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12 Unintentionally Dirty Headlines

As a writer these days, life is all about filling holes. The Web’s insatiable appetite for hard news means there’s always another subject to penetrate — and you’d better believe that the competition is stiff. Writing a good headline — or “head,” as it’s known in the biz — is a fine art. When you’re trying to give the world great heads, you see, you’re under intense pressure to spurt out excellent material. In the end, it’s a balancing act: showing you have a firm grasp on the subject without going so far as to shove your expertise down anyone’s throat. Even the most cunning linguists, then, occasionally slip in a double entendre (or four) by mistake. Here are a dozen of the best accidentally dirty headlines we’ve seen.

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10 Most Terrifying Movie Clowns Of All Time

While children are meant to love clowns, the lurid make-up, hysterical laughter and familiar relationship with violent injuries can all be rather disquieting for the developing mind – and what you learn as a child sticks. In fact, where clowns are memorable, they are usually disturbing, whether they’re from outer space or the local asylum. Here are some of the most disturbing clowns ever to appear on celluloid – and the reason why you’re afraid of clowns.

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The 25 Most Attractive 2010 Female Celebrity Free Agents

Since the 2010 NBA free agency charade continues to be all smoke and no fire, I decided it was time to look at another class of elite free agents. Teams like the Bulls, Heat, Knicks and Nets continue to battle for the services of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh when they really should be fighting to sign more "attractive" free agents like Ashley Greene, Rachel Nichols and Emmanuelle Chriqui. Sure they're all terrible at basketball, but I guarantee if any of these girls started at point guard for any of those teams, their TV ratings would go through the roof.

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Top 10 Batshit Insane Twilight Fan Moments

When it comes to fandom, there's a thin line between earnest passion and pure, unadulterated insanity. And, I think we can all agree on which side an adult woman purchasing a Twilight-themed sex toy falls into. Turns out, that's just one of many reasons why the self-proclaimed Twihards tend to fall into the batshit crazy (pun intended) category of fans. From getting pics of their fave vamps permanently tattooed on all sorts of body parts to actually assaulting anti-Twilight haters, these are the 10 things that prove Twilight fans are definitely the nuttiest fans of all. Just don't tell them we said that.

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Top 6 Most Obscure TV Spinoffs from Popular Shows

If a TV show is a smash hit, it makes perfect sense to attempt to duplicate that success, right? That’s certainly what utterly unimaginative television execs and writers have always banked on. The formula is simple yet effective: tirelessly crank out spinoff after spinoff of any popular TV show and collect the profit from whatever sticks. Some television spinoffs have actually been quite successful (Frasier, The King of Queens, The Simpsons) however, many others were doomed from the gate. One such short-lived show was ALF 3000 which aired briefly in our imaginations in 2009 before being canceled in favor of a Jessica Alba meets Beyonce fantasy sequence. Anyway, we here at WeirdWorm have (at gunpoint) compiled a list of six amazingly obscure TV spinoffs from popular shows which you probably never knew existed.

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10 Essential Homemade Survival Items

If you dream of being the next Ray Mears, you understand the importance of being prepared for anything nature might throw your way.We have found 10 innovative homemade survival techniques to keep you alive, with a few dollars left in your pocket.

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9 Mathematical Puzzles I Bet You Can’t Solve

There are some mathematical equations in the world that have been tackled by some of the greatest minds but remain unsolved or have taken years to crack. These tasks are a significant challenge for mathematicians around the world who strive to achieve the seemingly impossible. Here is a list of ten such mathematical tasks.

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The 12 Coolest Personifications Of Death

Deep down we're all a little afraid of death. It's one of the few big question marks still around for humanity. What happens when you die? Does it hurt? Do you go anywhere? Does it all just go dark? To try and understand death, humans have personified it in an effort to try and glean some glimpse of insight into the process. This process has created innumerable personifications of death, from vengeful reaper to a goth chick who's actually pretty cool and just about everything in between. We put together a list of the coolest, weirdest and best versions of Death, basically the versions we hope are completely off base or are dead-on accurate (puns!). You might recognize a couple Deaths from our Awesome Afterlives list a few weeks back -- because when you have an afterlife, chances are you have a Death that brought them there. But still, this list is all about the reapers, grim and otherwise.

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5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Identity

There’s an implicit pressure on social media enthusiasts to be connected in more than one way. It’s not enough to have a Facebook() page, you need a Twitter() account as well. What do you mean you’re not on LinkedIn()? Well, at least you have a blog on Wordpress() or Tumblr(), right? There is no requirement to spread your digital self thin, but many of us are still juggling more than one online profile (I’m currently balancing at least five). Each of these profiles offers us a chance to connect with new communities in different ways, but each network needs to be managed and updated. With so many online profiles, questions are bound to arise. Is your bio page the same across all platforms? Should it be?

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10 Truly Awful Ways To Be Killed By An Animal

Nature is beautiful, but it can also be deadly, and sometimes, just downright nasty. Here’s a list of ten horrible ways in which animals can kill you. There are many more, but I’m sure these would be enough to give anyone nightmares.

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