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Top 10 Fastest Military Airplanes

It is said that the first use of military aviation occurred in 1794 during the Battle of Fleurus when the French were able to use an observation balloon to secretly watch where Austrian soldiers were moving during the battle. Though successful at the time, many advances have been made within the realm of military air power. In today’s world, you probably won’t see an observation balloon in the air. Instead, you’ll see a sleek military aircraft or, in the case of the Stealth B-2 Spirit Bomber, you may not notice anything at all. The following list names ten of the fastest military airplanes to ever exist. All speeds are represented in mach and each one of these airplanes is piloted and uses jet engines. All of the aircraft listed below are able to travel at supersonic speeds. So buckle up and prepare for the ride!

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The Top 10 Celebrity Film Portrayals

It seems like one of the surest ways to score an Oscar nomination is to play a real, flesh and blood, human being of historical significance, preferably a singer. Whether they were after that elusive gold gent or not, we've seen some pretty remarkable transformations over the years that have illuminated many a treasured existence. The trick with this list was selecting celebrities that have been captured on film or video enough to provide a viable comparison. So...delightful as their performances were, anyone playing Mozart, Spartacus, T.E. Lawrence, or Butch Cassidy has to wing it when it came to true authenticity. We graded the 10 below on raw accuracy. Did they make you believe?

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10 Scene-Stealing Onscreen Pets

There’s no denying that adorable animals are often cast in big- and small-screen productions as a sidekick to warm the audience’s heart. However, there’s a special subset of animal actors that have become fan favorites. Whether they bark, meow, quack, scratch or dig, these 10 TV and movie pets stole the scene from their two-legged costars.

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24 Photos of Angelina Jolie Packing Heat

"Salt" didn't beat out "Inception" at the box office this weekend, but the espionage thriller did manage to pull in a respectable $36.5 million. That's a pretty impressive start for a popcorn action flick staring Angelina Jolie, the hottest triggerwoman MILF in movie star MILF history. Despite motherhood, Jolie continues to land feisty gun-slinging roles that would give any Second Amendment advocate or Beretta owner a half-chub. Two years ago, Mrs. Pitt admitted to packing heat off screen, telling the Daily Mail, "I bought original, real guns of the type we used in 'Tomb Raider' for security. Brad and I are not against having a gun in the house, and we do have one. And yes, I'd be able to use it if I had to. I could handle myself."

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7 Craziest Westboro Baptist Church Protests Ever

As of March 2009 the church claims to have participated in over 41,000 protests in over 650 cities since 1991. One of Westboro's followers estimated that the church spends $250,000 a year on picketing. That's a lot of glitter. Here are the 7 craziest things the WBC has ever protested, why and what made the protests so unnecessary/insane.

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12 Cities That Make It Easy To Be A Vegan

So you are vegan – vegetarianism’s really strict uncle. You aren’t one of those “Oh, sorry, I don’t eat meat… well once in a while I will have bacon, and turkey on thanksgiving types.” You aren’t alone. Just take a look at the KoldCast TV’s comedy series Vegan 101. We understand you. You seek soy, tofu, and foodstuffs that come from the soil, not from things with legs or fins. You don’t get no respect, right? For those of you hardcore about veggies, we’ve assembled a list to help you out during your travels. Here are 12 cities that make it easy to be a vegan.

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Top 10 Greatest US Presidential Acts

This will undoubtedly be a controversial list and I should suggest that everyone readies themselves for an onslaught of “too American” comments. But regardless of the controversy it is an interesting list that is definitely worth a read. So, read on and for the sake of fun and balance, why don’t all of our non-US readers post the greatest acts of their heads of state?

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10 Hottest Dirty-Named Teachers Caught Sleeping with Students

Just in time for back-to-school, here's a list of the hottest teachers ever caught sleeping with their students like you've never seen it before: filtered to only include teachers with names that could be construed into sexual innuendos. No, YOU grow up!

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8 Old Wives Tales that are Actually True

Old wives' tales exist in every culture and are often so pervasive that we take them as the truth. Lately, science has shown that most are no more than legends, while surprisingly, others have turned out to be true. From tales to do with fertility to teeth to cranberries, learn some of the ones your mother taught you that you should be listening to!

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101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site

A webmaster's work is never done. What may have worked a few years ago when could be outdated today, so it's important to constantly improve your Web site. However, a massive overhaul is just too much work to undertake at one time. Instead, tackle these quick fixes over time, and you'll be able to improve your Web site with minimal pain.

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