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11 Memorable Ass Whoopings in the History of Film

We can all appreciate a good fight scene. Even when you know the good guy’s going to win, there’s nothing like the action, the suspense and, let’s face it, the gratuitous violence a good exchange of blows can bring to a film. But great fight scenes are a dime a dozen. What about the one-sided, flat-out ass whoopings? There’s a pretty gnarly one that sets the tone for the KoldCast original series, “Infamous”. Sometimes these pummel scenes represent the low point for our soon-to-be-resurgent and triumphant protagonist. Other times, it’s the hero himself throwing the punches. Whatever the case, with all those relatively “fair” fight scenes consistently getting so much exposure (think: 300 or Star Wars), we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the more lopsided ones. Below are 11 memorable film beat-downs you may or may not recall.

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The 10 Best Short-Lived TV Shows

Sometimes, the gods of TV are unkind. Capricious. Desultory. Nescient. You know. Morons. All this is to say that TV sometimes doesn’t recognize its own genius. This probably has more to do with the fact that the business side often doesn’t have any idea what in the hell the creative side is doing rather than any willful ignorance. But seriously, when a medium lacks any appreciation for the promise it holds? Well, that’s television for you. Always missing its own boat.

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10 People to Avoid While Drinking

I love drinking with my friends. To be honest, I can't think of a more enjoyable pastime than throwing back a few drinks with good company. Something funny is bound to happen, your chances of getting laid increase tenfold, and it all justifies making some poor decisions with your boys. On the other hand, there are a select group of people who you want stay away from when alcohol is playing a prominent role in the setting. They're always around acting stupid or doing something obnoxious, but as much as it drives you crazy, they're not going anywhere anytime soon so it's up to you to duck them. Here is a list of the top 10 people you want to avoid while drinking, in no particular order.

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13 Most Poisonous Dishes You Can Eat

Are you a Romeo or a Juliet looking to score some poison from the apothecary? Well too bad, because these dangerous foods won't actually kill you - if you eat them right! Thrill-seekers who are too afraid to skydive from an airplane, swim in shark-infested waters or enter a haunted house can (for a bit of money) eat stuff that can, well, provide a bit of excitement to their daily normal lives. What makes it daring is the fact that these are deadly foods that many people wouldn't go near!

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The 9 Nerdiest Heroes of All Time

If you ask most people to imagine up a typical action hero, they usually think of a stone-faced muscle-bound man of action. But sometimes a problem arises that needs a different kind of hero. One who wears glasses and will fight the bad guy...just as soon as he takes his ear medicine. To give you an idea of how big a nerd Matthew Broderick's character David Lightman was in the 1983 classic WarGames, he had a modem in 1983. Yes, back when everyone else was creaming their pants over their 26-bit Ataris, Davey was surfing the Internet before there even was one.

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Top 10 Things Women Can Do That Men Can't

A lot of sexually secure, liberal minded straight men have to adhere to insane standards that just aren't right for this day and age. So, here are ten things that are socially acceptable for heterosexual women to do, but not heterosexual men (in the general sense, of course). Both men and women CAN do most of these things, but the social implications are what often stop men from doing the things on this list. If only people were more open minded...

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3 Top Ways People Get Infected by An Email Virus

Viruses are some of the oldest parasites known to humans. They probably evolved while the first cells started to populate the planet. With the invention of computers, witty programmers copied the properties of biological viruses and translated them into tiny computer programs. he sole purpose of any virus is to replicate and spread itself. Damage to the host system is a potential consequence. The most common way for a virus to enter a computer is via email. So how do people get infected by an email virus? Shouldn’t everyone know how viruses enter a computer and be prepared? In this article I will explore the top 3 ways people get infected by an email virus and I will point out how you can avoid such a virus infection.

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Top 10 Hollywood Movie Remakes

It’s often said that Hollywood has run out of original ideas, which is why there are so many movie remakes. Actually, remakes are part of a longstanding Hollywood tradition- the very first remake was 1904’s The Great Train Robbery. The first version of The Great Train Robbery was made in 1903 and is the “first narrative film” (sometimes referred to as the first feature film). In other words, Hollywood made its first “remake” as soon as it got the chance! Hollywood continues to churn out remakes like the Amish churn butter, and most of them are absolutely terrible. However, as the Amish will tell you, if you churn long enough, you’ll eventually get something good. Throughout Hollywood history, there have actually been some good remakes.

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The 7 Terrifying Side Effects of Useful Drugs

It’s been a joke for as long as we’ve had those ridiculous drug ads of people frolicking in a field while an announcer motormouths his way through all the legal disclaimers: sometimes the side effects sound worse that the disease. But, of course, this is just a natural side effect of your body reacting to the drugs... right? Note: For the sake of good taste and to keep your computer clean of barf, instead of pictures of pills or the horrible, disgusting symptoms, we’re featuring pictures we got from Googling “adorable children”. But, you know, click any links at your own risk.

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Top 10 Memorable Spaghetti Scenes

Movies and spaghetti: two of life’s most reliable and satisfying joys. When spaghetti appears in a movie, it can sometimes play an important part in the movie’s plot, style or character depiction, and could have, as this list will demonstrate, a lot more meaning or purpose beyond just food. So let’s count ten great films that contain memorable scenes in which spaghetti plays a major role. These are the top ten movies for spaghetti. Where the specific scene in question is not on youtube, trailers are provided.

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