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Top 10 Things Men Shouldn't Do After 30

Every few years, a columnist or men's magazine writer opines about the age at which some behaviors are simply no longer OK (i.e. Esquire's list or Tony Parsons' in GQ UK: "[Drugs are] ridiculous for anyone over the age of 25."). Sometimes these opinions are tongue-in-cheek, but there's always a kernel of truth to them. Lots of behaviors come with a shelf life, either because they're so risky that you're beginning to endanger yourself or because they are, quite frankly, embarrassing. There's a lot of downright stupid stuff society will give you a pass on while you're still in your 20s, but most of it ceases to be amusing and just gets depressing as you soldier on toward middle age. In a larger sense, though, approval is about achievement; we expect people to improve themselves as they age, so if you're working the same meaningless job and acting just as you did in college, then you're not improving much of anything. Thirty is a big milestone, and it's also a point at which people are going to start to wonder what you're doing with your life.

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10 Celebrity Sex Tapes That Should Have Made Millions

Ah the celebrity sex tape. Right now it seems that if you’ve never had a sex tape, you’ve never been famous. The speculation of celebrities with sex tapes reads like a who’s who of famous fornicators and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. So today I give you a list of what some of the most notable tapes should have made and why.

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The Top 10 Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos

To ink or not to ink… that is the question these celebrities should've asked before making such permanent and questionable decisions. Stephen Baldwin will seemingly do anything to nab an acting job and grab a moment in the spotlight. The lesser known Baldwin reportedly made a friendly bet with Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus. The duo became friends in 2007 after meeting at the White House (I want to know how that went down!) and Cyrus reportedly dared Baldwin to get Hannah Montana’s initials inked on his body. If he got inked, Cyrus would give Baldwin a guest spot on the Disney TV show. Fast-forward a year later, Baldwin showed off his HM tatt and Cyrus begrudgingly agreed to let him appear on her show.

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Top 10 iPhone Knockoffs

Chinese manufacturers piggyback off of successful products by cranking out thousands of copies, nowhere is this truer than with the success of the iPhone. There are literally hundreds of iPhone knockoffs, ranging from empty shells with the LED Apple logo lit up to exact copies (until the phone stops working and you crack it open to find all the parts are in the wrong place).

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The Worlds 8 Worst Zoos

Unfortunately, when it comes to the worst zoos in the world, the stories are pretty much all the same: small cages and living spaces, unnatural surroundings of concrete and iron, under-feeding and under-watering and well, cruelty in general. However, some zoos go above and beyond expectations of horrible. Ever hear of a zoo misplacing a few animals? How about one that slowly turns into a taxidermy museum? Animals being shipped two-by-two on a "Noah's Ark" to a different country? The zoos listed here are places you don't want to bring the kids. Or yourself for that matter.

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21 Most Attractive Free Blogger Templates

Around the Internet thousands of Blogger Templates are available. But fresh, new and attractive Blogger Templates are always being fascinating to Bloggers for creating a beautiful and well designed blog. The simple, meticulous design of Blogger Templates are not able to keep readers interested for longer period of time and default Blogger themes not going to help you to win any design awards as well. Luckily we are having excellent designers and skilled template adapters in Blogger community who are sharing their XML knowledge to help us. Last month we collected some High Quality Free Blogger Templates for every age group and received lot of appreciation from our readers. May be it’s a time taking task to discover high quality free Blogger Templates that become your right selection. So we have tried to compile best possible Most Attractive Free Blogger Templates, so that you save your time of searching.

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The 13 Most Horrible Firework Accidents

Here's a list of the most horrible accidents that have been caught on tape involving fireworks, just to start your 4th of July weekend off right. Fireworks are a staple of celebrations here in the U.S. and throughout the world, but something that people tend to forget about them is that THEY ARE EXPLOSIVES. So turn on Stars & Stripes Forever and enjoy the explosions and the horrible, horrible tragedies (in no particular order).

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9 People You Don’t Want to Meet in a Dark Alley

Picture yourself walking down a pitch black alley on a cold and wet evening. The smell of garbage is in the air and you are traveling in one of the most dangerous areas of town. A loud noise is heard and an individual emerges from the dark. You turn to find yourself face-to-face with a man. Not just any man, but someone who has the intention of causing you bodily harm. This is a situation that most people want to avoid. And of the individuals you could possibly run in to, we’ll be counting down nine of the worst. Oh, and if you were looking for a little reassurance: they all remain at large and their whereabouts aren’t known.

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Top 10 Most Confusing Films

I have watched quite a few films in my life, and the more I watch them, the more I wonder, what is the point? I mean, sure, there are plenty of movies that have obvious answers to your questions, but sometimes, a picture comes around that makes you ask more questions than the answers you receive. It’s these films that make or break a career. Some may be considered the greatest thing ever, and some may be considered the worst thing ever, but they’ll all end up making you scratch your head in. Warning: this list contains spoilers.

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10 More Films Featuring Nuclear Attacks

Few subjects had the power to terrify entire nations as much as nuclear war did, for about half a century. The vast majority of nuclear war-related documentaries, and mockumentaries, came from the U.S. and England (as well as a host of schlock B-movies from the U.S.). Unlike such comedy mockumentaries as the terrific “This Is Spinal Tap,” the fake ones here are deadly serious. The first entry (#10) deals with nuclear terrorism, but it fits with this list. Note: If you don’t see a movie listed here, PLEASE check the previous Listverse nuclear war film list, which has Threads, The Day After, Trinity and Beyond, etc. Most of the documentaries, mockumentaries and films below can be viewed in their entirety on youtube. Where possible we have linked to the first of each series

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