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9 Brutal Torture Techniques That Were Practiced Until Recently

The UN Convention Against Torture has defined torture as: “…any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him, or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed..." Torture is illegal in most countries, as dictated by Geneva Conventions. However, there are sickening forms of torture that are practiced even today or were practiced only a few years ago.

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12 Infamous Celebrity Death Hoaxes

While some might argue that the hallmark of celeb status is being spoofed on Saturday Night Live, we think the ultimate sign of stardom is being the subject of a death hoax. Thanks to the work of sneaky pranksters in recent years, false alarms have frequently sounded off on the Internet, confounding fans and news organizations alike—at least for a day or two. From falling off cliffs to dying in car crashes, read on to find out how some of the biggest names in show business were incorrectly reported to have died.

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The 9 Everyday Jobs That Attract the Hottest Women

Loose hygiene requirements and vending food privileges are not the only important job perks to consider upon choosing a new vocation. Often, it’s quite poignant to consider advancement opportunities, pension plans, and tax implications. Or, simply just choose the job with the easiest access to attractive women. Here are nine that should serve as a nice starting point.

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10 Absurd Ancient Beliefs

We all need something to believe in. Kids believe that Santa Claus exists and adults believe that they can fool their kids by dressing up as a fat, red, bearded guy with a pot belly. Even in ancient times beliefs played an important role as they helped different civilizations define themselves and have a unique identity. These beliefs can arise out of some childhood incident, a common folklore, by observation, by parents trying to hide a dirty little secret (Oh you were brought to us by stork) or sometimes out of nothing. That is, it has no source of origin, no proof to support its truthfulness and no theory to justify it, yet people still hold them and live by them no matter how pointless and ridiculous they are. Presented below are examples of 10 such beliefs that are so senseless and absurd that you are guaranteed to have at least one WTF moment by the end of this article.

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15 Badass TV Credit Sequences from the 70s

While the 70’s often evoke images of roller skates, disco, and afros, they also bring back memories of classic television. Back then, the networks were the only game in town and they really worked at making those opening credits count. Everyone knew the music for their favorite show. When you heard the first bars of that opening sequence, you sat down on your plaid couch and were prepared for TV that kicked ass. The impact of those catchy 70’s intros still resonates today. Whether it’s within the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage,” Jay-Z’s “D.O.A” video, or webisodes of the KoldCast comedy series “Murder Squad,” the spirit of 70’s TV is alive and well. With this spirit in mind, let’s take a look at 15 badass 70’s credit sequences that made you want to watch TV. And then afterwards, who knows, maybe drink a 40, listen to some Jay-Z, and/or watch the “Murder Squad” hi-jinx the sh#t out of the procedural workplace. Just a thought.

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4 Cops Who Behaved Very, Very Badly

Ah, the good old police force. We look to them for protection, to keep the peace and we also enjoy that faint odor of bacon that accompanies them everywhere they go. Sure, we mock them now and then by joking about their love of donuts (when in reality, we all know they prefer Twinkies) and we curse them when they pull us over for going five miles over the speed limit (when in reality it was more like twenty), but all in all we’re glad to have them out there watching out for our safety and well-being. Well, most of the time, anyway. Except of course when those cops are, well, these cops.

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7 Tips for Dealing with a Sweetheart Who Is Constantly Crabby

If you're in a relationship, your sweetheart's happiness matters a lot to you. Not only because you care about that person's happiness, but also because -- due to a phenomenon called emotional contagion -- you're very likely to "catch" that mood. Unfortunately, bad moods are more catching than good moods. What do you do if the love of your life is driving you crazy by being crabby all the time?

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10 Awesome Electricity Scenes in Movies

Of all the special effects and enhancements one can make to a movie, I think that electricity is definitely up there. There’s just something very cool about electricity. I mean how many times have you seen lightning and thought how cool it was (assuming no one got hurt)? How awesome is it to watch a taser in action? Hell even seeing a person get electrocuted is kind of entertaining. No, I’m not saying I like it I’m simply pointing out that we don’t often get to see cool electrical phenomenon in our lives and it’s always a treat when movies share them with us.

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10 Deadliest Avalanches in History

Avalanches are disastrous natural forces, made of swiftly flowing snow, ice, and rock that guarantee annihilation for any human settlements in their way. They are caused by atypical precipitation, glacier debris or any form of external stress on compact snow. The steeper and taller the mountain, the more deadly an avalanche can be, as its velocity increases while cascading down. Throughout history, avalanches have been responsible for massive destruction.

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10 Very Useful iPhone Apps

Anyone who has an iPhone (or is looking for an excuse to get an iPhone) has spent a bit of time in the App Store on iTunes looking through the thousands of iPhone apps that are available. However, it can be challenging to separate the best from the rest on the App Store, as even some of the worst apps can get loads of downloads and attention. To keep you from having to wade through all of the biggest wasters of time and money, here are 10 very useful apps in the iTunes App Store.

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