become a financial priority. Turn on the radio, flip on the TV or head to the company water cooler and you'll likely be bombarded with various credit-improving strategies. But not all advice is good advice. Here are nine credit score myths that could actually do more harm than good.

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11 All-Time Biggest Movie Slackers

Contrary to popular belief, being a slacker takes a certain amount of dedication. You have to maintain a focus on doing nothing, and constantly remind yourself not to get too involved. The 11 slackers on this list are masters in the art of not doing much besides looking for their next meal, party, or chance to get a little high. Some of them are students, but most are adults, and it’s amazing that some of them manage to hold down jobs. (Well, only a couple do, but you know what I mean.) Take a look.

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9 Best Vomit Scenes On Film

With the I LOVE YOU, MAN DVD & Blu-Ray hitting the street on August 11th, Screen Junkies decided this list needed a bit of an update (or upchuck, perhaps). We're still paying homage to the vomit takes, barf clips and hurl gags that came "B.R." (That's "Before Rudd"), but we want to lead this list with an all-new exclusive DVD clip that tells you just HOW they pulled off the now infamous scene of Rudd puking all over IRON MAN 2 director (and occasional actor) Jon Favreau.

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15 Simple Ways to Integrate Facebook into Your Website

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". Facebook stands as the contemporary example that proves the quote so right. When Myspace was at the top people ignored Facebook, then they laughed at their ambitious plans to become a platform, they fought against privacy issues and despite all that Facebook has won fair and square. Since now that it is clear we can't beat them it is time to join them. There are umpteen number of ways to plug websites of any shape & kind into Facebook thereby nurturing a community, encouraging conversations, improving user engagement and increasing page views.

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16 Reasons to Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPod Touch NOW

Jailbreaking is truly and totally back for every iDevice, and it hasn't been this easy for years. But with iOS 4's new features, is it worth the (minimal) effort? 16 times yes. Now that multitasking, apps and custom wallpapers are standard features in iOS, it might seem like there really isn't a point to jailbreaking anymore. But as iPhoneOS has grown wings, so too has the jailbreak scene; for every tardy feature that's cropped up in Apple's official software, wily jailbreakers have come up with something fresher - and often waaaay cooler - to release in their underground App Stores. Here's the best the jailbreak scene has to offer, right now.

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