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The 10 Hottest Women Born In February

When we think February, President’s Day and Black History Month flash like light bulbs in our head. Right. In all honesty, Valentine’s Day fuck-ups usually come to mind. So just in case your date doesn’t work out on the 14th, we’ve compiled a list of the ten hottest girls born in the commercialized month of Hallmark love, that you’re free to spend your nights with for the next 28 days.

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25 Uncomfortable Talk Show Moments

If there’s one thing the Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno fiasco has taught us, it’s that uncomfortable moments on talk shows are usually hilarious. Whether it involves nudity, intoxication, violence, irreverence, or just general weirdness, celebrities know how to make fools of themselves, and talk show hosts often know how to milk their foolish behavior for all it’s worth. Such cringe-inducing moments deserve a little recognition, and not just because they helped inspire our very own late night talk show, “Twilight with Steve Cooper.” While “Twilight” is a parody, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. With that in mind, here’s our salute to the 25 most uncomfortable talk show moments of all time. We scoured the net to find video for each moment and found clips for all but a few. Our apologies. Those missing are most likely due to the actions of threatening publicists.

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25 Rich Athletes Who Went Broke

Athletes may boast eye-popping sports abilities, but when it comes to money, their inner klutzes come out. 78% of former NFL players are broke or financially stressed after retirement, and 60% of former NBA players go broke five years after retiring, according to Sports Illustrated. Broke athletes are practically an epidemic. Read about the 25 athletes who went broke below, and you’ll understand why. (Note: We estimated most athletes’ earnings. Some numbers may be low.)

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5 Ways The World Could End You'd Never See Coming

The funny thing about life is, trouble never comes from where you expect it. You spend two months worried about interviewing for that big job promotion, then on your way there, you get attacked by a pack of wild dogs. That's just the way it goes. So in terms of worldwide disasters, while Hollywood obsesses over asteroid strikes and earthquakes and whatever the fuck 2012 was about, don't be surprised if disaster comes in the form of one of these lesser-known calamities that you'd never even heard of. Until today, that is.

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12 Best Lunch Trucks Across America

Whether you want a taco in LA or a schnitzel in New York, you can’t just pick any old “roach coach.” America’s got some amazing lunch trucks, if you know where to look. Actually, lunch trucks have a lot more to offer than just hot dogs and cheese steaks (not that there’s anything wrong with that) like delicious gourmet food from organic burgers to crème brûlée. Check out the 12 best lunch trucks across America to get just a small taste of what food trucks have to offer.

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10 Insane Sci-fi Sports That Make The Super Bowl Look Tame

Maybe we're jaded, but we want football players to wear jetpacks and rocket shoes. Seriously, would it be so hard to re-create the knuckle-whitening thrill of Cyberball, where a team had to make a first down before the ball exploded? Something about combining sports with futuristic technology and the thrill of violent death makes them much more ... sporty. With that in mind, here are classic sci-fi sports that totally deserve their own Super Bowl.

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44 Things to Watch on TV on Super Bowl Sunday -- Besides Super Bowl XLIV

More than 100 million people are going to watch Super Bowl XLIV this Sunday (February 7, 2010), and you want to watch something else? Are you lucky! As usual, many of the cable networks are showing specials, stunts and marathons for people just like YOU. Doesn't matter if you like beagles, bathrooms or burgers, there's something out there for you. Just whip out the remote and check out these options.

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Top 10 Songs About Masturbation

Sex is an integral part of the human experience. Self-love is a very common sexual experience (perhaps the most common, even.) So it really should not be a surprise that references to masturbation come up time and time again in music of all genres. What is sometimes surprising is the way it is presented, from the hilarious to the truly bizarre.

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5 Truths About Instant Hand Sanitizers

While the effects of H1N1 may be slipping from breaking newsworthiness, keep in mind that the annual flu is just beginning to rear its snotty head. The aches and sniffles this season ushers in remind us of basic disease theory. When germs spread, folks get sick. Since you and I don't want to be among the unfortunate, we arm our bathrooms, purses, and office spaces with copious amounts of instant hand sanitizer. After all, it's portable, easy, and needs no water. But are we really protected by them? Are they more effective that antibacterial soap with water? And what are the best brands to use? According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer is equally effective at killing germs as traditional soap and water--when hands aren't visibly dirty. Don't expect the Purell to remove caked-on dirt. Instant sanitizers should be used on unsoiled hands. So keep a bottle tucked in the purse (or man-bag) and get ready to fight the winter germies. Don't ignore these basic tidbits and buying truths before stocking up.

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10 Products That Boomed During the Recession

Behold the damage the recession has wrought on the consumer economy: Retailers and automakers have gone bankrupt, restaurants have closed, and malls have become ghost towns. Most businesses dependent on consumer spending, from clothing to computers to appliances, have felt the pinch. But some consumer-product companies have benefited from the recession, usually because they sell the kind of stuff that helps people save money. Other companies have capitalized on timely technology or latched on to powerful trends that defy the recession. To identify some of these recession winners, I analyzed data provided by financial research firm Capital IQ, a unit of Standard & Poor's, to see which consumer-products firms have gained revenue and market share since the recession began near the end of 2007. Then I researched earnings reports and other sources to see which products have fueled each company's growth.

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The Top 7 Classic Movie Moments You Didn't Know Were Improv

Scriptwriting isn't easy. Some people spend months trying to perfect a specific scene, trying to write that perfect line that sticks in the mind of those who hear it. Then these guys come along and do it off the top of their heads.

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