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Top 10 Urban Legends Debunked

Urban legend is a form of modern folklore consisting of apocryphal stories believed by their tellers to be true. As with all folklore and mythology, the designation suggests nothing about the story’s factuality or falsehood, but merely that it is in non-institutional circulation, exhibits variation over time, and carries some significance that motivates the community in preserving and propagating it. Urban legends have been around forever, as fear of the unknown gets spun into macabre tales that proliferate with each person who hears them. With the advent of e-mail, these urban legends spread across the nations within hours. People love a good tale, especially ones that have a moral, as all urban legends do. Here are a few of those urban legends that we always seem to hear about, in one variation or another.

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The Comic-Con 2010 Cosplay Gallery: 850 Amazing Costumes

It's over, finally. Comic-Con 2010 has come to an end, and it did not disappoint. From Avengers assembling to faces being stabbed, this was easily the biggest and most spectacle-filled con in recent memory. The many booths, exclusive toys, panels, announcements, and marketing stunts did not disappoint. Neither did the cosplay. While our pals at Comic Vine and Screened took care of the news coverage, I roamed the floor in my annual cosplay photo hunt. This year, I managed to snap up over 850 costume photos, ranging from your traditional Princess Leias and Supergirls to Iron Men and Green Lanterns (there were many of those).

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The 40 Greatest Movies About the Summer

Surfing, sleep-away camp, sailing, fishing, baseball, golf, summer school, sharks, roadtrips, invading aliens: These are the things that summer is made for. At least in the movies. While the "summer blockbuster" has been a Hollywood staple since 1975, when "Jaws" was released, Steven Spielberg's classic was actually just the latest in a long line of films in another genre: the summer movie. These are the flicks in which the sun is blazing, the beach and ocean are calling, and everyone is looking for the cute blonde girl to have that summer fling with. Here then, is a list of 40 of the greatest summer movies of all time, presented in no real order. Sound Off with your favorites in the Comments. One last note: surfing movies are tricky, because as any Brah knows, the best waves really come in the winter. But since these movies just make us think about grabbing our surf boards and heading out to the water, we included them.

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Top 10 Sex Symbols of the 50s & 60s

In popular culture a “sex symbol” is a person that is admired for their sex appeal. Most of these individuals are famous actors, musicians, or models that have an extensive media following. During the 1950s and 60s a generation of people began to question and challenge the traditionally accepted cultural norms. The relatively conservative ideals that were formed around international war and population growth were beginning to evolve. During this time in history the foundation for rock and roll music was formed, racial segregation was an issue, and the strict laws around sexual expression were being challenged. For this reason, the people that emerged as sex symbols during this era were extremely influential and important to popular culture.

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10 Formidable Predatory Insects

We are used to seeing insects as prey animals; everyone eats them, from birds and spiders, to humans. But there are predators among insects as well, and some of them are among Nature’s most perfect killers. I give you ten of the most formidable predatory insects… and be grateful that they don’t come in large sizes!

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10 Great Scam Baiting Operations

If you’ve checked your email anytime in the last twenty years, you’ve likely been subjected to appeals from mysterious foreign nationals promising you money for nothing. Or, more accurately, a whole lot of money for only a little of yours — wired internationally to someone you don’t know. Most of these scams involve you supplying seed money, or disclosing confidential data used to deplete your savings account. While these cons are usually recognizable and safely ignored, enough suckers are fooled to make the effort profitable for the criminals who have no fear of legal retribution. Fortunately, a new breed of counterspy, the scam baiter, has risen to our defense. Aware they can’t stop the legions of online con men, these brave souls do their best to waste as much of the scammer’s time and resources as is humanly possible. The results are often hilarious. Submitted for your approval are 10 clever and involved scam baiting operations. Be sure to follow the source links if you can, because the transcripts are too lengthy to publish in this format.

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The 16 Most Shameful Politician's Daughters

Because of the internet's existence, nobody is safe and nothing is sacred, so here are the 16, sometimes attractive, daughters of notable politicians who have publicly disappointed their parents in some way, shape or form, along with galleries of them partying (when available).

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The 10 Best Beers for Breakfast

Beer. It's what's for breakfast. We know what some of you are thinking. Beer for breakfast, Who does that? But the true advocate of craft beer knows there is nothing quite like waking up on a Sunday morning, making scrambled eggs and bacon and cracking open 22 ounces of your favorite brew. Whether you call it an eye-opener, hair-of-the-dog or a drinking problem, check out our list of beers to grab the night before to compliment your biscuits and gravy in the morning.

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9 Funniest Last Words, Deathbed Witticisms

Steven Wright once said that he wished the first word he spoke was "quote." Then, right before he died he could say, "Unquote." While that would be the greatest last word ever uttered, we have to be realistic here and admit no one could be that cool, lest the universe implode. Nonetheless, here are some valiant efforts worth remembering, last words such as...

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10 Stories of Teenage Hackers Getting into the System

Much like Lolcats, some überteens are up in the Internet, stealing your ... well, whatever they want. If you envision these kids as harmless nerds who hole themselves up in their rooms clicking away their adolescence, check out this list, which details the costly and frightening toll their computer “games” have exacted throughout recent history.

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