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Top 10 Ways Women Have Brainwashed Men

Gentlemen, we’ve been had. Women’s wily ways have persuaded us to go along with a series of things we would never agree to if we only took more time to think about them. In a companion article, we listed how men have brainwashed women; now we admit that we’re also on a puppet string. From paying for diamonds to taking out the garbage to mocking our dignity with questionable fashion, women have infiltrated our subconscious to persuade us to perform a select list of tasks and consent to behavior without our even knowing. Thankfully, we’ve spotted this female manipulation and have brought their calculated tactics to the light of day with this list of the top 10 ways women have brainwashed men. We warn you: What you are about to read may be painful, may cut too close to the bone, and may dig up emotions you preferred were buried. But it’s better to learn about it now than stay in the dark indefinitely. Maybe it’s not too late to change the tide.

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24 Weird and Unique Hamburgers

A hamburger is not inherently an exotic food. However, in the hands of the right creative (or crazy) individual, that single slab of meat and two buns can become nothing short of spectacular. Or, as KoldCast TV’s new dark comedy/thriller series, Leidy’s New Boyfriend, illustrates, an “erotic date” that begins with a hamburger can lead to something sinister. With that as an introduction, KoldCast presents you with the weirdest and most unique hamburgers on Earth – or at least on the Internet. Just make sure you don’t read the rest of this article on an empty stomach. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Longest Living Animals

This week at Discovery News you can learn about the world's longest living amphibian. The "human fish" has just shattered amphibian longevity records. But what about animals that aren't necessarily amphibians? Which ones live the longest? Yann Voituron, who led the "human fish" study and is a professor at Claude Bernard Lyon University, told me that the following ten animals also have an "extremely long lifespan:"

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10 Wacky Summer Festivals

Are you looking for some weekend fun this summer? You could head down to the same old local food or crafts fest that you’ve been to countless times before. But why not find a festivity with a quirkier twist instead? Check out our list of 10 out-of-the-ordinary festivals throughout the United States, celebrating everything from pesky insects to extraterrestrials, to find your next road trip destination.

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10 Biggest Potheads in Baseball

Back in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s the field might as well have been lined with cocaine rather than chalk with the number of players that were in to the nose candy back then. During the 90s and the 2000s its been steroids. Yet, there is another drug that has been a player favorite for years. I’m talking about marijuana folks. Players liked it so much that they even made sure it was not included in the list of drugs they would be tested for back in 2002. Find out which of your favorite players are also huge stoners.

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10 Economic Blunders from History

Take cover when you hear a political leader talking about economic affairs. You can bet a bad decision is incoming. Luckily for the leaders, their meddling usually has a slow, erosive effect on the economy. Every so often, however, the great ones manage to land a real whopper that takes them down along with their whole country. Here are ten examples from history.

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15 Best Addons To Manage Tabs in Firefox

Tabbed browsing in Firefox is a really convenient way to browse the web as it enables you to easily load multiple web pages within the same browser window rather than cluttering the taskbar by loading several windows. But when there are too many open tabs, managing them too can be a pretty hard task. There are numerous Firefox add-ons that enables you to easily manage your Firefox tabs. Below are 30 of the best Firefox add-ons that can help you do so.

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Top 5 Free Websites for Quality Copyright Free Photographs

Stock photography is all over the place on the Web. If you’re looking for an image of just about anything, you’re bound to find that professional, high-quality photo from various online distributors and agencies, like Getty Images, Corbis, iStockphoto, or Shutterstock. However, the downside is that all those photos are going to cost you. It’s important to understand the term “royalty-free” (RF) for those websites. RF images are not in the public domain, nor are they free to use without purchasing a license. Luckily, there are plenty of websites for copyright free photos that won’t require you to dig into your pockets.

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The Top 10 Most Lucrative Careers for Morons

Does the concept of learning a skill or a trade make your stomach quake? Do you lack the initiative and drive needed to become a success at a highly specialized career? School not your bag? There are actually hundreds of jobs that require little to no certification. These are the gigs that just about anyone can do and live high on the hog. We're not saying you're a moron if you have any of these jobs. In fact, if you have a high-paying position where mental gymnastics aren't required, bravo!

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7 New Skills Every Worker Needs

You're an expert at something? Hey, congratulations. Now, go become an expert at something else. Most Americans striving to find or keep a job know the sensation: It's getting harder to get ahead, and the demands keep intensifying. Everybody knows how the recession destroyed wealth and derailed careers, leaving millions in a hole they're trying to dig out of. Now we're beginning to see some of the longer-term changes in the way Americans live and work. Some are distressing, but there's also plenty of hope for people who are industrious and willing to do what's necessary to succeed. Unemployment is obviously far too high these days, and likely to stay that way for a couple of years at least. A prolonged "jobless recovery" is likely to depress incomes, spending, and living standards. But it's a mistake to assume that there are no good jobs or that Americans must consign themselves to inevitable decline. Despite a damaged economy, good jobs are emerging for people with the right qualifications. And it's an ineluctable fact of capitalism that wealth can be created by those who are shrewd, determined, or just plain lucky. Even now.

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